Does Miracle Teeth Whitener Really Work?

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Does Miracle Teeth Whitener Work?One of the first things that people often notice when they look is the color of your teeth. If your teeth are super white, they really stand out. On the opposite end if they are extremely yellow, this is very noticeable as well. There are a large variety of products on the market you can find that advertise that they can clean and whiten your teeth. One product on the market is called Miracle Teeth Whitener.


Unlike other whitening products on the market that use Peroxides, Bleach or other types of chemicals that can be very harmful to your teeth enamel Miracle Teeth Whitener uses only natural products. What makes What makes  Miracle Teeth Whitener unique are the natural ingredients used. Charcoal Powder is one of the main ingredients.What makes  Miracle Teeth Whitener unique are the natural ingredients used, with Charcoal Powder being one of the main ingredients.  Activated Cocoanut Charcoal Powder supposedly can remove long time stains, from its very first use.

The Claim

Miracle Teeth Whitener claims to be able to gently whiten your teeth without using whitening peroxides or bleach. It will supposedly purify and detoxify your mouth leaving you with cleaner teeth and fresher breath. They claim it is safe and easy to use. The promoters of Miracle Teeth Whitener indicate you will see results in just one use. It is gentle on gums, and can even be used on sensitive teeth.

The Hype

The main hype with Miracle Teeth Whitener is the fact it is able to so effectively remove built up stains on your teeth such as smoke stains, and coffee stains. Also, even red wine stains for example, that normally could only be removed by a dentist or other professional. The main unique ingredient in Miracle Teeth Whitener. is activated coconut charcoal powder. As well as other natural ingredients such as Bentonite Powder and Orange Seed Oil. These combined are supposed to remove stains far better that other whitening products on the market.

The Cost

If you go to the As Seen on TV web site you will find Miracle Teeth Whitener for $19.99 which is a great price compared to Amazon, which is ironically advertising the same product for $69.99.

The Commitment

There is not much of a commitment to make with Miracle Teeth Whitener. Other than to use it as directed.


So far there have been nothing but good reviews for Miracle Teeth Whitener. The cost is quite comparable to other products on the market. Using charcoal might seem like a strange way to remove stains, but so far people that have used this product have stated that it has worked for them and that it has worked better than other items they have tried before.

Final Miracle Teeth Whitener Review

Upon its final review Miracle Teeth Whitener seems to be a good product for those that have stains that have been built up over time. Also, for those individuals that just want to make sure they keep their teeth pearly white. We are prepared to give Miracle Teeth Whitener a thumbs up.

Our Recommendation

There are a lot of teeth whitening products on the market besides Miracle Teeth Whitener. We have reviewed several of these. You may want to do some comparisons.

What do you think? Does Miracle Teeth Whitener work or not?

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