Does My Get Up and Go Cane Really Work?

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Does the My Get Up and Go Cane Work?We’re all for looking at products that can help an individual with mobility issues and in the past we have talked about a few of these. To afford some choices and perhaps an alternative to ones that didn’t live up to their expectations we decided to add another to the selection with is the My Get Up and Go Cane.

The My Get Up and Go Cane is a revolutionary new twist on an age old device. For centuries we have been using sticks to help us get around when our mobility or steadiness becomes an issue. This is the “stick” for the 21st century.

The Claim
The claim is that by having two handles rather than the traditional one handles you are better able to leverage your weight when trying to get up from a sitting position thus making it much easier to go from a sitting position to a standing one without the need to lean on anything unstable or to ask someone for assistance.

The Hype
The hype surrounding the My Get and Up and Go Cane is found in the advertising as this product is being marketed by the people from the As Seen on T.V Products. Do not let that sway your thinking however, while some of the products that they endorse are pure and simple junk, every once in while they actually latch on to a winner and we think this one may fall into that category.

The Cost
The cost of the My Get Up and Go Cane is only $39.99 at As Seen On TV website and when you order you may get the chance of the free upgrade if it is still available that gets you the cane as advertised in addition to the free upgrade. Which gives you an upgrade in the base of the cane that allows all terrain walking due to the nature of the wider base and a “super bright” LED light built into the cane to help you see when using the can at night or under less than stellar conditions.

The Commitment
Not much required in the way of commitment for this product. It is easily stored in a closet or under a bed or even in the trunk of a car when not in use. It takes up very little room.

The double handle that can be spread open when needed to allow the user to access a handle on both sides of the cane actually does give the cane user a much solider platform for when trying to stand as opposed to the old way of either asking someone for help or trying to lean on something that may well be unstable. The cane is also fully adjustable for height meaning that no matter your height you can adjust it to fit your size. It comes with a led light attached so that you can safely use the cane in darker areas and the “upgraded” foot is spread over a good space giving one a very solid base indeed.

Final My Get Up and Go Cane Review

All in all the My Get Up and Go Cane is a pretty good item for those that regularly use a cane. It is truly an upgrade from the traditional cane and has some great features like the ones mentioned above and the foam handles that ease the pressure on the hand when using the cane. We are going to give the My Get Up and Go Cane a Try/Buy. Not prepared to give it a Thumbs up because similar canes have not lived up to the hype.

Our Recommendation
For anyone needing a cane we would recommend this product to see if it right for you and your lifestyle. At only $39.99 it seems like a reasonable solution to an age old problem. Another alternative for helping those with difficulty getting from a sitting to a standing position is the EZ Up.

What do you think? Does My Get Up and Go Cane work or not?

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