Does Qixels Really Work?

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Does Qixels Work?Although there is plenty to do for the kids outdoors in the warm weather, they don’t always want to be doing something that is super active. For those quiet play times Qixels is most likely going to keep them busy by providing hours of fun.

Qixels is comprised of a whole lot of colorful cubes that are used to build pixel characters and objects. Once the creation is built it is set with a spray of water to bind it together. Once this is done then what the kids can do with their fused creations is only limited by their imagination.

The Claim
The company claims that the kids can build a ton of stuff with Qixels. They can use their imagination or follow the templates. They are saying it is really easy and there is no messy glue or heat needed to fuse the pieces.

The Hype
They have focused on what appeals to the kids in regards to the number of colors and the fact they can play with their finished objects without them falling apart, which is often the case with standard building blocks. For the parents, they have focused on the ease of use and no mess being created with the Qixels.

The Cost
The offer is comprised of what they call a complete kit. This includes two packs. One pack is the Fuse Blaster Pack, which contains 500 qixel cubes and a bunch of accessories. Then the second also contains 500 qixel cubes with other types of accessories. So for the complete kit you are going to pay $19.99 plus $9.99 shipping and handling.

The Commitment
You are definitely going to want the kids to play with this in a contained area as they will be handling 1,000 small cubes. You don’t want these spilled where you are going to have to clean them up. It does include a fairly decent storage tray. Also, they are going to be spraying their creations with water so you want them to be playing in an area where the water can’t hurt anything, if they happen to get carried away with their fusing of the constructed pieces.

Any toy that gets the kids thinking and spurs their creativity is a good thing. Building blocks have been a favorites of kids for eons, and this is just a modern day version of an age old concept. Kids also tend to like toys that contain multiple pieces and are comprised of bright colors, and Qixels definitely meets these needs.

Final Qixels Review

We’re going to give the Qixels a Thumbs Up rating even though it is a relatively new product, and as such there isn’t a lot of feedback as yet. We have partially reached this conclusion from looking at the positive reception that similar products have received. For example, Beados which is sold on Amazon uses beads instead of cubes but the basic idea is the same. There are mixed reviews but more positive ones than negatives. Also, cubes may be a little easier to work with compared to beads.

Our Recommendation
We encourage you to consider the age of the youngster that you are thinking of buying this for. While a lot of small parts are lots of fun, they can also be frustrating for little fingers. At the same time if you are looking for an interactive type toy where you can spend time with the younger ones, then Qixels may be ideal. An alternative to this and one that has already proven its worth, is the Lego line of building blocks.

What do you think? Does Qixels work or not?

34 Customer Reviews on “Does Qixels Really Work?

  1. The idea is fun, but the cost of replacement cubes is about $18 for a tiny pack where you can make 3 things. They are supposed to be $5.99, but places like Amazon are the only source, so the prices are jacked way up. You can’t even buy them direct. STAY AWAY.

  2. Have spent hours trying to get the quixel to stay on the surface and fuse. Very frustrating.

  3. I love to make qixels things with my son and I love that it only uses water and no heat and they bond a bit stronger than the melting beads my only complaint is that the kits don’t provide many beads and I can’t find larger packs of just cubes and can’t find a pack of single colors

  4. Bought these for my children and we love them. The refills are a bit pricy for what is in the package. Seems 500 pieces (qixel cubes) doesn’t go along way like melting beads. With the templates they provide and only 500 cubes a child can only create about 3-4 characters per batch. My children did that in one hour! I’m hoping they can make the refils more affordable or double the amount inside or we will resume back to our lovely melting beads where their creativity is endless. Other then that, this is an amazing product. Its fun and when your done a little water fight is just an added bonus.

  5. I have not gotten the product YET, but so far it seems that you have to buy a bunch of the themes with most of them containing Yellow, Orange, white, black, dark orange, purple, gray, dark yellow, and brown. It seems like you have to search a lot to find the right colors. That feels like this comes at a price, but yet again this new product is awesome otherwise.

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