Does Make Your Own Bed Really Work?

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Does Make Your Own Bed Work?A lot of people rely on mentors to help them through life’s challenges. Others use different resources like reading self-help and inspirational literature. Something that falls into this category that several people seemed to have enjoyed is a book called Make Your Bed.

Make Your Bed is a book written by William H. McRaven. It focuses on the little things in life that can be life changing and perhaps even able to change the world.

The Claim
The claim from those who promote Make Your Bed is touting the fact that is has become a #1 New York Times bestseller. It also has received some positive feedback from USA Today and Forbes.

The Hype
The hype behind this book is as the title expresses that if you Make Your Own Bed, then you may be empowered to change the world.

The Cost
The cost of Make Your Own Bed is going to depend on which format you purchase it in. For the Kindle version, it is $11.40, and the hardcover is $14.40

The Commitment
The commitment for Make Your Own Bed is to read it through in its entirety. Then take a close hard look at how some of the contents could be applied to your own life. Not everything that an inspirational book such as this contains will be applicable. But the value that comes from books like this is that most often having something for everyone.

The book Make Your Own Bed, written by Admiral William H. McRaven shares inspiration from the speech he delivered to the graduating class at the University of Texas. The speech itself revolved around the ten important principals that he experienced during his navy seal training. The speech was so potent that it went viral. A carry on of the concept of this speech is the book Make Your Own Bed which is an anecdote of the beliefs and experiences of the Admiral.

Final Make Your Own Bed Review

There is no doubt that this read has become very popular. Out of 2,335 reviews, it has received a 4.7-star reading. With 83% of this number of reviewers giving it five stars. The book is full of lessons for life. The author shares personal experiences but ones that can apply to many walks of life. The book does not come off as a lecture or speech but is written, so it captures and holds the attention of the readers. We are definitely giving Make Your Own Bed a Thumbs up.

Our Recommendation
If you are looking for another book that is considered to be highly inspirational, you will want to check out Becoming.

What do you think? Does Make Your Own Bed work or not?

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