Does PC Matic Really Work?

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Does PC Matic work?PC Matic says that it could potentially save you from having to replace your slow, unreliable computer by cleaning it up like new. There are several different programs out that that make similar claims, but this is one of the most popular. Let’s see if it’s actually working for real users.

There are a ton of problems a computer can have, all of which will slow it down and reduce its capacity to provide you with the service you expect from it. Viruses, scumware, scamware, adware, malware, and spyware, just to name a few, can all seriously debilitate your computer. You may also have programs on your computer that are always running, and don’t need to be, and this can slow its performance.

The Claim
They say that you can use the software on up to 100 computers, and that it provides security for your computer without slowing it down. They also claim that it will make your computer more reliable, and that you’ll have faster Internet speeds once it’s done cleaning things up. In the advertisement they run they insinuate that you’ll be able to keep the computer you have rather than having to buy a new one. It’s easy to see that computers can get slogged down over a period of months and years, so the real question is can this get rid of the problem?

The Hype
The hype comes from their national television advertising campaign, as well as a ton of online ads that ask you if your computer is running slow. It also seems like this product is geared towards those that would dub themselves “computer illiterate”, as it performs many tasks that can be done without paying for a software, such as defragmenting your hard drive. Of course it is much easier to let the software do it for you instead of completing each task on your own.

The Cost
It’s free to download PC Matic, and they’ll scan your computer for you for free. If you want to fix the problems it costs $50. It’s unlikely that your computer will be problem-free if you’re looking into getting a product like this, so you should be prepared to get it because it’s likely to find a host of problems and you’re going to want to remove them and not leave them on your system.

The Commitment
The entire user interface is easy to navigate, so you don’t really have to spend a lot of time learning how to use it. Downloading the software takes seconds on a high speed connection, and it’s only a few more seconds until you’re running the initial scan. It runs on its own, and once it’s set up you don’t have to keep running it, it runs in the background and keeps your computer running smoothly, rather than letting problems stack up again.

PC Matic gets great reviews overall, with a few complaints here and there. What we did notice though is that several of the complaints were from older reviews, and have been resolved with current updates. It’s nice to see a software company that is trying to improve upon itself and keep the product updated. A lot of software out there gets out of date, so you always want to make sure that you’re not trusting a beta release, or a piece of software that has never seen a new release.

The reason that some people are not happy with the way this functions, saying that it’s slow and causes even more problems, is most likely because their computer has so many problems it’s going to take a while for it to fix them all. Sometimes fixing a virus and removing malware and adware will make your computer function worse, as those programs are equipped to resist being removed. But some people think that it’s just a matter of deleting them and the process should be easy and smooth. Once your computer is returned to its factory state it should run much more easily.

Final PC Matic Review

We’re giving PC Matic our Thumbs Up review. Cheesy commercials aside it seems to do a decent job of identifying and fixing the problems that are present on most computers. Some of the problems out there are pretty severe, with trojan viruses that attempt to take over your computer. Others are more mild, like spamware or even cookies that don’t really need to be on your computer. Deleting those and keeping them off of your system is easy enough, and it’s nice to have a program that handles it all for you, rather than having to use several different ones in conjunction with one another.

Our Recommendation
If you’re not savvy when it comes to keeping your computer clean, and haven’t cleaned it up since the day you got it, this would be a good software to run to make sure there aren’t a bunch of unnecessary programs slowing you down and keeping you from enjoying your computer like you used to.

What do you think? Does PC Matic work or not?

17 Customer Reviews on “Does PC Matic Really Work?

  1. I have been using Pcmatic for about ten years. I see negatives about it online that I don’t understand or relate to. I have had very good experience and great support. I appreciate the expertise and great support and all the new stuff. Keep it up, THANKS

  2. Be using pcmatic for as long as it has existed and have never had any problems. I just don’t understand any negative reviews. Pcmatic has always worked as promised.

  3. Just an observation. The negative reviews look genuine and the positive reviews look like the very odd TV ads. ‘Thank you PC Matic’? Really? I’ve used anti-virus, malware and system utility software for a couple of decades, both personally and in my business……more than 30 PCs. Honestly, I wouldn’t install any utility that universally has so many bad reviews. There are plenty of reliable utilities that have been properly tested and positively reviewed. I would recommend trying those first.

  4. I was reading some of the comments about PC Matic and I have to tell you I’m surprised to see all the negative comments about it. I one the other hand have had great results. I have a really old Gigabyte computer and I’ve had to have my brother take it apart and rebuild it may be twice a month but ever since I downloaded PC magic it’s been about 3yrs since my brother has had to do anything to make it run better and it has been running a whole lot better PC magic has been keeping my computer running like a well oiled machine.
    Thank you PCMatic

  5. tried to DL/Install this piece of shyte SIX (6) TIMES!
    It consistently redirected me to a payment page where I could pay for the supposedly-free-to-consumer app.
    The LAST Straw was when, after registering, the download showed some person ( as the user — I’m NOT Dave Brand nor do I work at
    I think I’ll buy a proven product

  6. don’t know about product but the tv commercials are creepy. the founder is a total weirdo and the suited former military spokesman talks about america as “she” who is no longer resilient. they are totally tone deaf. seriously cringe worthy.

  7. I purchased PC Matic about a month ago. I installed on my 5 year old system and an old laptop. PC Matic cleaned both and also cleaned out some malware a viruses in both. Also cleaned out the registry that needed to be done. I also used the defrag and both are running faster.

    I have used other cleaners and antivirus platforms but they do not provide what PC Matic has provided.

    Its an all in one platform that takes care of my needs, which is what i wanted.

    As far as the whitelist goes, i haven’t had a problem with nor have i had to place any programs in it.

  8. Email sent to them as I can not seem to find a phone number: My girl and I both have PC Matic. I like it but have a HUGE concern now. She found out she had a virus this week. She has not down loaded any thing and has PC Matic. How did that happen? Worse yet, she was charged more than 200.00 plus for PC Matic to fix it. I thought they were not supposed to allow viruses and why are they charging her? I am angry enough that I am thinking of cancelling coverage so I would suggest a phone call. (I supplied a phone number).
    Responce: They sent me to tech support who wanted to know what kind of a problem I had to fix what I already had fixed. Still not one mention of a call or an appropriate answer.

  9. I Love PC Matic. My laptop is sooooo much faster on the internet; they don’t get in your way at all. I highly recommend PC Matic Pitstop!!!!

  10. Piece of crap protection with non-existent customer service. Don’t waste your money. When infected, pcmatshit says they don’t worry about little viruses only big ones. If they can’t stop the little ones are you going to trust them on the bigger one? Malwarebytes free puts this to shame. Don’t waste your money like I did

  11. Even this page is hinky. Locked up on me several times. There seems to be a lot of know it alls flapping their literate gums towards illilterate computer users. You’d think they could be kind enough to drop a few tips besides defragging to clean a computer. I’m guessing make sure your firewall is up and running too but that’s about the extent of what I know. If PC Matic does the job and doesn’t harm anything I’m still missing something I guess. What’s the real downside?

  12. I have used PC Matic for years. No, it is not perfect, but it has kept my pc running well for the last 8 years. When I notice a problem, it usually helps.

  13. I’ve been in computers since 1974, and I remember PC Pitstop, we had to use it often and loved it. I have not tried PC Matic yet , over the years I have learned how to take care of and protect my computers myself. I teach computers now in a seniors area, have for 20 years. And believe me some seniors need something like this! They forget too often, very hard for them to remember how to do things needed to keep it clean. Knowing PC Pitstop I’m sure you can trust PC Matic since it’s by the same people. There are a lot of programs out there that do some of these things, but there are a lot of people out there that don’t understand or are given false information or are scared they are going to blow up their computer if they do much more than sending mail! A lot of those free programs are not the easiest to understand or use.

  14. This product is not a scam. Not everyone has a “family CTO” in which they can get help with, which is why products like PC Matic do a great job in fixing computers. More so, the ability to block malware and viruses is where PC Matic shines.

    To answer MadMonkey’s post, yes there were certainly some companies out there that were relying on fear to sell their products, but those have all disappeared. Their reputation caused them to close out.

    PC Pitstop, the maker of PC Matic, is still around since 1999, and provides a valuable product that works well. Look at the Virus Bulletin RAP scores and see how much better it protects computers against malware.

  15. According to some of the things I’ve reading any computer that isn’t well protected with the right software will eventually build up a lot of spyware and even virus and eventually it will slow down to a crawl. I’m a little ignorant when it comes to computers and I didn’t even install a firewall until recently, so imagine all the nasty things that are probably resting in my computer. I don’t know about anyone else, but someone like me definitely needs a program like pc matic.

    A. Because its useless and may actually cause you more grief than anything else.

    Q.But there are advertised on TV so they must be legit?
    A. Nope they don’t have to be. They are preying on computer illiterate people to download and pay for this horse manure.

    Q.But my PC is slow and I want to fix it NOW!
    A. You really only have have 2 options:
    1.Do it yourself.
    2. Ask a friend how knows about computers to help you, OR send it to a repair shop.

    Q.But I don’t know enough about computers!
    A. There are many articles on the world wide web that can help you and are FREE! Plus there are many FREE all-in-one programs like Advanced System Care Free that can do a similar job for nothing!

    Q.But I’m scared what will happen if I break something?
    A. Good question, before doing anything that could be bad for your computer you should backup all your essential files. You do know how to backup right?

    A. Then ask a knowledgeable friend to help you and if he/she 🙂 does then don’t forget to give him/her something in return. But do not use this product.

    Q.Why shouldn’t I?
    A. There are a number of reasons.
    1. Many programs that promise to speed your computer up, usually don’t do so, or have only a marginal effect. Don’t believe me google it!!!
    2. Computers are incredibly complex machines and on top of that there are 1000’s of programs and hardware combinations that make things even more complex. No computer program no matter how ‘powerful’ can do the job of someone who really knows what he/she is doing. If you are lucky enough to know a friend who is a techie then ask them for help and they will often do a much better job of speeding up your computer than a software program, plus you can ask them questions!
    3. Security and privacy: Always be careful of programs that you download from the net especially if they are always running and can access the internet. It is entirely possible for a programmer to steal data from your computer including usernames and passwords if they have an always on internet connection they are called Trojans. Its a good idea to run the least number of ‘always on’ programs on your computer to prevent such things and make sure your computer runs smoothly enough.
    4. Fake results!!!! The companies who make these ‘products’ need you to buy these programs and they often do so even if it means lying to your face!!! Just look at all the fake popups that say that your computer is slow and that you need to ‘click here’ to fix it! There is absolutely no reason why they can’t fake problems with your computer so that they can ‘fix them’ They can and will lie to you because its the only way they can make money! Don’t believe me? Google “XP antispyware” without the quotes. XP antispyware is a fake anti-spyware that reports non-existent threats! It actually makes up stuff!!!
    5. Just Google “pc matic scam” without the quotes and see the results!!
    6. Take some time to learn what causes your computer to be slow (malware, hardware issues etc) and you will learn more about computers plus you will prevent your computer from being slow in the first place!

    Its your digital life, why should you leave it to others to make it better when you could do it yourself?


    PS. You don’t have to use Google as it is only an example of the numerous search engines available.

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