Does Retail Me Not Really Work?

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Does Retail Me Not Work?Years ago coupon clipping was a big thing.Some may remember their parents doing this or at least their grandparents. It is still done today that’s why papers and magazines still have them. But, the modern day version is via online, which means taking a look at Retail Me Not.

Retail me Not is a site where one can go to look for the best deals via coupons that are being offered. There is always a large selection in a whole gambit of categories. When looking at Retail Me Not they have two target markets. The businesses who want to promote their coupons, and the enthusiastic shoppers who want to take advantage of them

The Claim
There really isn’t much of a claim being made by Retail Me Know because what they offer to shoppers is self explanatory. More claims are made when addressing the partners. But, for this post the focus is on the consumer and are they really getting good value.

The Hype
The hype for Retail Me Not is somebody really is in need of or wants something and they can get a coupon with any type of discount to apply against it then they feel they are getting a bargain. Sometimes these may be in the form of a cash back which sometimes can be just as good.

The Cost
For the consumers there is no cost to use Retail Me Not. The site makes their money from those businesses who they partner up with.

The Commitment
The commitment is really going to be taking your time to look for those coupons that are applicable to what you are shopping for. Then not stopping there but taking a look at the savings and doing further online research to see if there is an even better deal.

There are a substantial number of reviews online for Retail Me Not. Reviews are mixed. Some are very satisfied with Retail Me Not. Others have had some issues with them. For example difficulty with trying to buy gift cards when their credit cards are accepting the purchase but the site is not. There is a concern that this may be an ongoing problem. It is difficult to determine if it applies to only specific vendors or across the board.

Final Retail Me Not Review

It has to be said that there are a lot of good reviews but the not so good cannot be ignored. The best advice is if Retail Me Not is offering a coupon that you really want then give it a shot. If problems arise now or in the future that is cue that this company is not for you. It is better to just walk away rather than become frustrated with them. There are similar companies that do the same thing so you could resort to the alternatives. We are prepared to Give Retail Me Not a try/buy.

Our Recommendation
If you like this concept of coupon saving then check out Groupon as an alternative

What do you think? Does Retail Me Not work or not?

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