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Does Moink Work?One of the newest trends is for families to order their food ingredients by the box to prepare their daily meals. Many are taking advantage of this, but there is now a new option that is available that focuses just on the meat that a family needs to prepare several meals. This is being offered through Moink.

Moink is a service that provides customers with boxes of meats on a scheduled basis. This is not just for convenience but based on quality, ethics and the environment. The schedule can range from three to four to six weeks as options. The boxes can be customized according to the family’s needs. It arrives fresh as it is shipped in a safe manner on Tuesdays and arrives Wednesday or Thursday. The Moink subscription is available to all lower 48 states and Washington DC.

The Claim
The company is making some stong but important claims about Moink. To begin with these Moink meat subscription boxes are comprised of meat that only comes from grass fed and finshed stock, pastured pork and chicken, and salmon that is wild caught.All the meat comes from family operated farms that are based on very strong ethics that includes raising the animals for food in a humane way. None of the meat contains any dyes, GMO grains, sugar, nitrates or any of the other types of junk that your present meat purchases may contain.

The Hype
The hype around Moink is that you know for sure that you are getting the very best of quality in meat that you are serving to your family. You know where it is coming from and you know good ethics have been utilized in the rearing of the animals used as our food sources.

The Cost
The cost for a Moink box subscription starts at a cost of about $4.50 per serving of meat. A box of the Moink meat is $159. Plus shipping of $9.95. Each box contains about 35 to 40 servings that is comprised of about 13 to 16 pounds of meat.

The Commitment
The commitment is simple. You just choose your option for scheduled delivery. Then prior to each delivery you customize your box if you want or just go with the box that has been created by Moink.Make sure your payment is made by the Friday prior to the shipment date. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Everything that is being promoted about Moink meets just about everything that a family wants when it comes to good quality meet. It is shipped fresh in dry ice so it arrives in perfect condition. Knowing that the meat doesn’t contain a bunch of things that we don’t know what they are is another big bonus. Supporting farmers who are making every attempt to apply good ethics is another major point. Knowing the animals are being well looked after has become an important issue to many consumers.

Final Moink Review

We are going to give Moink a big thumbs up. We like everything they are promoting and we believe those using this meat subscription is getting true value for their money.

Our Recommendation
If you want another approach to food that is built on convenience then check out Grubhub.

What do you think? Does Moink work or not?

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