Does Smart Swab Really Work?

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Does Smart Swab Work?Of all your five senses, your hearing is really one of the most important ones you have. Making sure that you keep your ears clean is very important and is many times over looked when people tend to their personal hygiene. If you get a buildup of wax in your ears it can cause a great deal of discomfort, it can impair your hearing, and even cause infections over time. A new innovative way to take care of this problem is called Smart Swab and you simply place it in your ear, twist, and remove the unwanted wax.


Smart Swab is a unique new product that allows you to easily and safely clean the inside of your ears. It is done buy using a spiral disposable tip that is attached to a handle that looks and feels a bit like a toothbrush. Adding an improved grip over earlier devices on the market. TheSmart Swab tips themselves are disposable.

The Claim

The Smart Swab kit includes a comfortable handle with a good grip, as well as 16 disposable tips. The product is supposed to easily remove earwax that is built up over time and is able to do so effectively without any type of damage to the eardrum, or risk of pushing the wax even further in. The tips are easy to remove and replace, and it includes a storage case for your convenience.

The Hype

The hype with Smart Swab is their apparent ability of being able to safely and comfortably remove the natural buildup of wax in your ears. Their success is the soft spiral-grooved head that has been designed to go to the perfect distance in the inner eardrum. Where it would then attach itself to the wax, and with a simple twist, effectively extract it with no discomfort.
The Cost

The cost of Smart Swab is $14.99  but it is going to depend on where you buy it.

The Commitment

The commitment from Smart Swab is that their product is guaranteed. by utilizing new technology, to be able to comfortably and extremely safely remove the buildup of earwax you may experience over time.


So far there have been no negative reviews online and Smart Swab stands behind its product 100% and if you have any problem you can simply contact them for a full refund, no questions asked. The concept behind the product is sound and for anybody that has experienced any type of problems with wax in their ear would definitely find relief with this new and innovative product.

Final Smart Swab Review

Smart Swab in its final review seems to be a good product and one that is well needed for anybody that has experienced any type of problems with wax buildup in the past. Quite often people use cotton swabs and other type of foreign objects to clean their ears. This can cause serious damage and loss of hearing. So this product is a great idea and will help many people avoid problems with their ears. We are prepared to give it a thumbs up.

Our Recommendation

An alternative product you may want to take a look at is Wax RX.

What do you think? Does Smart Swab work or not?

Customer Review on “Does Smart Swab Really Work?

  1. Had used this product for real, thought it would be great but it turns out to just be quite bad, you just hold it up to your ear and turn round for like 3 minutes till you realize that half the wax is still there. any wax outside of the hole isnt gotten. if you get a poor quality one, pressing plastic up to your ear can hurt too. not really that good and wouldnt suggest

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