Does Miss Belt Really Work?

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Does Miss Belt Work?If you haven’t got the perfect look that you are wanting in regards to a nice flat stomach and hour glass shape, then you may be interested in how Miss Belt may be able to help. For some it is a great alternate and a solution to having to frantically go through a lot of exercising and starvation to lose those few tummy pounds.

Basically Miss Belt is what you could say is a modern day version of a corset. It is a belt that has has been designed to hold in your waist and abdomen, so it flattens and contours these areas. It is meant to give you the results you would get if you happened to get to that hour glass figure look.

The Claim
The company is claiming that Miss Belt is comprised of compression technology that is going to make you look thinner as soon as you put it on. They are saying it makes your waistline look reduced and your tummy flatter.

The Hype
For those that just can’t seem to get that flat stomach or smaller sized waist through other approaches, then it makes the Miss Belt look awfully good to them. As an added bonus to it’s features they are saying it also helps to give some great back support.

The Cost
Miss Belt is going to cost you $19.99 plus $7.99 for shipping and handling, but you will also get a second one free.

The Commitment
You are going to have to get used to wearing it. Then you are going to have to remember to do so. This shouldn’t be difficult however, if you like the results it gives you.

Miss Belt is just one of many of these types of products to come out on the market. Be well aware that the Miss Belt is not used for promoting weight loss. It is strictly a camouflage product. In the past we have talked about belts such as this but were meant for actually reducing the size of the waist or melting the fat on the tummy. For example, the Tummy Tuck Belt which is quite a bit more expensive.

Final Miss Belt Review

We are going to give the Miss Belt a Try/Buy rating. There are a lot of women who just can’t slim down enough to the point where they feel good about their shape. They get frustrated when they go to put on an outfit and it is just a wee bit too tight or it is unflattering. The Miss Belt may be the perfect solution for this type of situation. The price is reasonable.

Our Recommendation
While the company promotes Miss Belt as being comfortable to wear, anything that is going to create a compressed feeling at first is going to feel strange. You will have to adjust it according to your comfort level. You may be tempted to really cinch yourself as tightly as possible, which may let you look good but you are going to feel most uncomfortable. Also, keep in mind that Miss Belt is not being promoted for fat burning or weight loss. Yet, you will find that many of the others do. This is because they are working off the premise that their belts will make your sweat which is believed to cause some reduction in inches.

What do you think? Does Miss Belt work or not?

39 Customer Reviews on “Does Miss Belt Really Work?

  1. curls up and doesn’t cover the whole stomach sometimes it will hurt u on the sides of u tummy

  2. Does not sure work, hate that it doesn’t cover my whole stomach and pressures my extra fat up to my chest and my hips, curls up all the time! Constantly have to fix it

  3. This belt works amazing with exercise. It really helps reduce my bloating as well. It does give you a smaller waist if you wear it everyday without excercise. But it really works so much better WITH exercise.

  4. I don’t like the belt it rolls up and does not go over your whole stomach.

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