Does Litter Kwitter Really Work?

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Does Litter Kwitter work?Litter Kwitter is a system for toilet training your cat so that they don’t need to use a litter box. Ideally you’d just have to flush the toilet for them when they’re done. It seems like it would be a Godsend if it worked, and at this point several people have tried it and have come back to speak of their experience. So let’s see if it really works.

Ever since the movie Meet the Parents, cat owners have been trying to get their cats to behave like Mr. Jinx and use the toilet. As odd as it might look at first, there’s no reason why a nimble cat can’t learn to perch itself on the toilet seat and use the toilet for all of their business.

The Claim
The makers of Litter Kwitter say that their the original toilet training system for cats. They say that by weaning your cat off of their litter you’ll end up being able to discard the litter box, saving money and having a cleaner home all around. The way they do it is in phases, with different colored trays each getting your cat to master a new technique.

The Hype
The thought of having a home with no more litter is enough hype to propel cat owners to try this. Especially if they have multiple cats and struggle to keep up with a constantly filling litter box. They’ve also had the product featured on various news stations.

The Cost
The Litter Kwitter system is $50, which is a more expensive than competing products, such as the CitiKitty which goes for less than $30. Some buyers of both systems have said that the Litter Kwitter is more sturdy than the CitiKitty, so it might be better for larger sized cats. But the CitiKitty has more gradual steps, with a much smaller hole in the first ring, so it might be better at keeping your cat comfortable.

The Commitment
You have to commit to having a litter-free home. Think of it: no more having to buy litter, no more stepping on bits of gravel, or sucking them up with the vacuum, or sweeping them up with a broom. No more smelly corner where you keep the litter box, or smelly garbage where you keep the thrown out poo. It’s definitely worth sticking to, and going through a bit of hardship in the form of a few accidents and near misses. Eventually your cat will get the hang of it if you persist long enough.

The secret method is the removable trays that come out one at a time as your cat learns to squat on the toilet. They start off with a full litter box set atop the toilet seat. Then the inner rings are gradually taken off, and a hole widens up in the middle until they’re basically using the toilet and the litter is just there for old time’s sake. At that point you remove the final ring, but now your cat is used to the idea of using the toilet, and doesn’t feel the need to hang around and cover up their mess.

Many of the complaints come from owners that are surprised that their cat misses the mark or goes elsewhere during the training. Perhaps they felt that the entire process would be a clean one, and that they’d simply start using it as expected, and continue on perfectly the whole time. This is introducing a new system for your cat, and one that goes against their natural instinct to want to use litter. It’s going to take some training, and successful users have said that you have to be patient, and that it may take longer than advertised in order to get to the finish line.

Some have said that the rings are too widely spaced, and that they represent too much of a step for a cat to handle, which causes problems. Others have said that even though it’s supposed to fit every toilet, it doesn’t, and they weren’t able to properly put it onto the toilet, hence screwing up the system. Aside from these technical malfunctions the majority of users have said that it worked, and their cats are now toilet trained. So it appears the Litter Kwitter system has the capacity to work, if all of the elements involved fall into place.

Final Litter Kwitter Review

The Litter Kwitter is getting our Solid Try rating, as there have been a number of successful attempts. While it’s true there have been a good amount of complaints with it, much of this seems to be user error, and perhaps caused by moving the cat on to the next phase too soon. This is one product where there’s simply no way to guarantee that it will work for your cat, so you’ll just have to try it out and see whether they take to it or not.

Our Recommendation
It’s good to study up on the theory of how to toilet train your cat, because you need to understand the psychology behind why they like to use a litter box, and how you can make it a more enjoyable experience for them to use the toilet. The more you keep trying to force your cat into a certain behavior the more trouble you’re going to run into. Keep onward with the mission, knowing that others have successfully made it to the Promised Land of no more litter.

What do you think? Does Litter Kwitter work or not?

9 Customer Reviews on “Does Litter Kwitter Really Work?

  1. My cat refuses to jump on the toilet since the litterkwitter system moves slightly no matter how I attach the system to the toilet. No amount of treats will get my cat to jump on a slightly moving toilet. I guess my toilet bowl is too oval. So far a total waste of money.

  2. You have to either raise or remove the toilet seat and put the litter quitter directly on the toilet rim… It should fit… We removed our toilet seat to make it easier to clean up any litter that the cats got onto the rim.

  3. Hi,

    I have a 1 year old, large, male cat. He did great with the litter kwitter on the floor. I went to move the litter kwitter to the toilet and realized it does not fit. It is my fault for not checking first, however, we are already into the process and I am looking to way to modify the litter kwitter to make it work. The disk do not even fit in the hole of the toilet seat. I thought we had normal toilet seat, but I guess they are not standard.

  4. Patient is the key and you must have the time to properly train and monitor.

    I started training the day I brought 2 year old cat from home for adoption. I filled the red ring with all clay litter that cat was previously using at shelter. I put the red ring in white insert (that normally goes on the toilet bowl) in an elevated box right next to the toilet that would eventually be used. As I scooped out the clumping clay litter I slowly replaced volume with the flushable litter. After several days I moved set up to the toilet removing the box. Once cat used the red tray for both number # and # 2. I started with amber tray only a week later. There was a hit and miss of going directly in the hole. After 4 weeks I witness the cat was properly positioned on the edge of toilet white ring so it was time to changed to the Green Tray. When properly position on toilet there was less missing the hole.

    I have been stuck on Green Tray for over 3 weeks. Patiently encouraging cat to use toilet regularly. Cat is now reluctant to use the toilet and is holding going to bathroom. I sometimes have to sit in bathroom to encourage the cat to go urinate more than once a day. I have to record when she goes to bathroom and if needed I bring back the old faithful litter box, but I keep using the flushable litter as I do not want the cat to decide she only wants to use clay litter. That would ruin all the training so far. Training not complete after 8 weeks, but I am satisfied that I will be litter free very soon.

  5. Dear Laura

    Thanks for your honest review ,Our Cats age 3 and 4 years. Luke and Ben Both took to it the first night. Both resucue cats.Jumping up on box to get to tolet ,They were scared at first. I cleaned our bath room completly out have a garden tub.put a blanket in there to sleep in there , Kept showing them over and over 3 or 4 times where there tolet was.taking there paw and scratching in the new potty . I knew they needed to go since they had just ate and drank . Found out the secect if you use a tiny bit from the old litter box in the new it smells like them. Finialy got Ben the 4 yr old to use it right after Luke used Kwitter too. I was wondering how your cats were doing on there training Thanks Diane

  6. Hi,
    I started the litter kwitter with my cat 2 weeks ago.
    I just started the amber stage yesterday and for now, I didn’t have any problems.
    My cat is just 9 month so maybe that’s for that.
    Well I’m satisfied for now but of course it take a lot of my time and it’s tiring first but it ‘s far better than my cat having his pawn dirty or having litter everywhere in my house.

  7. I have several cats and I too seen the cat on the movie ‘Meet the Parents’ use the toilet instead of the litter box. I thought wow, that would be great if my cats would do that. It sounds like a great idea with the Litter Kwitter, but I don’t have the patience to do it. I’m sure my cats wouldn’t do it either as they are old and set in their ways, but it sounds like a wonderful concept and idea.

  8. My friend’s got her cat to perfect the usage of one of these things. I don’t know if it’s the same brand, but I do know it’s the same type. I believe it took the cat quite some time to use it as intended though and I’m not so sure that I want to go through that. It’s a neat idea, but it may be a lot more trouble than one would imagine.

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