Does Grubhub Really Work?

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Does Grubhub Work?We live in a world of apps where there seems to be one for just about everything. Which also includes food and placing orders for it. Of course one can just call their favorite take out restaurant, but what if you are looking for a change and want to do this quick and simple? Then you may want to use Grubhub.

The concept of Grubhub is you just browse the app for favorite restaurants in your area. Then you can take a look at the menu. From here it is just a matter of placing your order.

The Claim
Grubhub claims that their app helps you find restaurants in your area. Perhaps you don’t have a favorite as yet or you want to try something different. All you have to do is type in your address and Grubhub will do the rest. From the list of restaurants that are shown to you it allows you to choose from ones that deliver or do pick up only. If you want to search for restaurants that serve a specific cuisine Grubhub says you can do that too.

The Hype
The hype for Grubhub revolves around the convenience. Also, it gives users the chance to see what is in there area. Not everyone is totally familiar with how many restaurants may cater to them. But, not every restaurant joins Grubhub either.

The Cost
There is no cost to use the Grubhub app, but of course there is a charge for the food being ordered.

The Commitment
The only commitment you have to make with Grubhub is to use the app and its features. Grubhub allows you to follow the process of what is happening with your food through their tracking feature. You can track it from the time the order was placed, while it is being prepared and then when it is out the door and on the way to you all the way up to the driver being at your door.

There is no doubt that Grubhub is a time saver, and it is convenient for those who don’t want to have to directly place their order with the restaurant. According to Grubhub if any issues arise they should contact the customer service at Grubhub although they can also contact the restaurant direction. When looking at reviews out of about 2,847 Grubhub has received a three star rating. Some of the complaints have been about customer service at Grubhub, then some have complained about the drivers.

Final Grubhub Review

We are going to give Grubhub a Try/Buy.There are a lot of variables that go into the success of this type of business. There is the Grubhub customer service, the drivers making the delivery, and the restaurant itself. Anyone of these could lend to a poor experience. But, there is nothing wrong with trying it once at least. If it turns out to you liking then you can use the service in the future.

Our Recommendation
There are other options for food deliveries. For example one of the trends now is to how a full meal delivered to your door that contains all the ingredients and you just have to prepare it. An example of this is

What do you think? Does Grubhub work or not?

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