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Does Music Bullet really work?There’s a lot to be desired from the speakers in most handheld items like phones and tablets, and Music Bullet is positioning itself as the answer. It’s pretty tiny, about the size of a desktop mouse, but it promises to deliver a powerful sound, and even bass. Bass is usually what’s lacking in your mobile phone or your iPad, which is what gives the music it’s rich sound and makes it sound good and not tinny. But can this little gadget really produce high quality sound, or is it all hype?

Getting small things to sound good is no easy feat. Speakers need some space in order to produce rich sound, and even very small speakers like you find on Bose home entertainment systems still need the bass to come from the big bass unit that sits by the TV. It’s pretty hard to produce good-sounding music from a smartphone, an iPod or iPod touch, an iPad, or other tablet device. And since so many apps and multimedia rely on sound to give the best effect, it often leaves them feeling a little short.

The Claim
Music Bullet, not to be confused with Magic Bullet, claims to change all of that and give you the sound you’ve been missing all this time from your portable devices. They say that it delivers big quality sound and “kickin’ bass” from all of those gadgets you have that lack this capacity. They claim a 1000% increase in the volume and quality of the sound, and refer to it as “concert-like”. To make the bass sound better, they claim that you can expand the Music Bullet like an accordion, and it will improve the performance.

They say you get up to 7 hours of sound from the rechargeable battery, which plugs into any USB port. They claim it sounds good no matter what sort of musical style you like, and even works great for audiobooks and as a speakerphone for your mobile. They say you can turn your iPad into a mini movie theater.

The Hype
The hype comes from just how small the Music Bullet is, and just how overboard they say the sound is. Things can only sound so good at this price point, can’t they? It’s not like they’re packing in years of research and development into a product like this and then letting it go for such a low price.

The Cost
The Music Bullet comes with the ever-so-popular get 2 just pay additional shipping promos so you’ll actually end up getting two of them for $34, or $17 each. This actually comes in handy, because most of us could use one at home and one at the office, or give one to a family member, or just have a spare in case something happens to the first one. Some buy 2 offers are lousy, but this one actually makes some sense.

The Commitment
The Music Bullet is designed to be pretty hands off, just plug it into the device of your choice to add exceptional sound to it. If you’re on the go and want to listen to your music, you’ll have to commit to bringing this along with you, which can be kind of a drag, but will be worth it when you get where you’re going and can enjoy your tunes.

music bullet

It must be the over-expectations created by the infomercial that lead to disappointing reviews, because this little speaker sounds far better than most anything else you can buy at this price point. The bass doesn’t sound amazing, but the sound quality is much improved over the factory installed sound systems of most handheld electronics. Is it 1000% better? No. Did we think it would be? No.

Based on the real world tests, and feedback from those that have actually bought and tried it, the Music Bullet provides better sound quality than most of the devices out there. It might not be as good as some of the higher-end solutions out there, but for $17 each delivered to your door, it’s a winner.

Final Music Bullet Review

If you are looking for an affordable portable speaker, the Music Bullet is a great choice. It has great sound and decent base for such a small speaker. We recommend you get it from the official website to get the best deal possible.

What do you think? Does Music Bullet work or not?

30 Customer Reviews on “Does Music Bullet Really Work?

  1. Looked this up on Google and found this site.
    I found one of these at Goodwill for $.49 and it was half price day…
    Needless to say, figuring I could waste 25 cents, I bought it for use with my cheapo Tracfone and I will say, I am very happy.
    Of course., I spent only 25 cents plus tax, so my expectations were only “get some sound out of it”. A+ for that.
    Will see if the battery will charge and how long it will last.

  2. I agree it is brilliant for its size and battery life. I bought one of these on a sale table a couple of years ago at Staples for $7.99. Buying a speaker was not why I was there but for eight bucks it seemed worth the risk. For what it is it works really well. I listen mostly to downloaded podcast on my MP3 player that are voice rather than music. Nothing in this size range (regardless of price) can create great sounding music, but for its size this does really well.
    The USB charged battery charges quickly and has a long life. I have accidentally left it on overnight and still had enough power to use it the next day. I actually came across this website because I am looking for another Music B. to keep in my office.

    The best things about this little speaker is the USB charged be has a longer life

  3. I thought it was crappy. I could detect hardly any difference in the bass whether the bottom was closed or open. And there’s only one of them, so no stereo effect.

  4. My husband bought the Magic Bullet for his laptop. His laptop didn’t produce enough sound and the Magic Bullet was small enough to add to the laptop. He loves it. The music comes out clear and sounds great. It is small enough not to take up space on any desk and the price is reasonable. There are many speakers on the market that give a crappy sound, but this isn’t one. It is a good speaker.

  5. It looks like a decent enough speaker for your laptop or smart phone for practical daily use. Such as using around the house, working out at gym or even on an outing like a picnic or swimming at the beach (obviously not bringing the speaker into water with you). It’s so tiny that one can exactly expect to blast this at a party and expect it to produce loud booming quality. But for what they can do, they’re absolutely brilliant.

  6. Answering whether this product works or not is directly related to what you expect to get out of listening to music on tiny portable speakers. For the size and cost, the Music Bullet does a pretty solid job. It creates a sound that travels and sounds relatively full near the source. It’s not going to deliver booming bass, but that’s because of physics, not poor design. A much more expensive portable Bose speaker will deliver better sound, but for the price, it’s hard to beat this little speaker. It’s compact and affordable, so this would be a good addition to your next picnic or day at the beach. Just keep the sand out of it!

  7. I got this as a present because I always use Pandora on my Iphone to listen to music while taking a shower. But they aren’t loud enough. I plugged this in and I can hear crystal clear over the shower that’s raining down on me. A+ here.

  8. I ordered this speaker over a week ago (Direct from the website), paid the extra $$ to have it shipped quickly to arrive for Christmas, today OVER A WEEK later, I get an Email saying they have shipped TODAY and to expect 5-10 days for delivery???? No way they get here now…….I dont care how well they work, I will be sending them back once I get them (If I get them) buyer BEWARE!!!!

  9. I can’t even tell you how it sounds…………….

    The first time I bought one, I took it home and plugged it in to charge. Something popped and it never worked. I took it back to the store where I bought it and they exchanged it for me without question. I took this one home and pulled out the retractable cord which just pulled right out of the speaker completely. I am done with this thing. I am sure the sound is good for the price, but it is cheaply made.

  10. I bought 2 music bullets last February 2012 and they both recently QUIT playing sound. They are fully charged and lights on but no sound from both. Not even one year old and well cared for. I would not suggest this product to people due to the lack of life they carry. 30 bucks and less than a year and 2 don’t work… Sad… I suggest a JAM speaker that’s what I bought to replace my 2 music bullets.

  11. I was real happy with it when i first got it…my Toshiba laptop doesn’t have good volume. When I needed to recharge it, though, nothing worked…very disappointed.

  12. Fine little unit. I broke it out for a small dinner party. The sound was good quality and filled the room. The Music Bullet was connected, with it’s retractable cord to my iPhone. It is portable and simple to use, I’m very satisfied…oh, and so is my wife.

  13. You might want to pick up a cheap USB adapter plug. It works great to charge an Ipod or anything else that has a USB cord. They’re pretty inexpensive and work great. You can also check your smart phone charger. Most of those are now USB cords with a wall charger plug.

  14. Yes it really worked for me, for 3 months. I got it for my birthday from a friend. My laptop speakers suck and with the Music Bullet sound was loud enough for me to watch Netflix and actually hear it. It is tinny at time (esp at loudest volume) and don’t expect “booming bass”. Its pretty darn good for its price and size. However the charger just quit working. I haven’t been able to find out if this is a common problem, been reading sites for a while. I may actually go buy myself a new one, for the price, size and convenience. Got my dad one for Father’s day and he loves it.

  15. I bought the music bullet because I have a lifeguarding job at a pool no one comes to. I sit for 8 hours with nothing to do so I bought the music bullet to listen to on stad. The thing broke the first day. I had to hold the wire to my iPod and then after 2 hours it would play at all. I’m pissed. It’s a simple speaker. The least the makers could do was make sure it played correctly. Don’t buy it!!

  16. Not impressed with music bullet at all, it make no difference whatsoever in my already built in iphone, ipod, laptop speakers. Waste of money, the truth in products reviews you will always get from me, I have turned down several offers from various large corporations to work for them online leaving positive reviews even if not deserved. Always a person of integrity.. sorry folks this person here can not be bought.

  17. I just purchased the Magic Bullet last night and I’ve got to say, it is amazing for just $15! I got it at Walmart instead off TV… It works well and I love how the headphone plugin is retractable within the little speaker! Great product for the price!

  18. i love the high quality sound and it works better than the other speakers that i have bought and it works great and i will recommend it to other people that like listening to Justin Bieber music and Rap Music like Nicki Minaj etc
    Its great I LOVE it:)

  19. I bought the Music Bullet because my friend had one and it was okay, but mostly hype and special effects, as most infomercials are. I tend to be a skeptic and again, this contraption is okay and has loud sound, however it just seems so compressed and confined, like the device is at a loud volume to compensate. I sometimes prefer my laptop and phone without the Music Bullet, as the sound seems more natural. I am a gizmo and gadget freak, however I am also a wise economical person so I had to push myself not to put it back. It was more of a trial to see if I would like it, and bottom line is, its okay for what it is, but its not all that. Good bargain, nice design, convenient, small size, loud sound. Also on the down side, it seems to vibrate and be subject to tear up due to the bassy loud sound over time. I will see though…

  20. Hello yes I buy and it not work friend and I install it in my work truck and I try to impress the girls with my new sound system and they laugh at me and tell me im dum not buy this crappy music thing girls no like

  21. I just got this and expected terrible results but it’s not that bad. If you want it really loud get something else. I use this for music and to play my guitar app and it’s okay some songs or strings have a tinny sound but not all do. I lije this it’s perfect for small space or office and adds to laptop speakers as well. My only problem is I wish it came with a wall charger adapter since I can’t leave my laptop on for 8 hours for first charge.

  22. I purchased the Music Bullet about 8 wks. ago. and was quite pleased compared with the sound coming from my HP speakers installed. However, after listening for about 5 minutes, I turned the unit off and removed it from my laptop. I still get good sound from the Music Bullet. And that is good……….. since I no longer get sound from my laptop speakers (I can use my headphones or the Music Bullet). I’ve gone to forums and performed suggestions but to no avail, I still don’t get any sound from my speakers. And, this keeps me from getting any satisfaction from my Music Bullet!

  23. My IT guy bought me one of these to auggment the crappy sound on my Toshiba Laptop. Since I’m not into gaming or listening to music at work, only wanted this for the occasional webinar. From tinny scratchy sound worse than my Victrola this little thing fills the fairly large office space I work in so I can hear over the chatty gals across the room. I didn’t say it was great sound, but I am particular, coming from a generation who is used to early solid state Stereo equipment . I’m taking this along for a camping trip to accompany wine and cheese at the camp fire.

  24. I find my iPhone sounds absolutely spectacular when I plug it into my Realistic 250w PA Amplifier and 30 graphic EQ, coming through a pair of Jensen 15″ 3 ways and a pair of Omni Sound 12″ 3 ways. Don’t cheap out, buy a real stereo. In the car you’re better of to buy an FM transmitter of some sort. I don’t even have to hear this bullet thing to tell you don’t bother.

  25. Or you can just go to your local brookstone and get the pop up speaker. It’s the same thing.

  26. Ayo whoever invented the magic bullet for the kitchen must have had a hand in this music bullet. I’m sure of it. Looks kind of similar. If only the magic bullet could amplify your portable music??? Now that’s a gadget I’d be happy to buy without battin an eye. Thanks for posting this.

  27. If you need to get some oomph out of your MP3 player you have to go with either the iHome or spend a little extra for the Tivoli iPal which is hands down one of our favorites at home. Just an awesome quality piece of equipment. We actually have both the iHome in the bedroom and the iPal in the Kitchen and we’re happy as can be.

    This thing looks kind of cheap and clunky – it is only $17 bucks. I’d recommend it for a teen or as a stocking stuffing at most but if you’re looking for quality in terms of sound, you have to be realistic and prepared to spend more than $17. Way more…

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