Does MonaVie RVL Really Work?

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Does MonaVie RVL work?MonaVie RVL is a line of products all geared towards curbing your hunger and getting you through the day without binging on foods you shouldn’t eat, or cheating on your diet. These sort of products definitely come in handy, because without them you’re left to your own devices, and need to come up with plenty of healthy meals all day long. Most can’t factor that in to their already busy schedule. So let’s examine how well these work, and whether you should jump on board.

MonaVie started off just offering their flagship product, MonaVie, a daily drink akin to Tahitian Noni Juice that is sold by small business owner hopefuls through multi-level marketing. Their RVL line can be purchased online directly from their main site. We’re not sure how that works as far as who gets credit if you buy from them directly, without having a rep sell it to you. The interesting thing about companies that choose MLM as their distribution method is the way they handle direct orders. Some don’t let you order direct, and refer you to your local agent.

The Claim
MonaVie RVL is a totally different product line from the original offering, and is designed to be used as a comprehensive program, incorporating snack bars, shakes, and other items that you can eat throughout the day as a way to stay on track with your dieting and exercising, and have the energy to make it through a work day, but then also push yourself to workout either before you go to work, or when you get home.

The Hype
The hype comes from the affiliates that try to sell not only the products, but also the business opportunity. Any time you buy a product from an MLM company you are also becoming what’s known as a “warm lead” to be sold on starting your own business selling the very product you just bought. Their hope is that after you use these products to lose weight, that you’ll be a great spokesperson for how it works, and you can parlay that into an income-generating business.

The Cost
MonaVie RVL has different ways you can order, either separately, or as a combination pack. The vitamins they offer are $60 a bottle, the shakes are $165 for 2 bags, and for $339 you can get 2 bags of shake mix, 2 packs of snack bars, and more. They really do have an extensive line of products, and it’s worth a look, if for no other reason than to see all of the price points. On average it seems like their prices are somewhat high, for what they are.

The Commitment
These kinds of products should represent a reduction in your commitment level, because they offer a go-to food option rather than having to think of what to make, and then take the time to make it. It’s much easier to open and eat a peanut butter snack bar than it is to think up something to eat and then put it together and then eat it and clean up the mess you made. When you consider your different options, something like this makes a lot of sense, and is a great way to bridge the gap from only eating 3 meals a day to eating 4-5 or even 6 times per day the way many fitness programs advocate.

The MonaVie product portfolio is extensive, but there’s the risk of spreading yourself too thin. There are so many different products to choose from that you might get inundated by the number of options and not know what to go with. There’s energy drinks, health juices, vitamins and minerals, and more. Each of them comes with their own snazzy packaging. But the focus seems to be on the business opportunity and not on the products. There’s no doubt they’ve spent a lot of time in the marketing department coming up with some very nice designs, but what about the quality of what’s inside?

And if the focus were on the products and what they can do, rather than how much money you can make as a MonaVie distributor or salesperson, it might be a better way to sell the products. If people could understand and believe in the products first, and than get excited about becoming an affiliate it would be more authentic than showing them the profit potential and then educating them on the products.

Final MonaVie RVL Review

MonaVie RVL is likely made with good ingredients, but at the prices they charge it seems you’d be better served at high quality alternatives for a lower cost. Since this is set up as a multi-level marketing company, they have to charge a markup to make sure that people get paid, not only directly but also the downline. Other manufacturers don’t have this added cost, which is why you can get products of the same caliber for less. We’re not quite sure what the benefit is to selling products via network marketing, since it has such a negative stigma to it.

Our Recommendation
We would take a pass on this one, just because it doesn’t make sense to pay more than you have to for a product. We understand that a company has to make money, but by choosing to sell your products through network marketing you are inflating the price unnecessarily. There are plenty of other options out there that can provide the same or better results without having to think that you’re paying more, just because.

What do you think? Does MonaVie RVL work or not?

Customer Review on “Does MonaVie RVL Really Work?

  1. The cost does seem a bit high, but you also have to factor in the time that it takes if you were to buy cheaper alternatives from the supermarket and if you had to prepare them. I for one don’t really have the time to be cooking healthy meals 3 times a day or even twice a day, so forget healthy snacks, it ain’t happening. I like that monavie rvl has wide range of products to choose from since that means I can switch to different products and flavors when I get tired of one. As long as it works as advertised, for a busy person like me it might actually save me more money in the long run.

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