Does Trivago Really Work?

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Does Trivago Work?Booking a holiday nowadays can be extremely confusing. In the past you would visit your local travel agency and sit down with an individual and plan out where the best places would be for you to go. You would then check out the hotel’s and what they offer, and in no time, be set up with your holiday and what it would cost you. With the Internet, that has all changed, because now you are inundated with so many different choices that it’s hard to know who offers the best accommodations for the best price. This is where Trivago is able to help you out and perhaps guide you to the best vacation possible.

Rather than you spend all your time searching out every booking site available on the Internet, Trivago does that for you, and has a reputation of being one of the world’s largest hotel search and information websites. This allows you to compare hotel prices from well over 200 different booking sites worldwide, and because of this, you have the ability to access more than 700,000 hotels, which ultimately saves you an average of 35% compared to you trying to book the room yourself.

The Claim
The claim of Trivago is that they are the best starting point for live travel research. When you are looking to rent either a bed from a budget hostel, or a luxury suite with several bedrooms from anywhere in the world, this company allows you to do so from the comfort of your own home. They claim to have over 45,000,000 monthly users and over a million searches per day.

The Hype
The big hype with Trivago is that you’re not only getting the advertisements from the hotel’s, but instead they have more than 82,000,000 hotel reviews from people that have actually been to these places and how they’ve been treated, and where the best place it is to go. In addition they have more than 14,000,000 property pictures, so you can actually look at where you’re going to be staying.

The Cost
One of the great things about using Trivago is that it’s absolutely free for you to use, because it’s the actual hotels or booking sites themselves that pays the company a commission. You are making the deal when you book your site with the hotel itself, and not Trivago

The Commitment
The commitment with Trivago is they will find you a hotel that is best for you, at the price you’re able to afford. When you do a search, you will find the name of the hotel, the city it’s located in, up to six different prices of hotels, and which booking site is advertising the price. Once you’ve found somewhere you’re interested in, you can just simply click on the View Deal button, and you will be forwarded to the booking site that advertises the actual room.

Trivago was originally founded in 2005 and its main headquarters are located in Germany although it’s U.S. operation is based in New York and the company holds a fairly decent rating with the better business bureau and have really only received a few legitimate complaints. With that being said, it truly is a great way to be able to check out what’s out there when you are trying to plan an amazing vacation, and they really do help get you the best price possible.

Final Trivago Review

After reviewing and checking out what people have said online, it seems many of the main complaints were as a result of the actual hotel where the room was booked and not through the company itself. Your best bet is to definitely confirm and verify your reservation with the hotel once you have booked it, to ensure no disappointments.

Our Recommendation

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