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Does work? is a way to bring everything you need for a gourmet style dinner together without the guesswork. But can this DIY meal package really turn out the way the meals do on TV?

If you’re a TV chef junkie and love to watch them whip up a meal with amazing looking ingredients all portioned out for them ahead of time and off camera, this might be what you’ve needed all this time.

The Claim
The folks at claim that once you select a recipe you won’t have to worry about anything else, because the directions as well as everything you need to follow them will arrive to you in one handy box.

The Hype
This is a pretty unique concept fueled by a few different popular trends. First, there are plenty of diet food delivery programs out there that will deliver pre-made meals to you. There are even services that will deliver them fresh each day from local sources. On top of that there are several cooking shows aired throughout the day, and many Americans are absolutely hooked on them. This product offers a way to make cooking these fancy dishes more accessible to the average cook, and so there is a lot adding to its popularity.

The Cost
They say that you can find meals starting at $10 a plate. They have a minimum order of 4 plates, so the least you’ll be looking at spending is $40. The nice thing about their pricing is that delivery and tax is included, so the price you see is the price you pay. Try totalling up the dinners you make at home and you might be surprised when you see how much it is, especially when you factor in the time involved with going to the store and shopping.

They offer a membership package for $10 a month which gets you member pricing on plates, and also lets you have earlier access to the menu which changes weekly. They point out that you can cancel your membership whenever you’d like, and that you can also put it on hold. There are no minimums that you have to meet in order to maintain your membership. It seems that it’s just an incentive or a reward for those that really like the service and plan on using it more often than a casual user.

The Commitment
This should reduce your commitment level when it comes to making delicious meals. Since you won’t have to go to the grocery store, it’s cutting down on your time, as well as the cost of driving to and from the supermarket. Since you’re getting everything you need you won’t have to get creative with the recipe and start using substitutes for things that it calls for that you don’t have. You also won’t have the stress that comes with trying to make sure that you’ve remembered to put everything in in the correct amounts. Overall, it should make cooking more fun and stress free.

The service is pretty unique, and we haven’t seen anything like it before. It’s like a hybrid between food delivery services, and grocery delivery services. It not only gives you the idea of what to cook, but gives you all of the materials to actually make it work. You will need to have basic kitchen utensils such as knives and pans and everything else the recipe calls for, but as far as ingredients go you should be taken care of with this service.

One nice feature is that aside from the 4 plate minimum, you don’t really have to spend a lot to try it out. It’s possible to stick to the $10 plates and try it for $40. If it’s not really your cup of tea and you didn’t have as much fun as you thought you would, you’re only out $40 and you got 4 meals out of the deal. If you do like it, it’s easy enough to order from it when you feel like it, and since the menu changes weekly you’re always exposed to new recipes and meal ideas.

They’ve also recruited chefs that either have their own recipe books, or are aspiring to have their own cooking show, so the foods you’re making are not just random recipes found online and organized into a box. You’re getting the sort of caliber meals that you may have always wanted to make, but didn’t ever follow through on because it cost to much to assemble all of the different ingredients. The concept really works from the Plated standpoint because they can buy the ingredients in bulk and then portion them off into 2 plate sets at a fraction of the cost of having to buy everything individually just to make one meal.

Final Review

Overall, is getting our Solid Try rating for those that have always wanted to actually follow through and cook a nice meal the way the chefs on TV do. It’s a way to spend less than you would otherwise in both time and money and still get a high quality meal without a lot of stress and worry.

Our Recommendation
This can be a great way to impress your date, or surprise your partner on your anniversary without spending a lot of time trying to make sure you have all of the ingredients for a certain recipe. It’s just a matter of picking out something that you both would enjoy and then following the instructions, which is pretty easy to do when all of the tools are in place.

What do you think? Does work or not?

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