Does Xyngular Really Work?

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Does Xyngular work?Xyngular is a network marketing company that peddles weight loss drinks and health supplements. They entice two types of people: those that want to lose weight and be healthier, and those that want to make extra money, a full time income, or more. But do their products work for weight loss and vitality, and can you actually make any money as a distributor?

We all want to make more money, and if we could do that by providing a product that helps people maintain a healthy lifestyle, all the better. That’s the central them to MLM opportunities that promote health products. These have been around for several decades and will only grow in number as we go along, because they’re so tempting on many levels.

The Claim
Xyngular claims that you can earn money five different ways. The most basic of which is making direct sales to retail customers. The next is getting paid off of the people you bring in. You can get paid even more if you move quickly and bring in others that also bring in more people under them, with everyone making retail sales.

The Hype
All of the earning examples they give are purely speculative. It’s very easy to come up with hypothetical examples to show how a person could potentially make money, but once these examples are introduced into the real world. where there is a cap to just how many people will buy these products or sign up as a distributor, the fall apart. Sure, if you enroll a lot of people, and they enroll a lot of people, and so on and so on, and they all sell massive amounts of product you could make a substantial income, but there just aren’t enough people in the world that want to sustain this.

The Cost
The cost of the products vary by which distributor you go with, and what you’re interested in. We found a box of Xyng Fuel 4 Life at a retail price of $45 and a wholesale price of $35. Like a slot machine in Vegas that pays progressive, the amount you can make depends on the amount you are personally consuming. In order to reap the full benefits you’ll need to order $450 worth of product in one month, and then continue on at $150 a month. This makes you eligible for all of the payouts and compensations on what you sell, as well as what everyone below you is selling.

The Commitment
To be successful in any endeavor you’re going to have to commit to it. This is true for both being more healthy, and making this your business. Just dabbling in it or putting forth a half-hearted effort will only get you mediocre results. You’ve got to basically become the poster child for the products and get totally psyched up about how well they work, enough so that others can see that you’re totally vested in them, and that you credit them for your health and financial success.

The Xyngular opportunity and products are presented by product developer Jim Ayers. While he does do a good job of showcasing both, there are some flaws behind what he’s saying. For example, they say that he will present the science behind why the products work, but he doesn’t do this, he just states the product’s ingredients and supposed benefits. He even lists Acai, Goji berries, and Noni as reasons for why it works, but each of these ingredients has been placed under a lot of scrutiny, with many people debunking the claims made by other network marketing companies.

They say if you’re willing to put in a lot of work and effort that network marketing can pay huge dividends. But the same can be said for most any business opportunity that you can get passionate about and invest yourself in fully. They say it offers a chance at residual income, but true residual income means doing something once and getting paid for it again and again. When they refer to residual income they are talking about repeat buyers and having your downline making sales. That’s not the same as creating a number one pop hit and getting royalty checks in the mail for years to come.

Final Xyngular Review

On the surface there is nothing remarkable about the Xyngular product or opportunity. If you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all. It’s all about getting hyped up about the product, and then trying to hype up others to the point where they want to purchase or even become a distributor. We generally recommend avoiding MLM opportunities that are centered around a health product. There are too many instances where the product turns out to be a dud, and you’ve just misled people into trusting you with their health. Who wants that on their conscience?

Our Recommendation
If you want to start up a part time business, why not become an affiliate for an established and effective product that you can feel good about selling? That way your focus can be placed entirely on selling the product, and you don’t have to worry about building a team under you as your main source of revenue. It’s more than a little disheartening to think that your business model would revolve around bringing in more salespeople below you in hopes that they’ll actually sell the product for you.

What do you think? Does Xyngular work or not?

3 Customer Reviews on “Does Xyngular Really Work?

  1. The products are separated into 3 categories: Xyngular Super Fruit Global Blend nutritional
    supplement, XYNG – Fuel 4 Life, and CORE4 Nutrient Fusion System.
    If you are at a computer and want to find some interesting things on the Internet
    to entertain you, the list of most entertaining websites may probably be helpful to you.
    Of course, that is all relative depending on their diet,
    but you should keep foods with added sugar to a minimum.

  2. So this is like Avon for the supplement world. Huh. Seems like a strange idea to me, but then the idea of selling makeup door to door seems weird to me. The idea of selling anything door to door is weird to me. I had to do it once and I felt like a creep. But that aside, we’re dealing with yet another product that claims to benefit our health by containing exotic berries and what not. I’ve got nothing against berries, or drinks and supplements to bolster your immune system or whatever, but I don’t want to get involved with any company that wants to recruit me as a salesman as part of their strategy.

  3. I’ve done some MLM work in the past and it’s really a 50/50 deal. If you get in early your chances of success increases a lot, but it still doesn’t guarantee that the products you’re selling will stand the test of time, meaning you could potentially lose all your hard earned clients in one shot. These kinds of things can be very lucrative, but the losses can be tremendous as well, it’s just something to think about when joining a company like xyngular.

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