Does Natural Perfect Vision Really Improve Eyesight?

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Does Natural Perfect Vision work?If your eyesight is worsening you probably have a keen interest in Natural Perfect Vision. This is a system that promises to restore your eyesight to it’s naturally perfect state, without the need for surgery, or the use of glasses or contacts. But can something that flies in the face of conventional wisdom actually work, and does a Stanford-educated optometrist lend any extra credibility to this?

There are a few different programs out there basically promising the same thing, and citing the Bates Method as the basis for their exercises and breakthroughs. This method focuses on natural exercises and vision correction without using drugs or surgery. It would also help skirt the expense of these other alternatives, if it could improve your eyesight. Other benefits would be getting less headaches caused by eyestrain, and rekindling a love of reading if you’ve slowed down in recent years due to poor vision.

The Claim
Natural Perfect Natural Perfect Vision says they have a shortcut to restoring your 20/20 vision with just 15 minutes a day, and in two month’s time. They say that one of the top reasons for bad vision is wearing glasses. If you currently wear glasses, this can be enough to make you want to learn how to stop wearing them. It makes sense that the eyes get reliant on glasses and contacts, and it ends up making your natural eyesight worse when not wearing them.

It also makes sense that you could retrain your eyes, making them stronger, if you knew the right exercises to do. Having an ivy league trained eye doctor give you the steps you can do at home to get better vision is something that most of us would jump at.

The Hype
The hype of course is the aversion of most people away from eye surgery. It’s no surprise that you don’t want a doctor poking around with your eye, or performing laser surgery if it can be avoided at all. Also, wearing glasses or going through the hassle of contacts is just no fun, and if you can rid yourself of them, or reduce the need for them, this is a very attractive product.

The Cost
The cost for Natural Perfect Vision is $50, but you can get a quick $10 discount by attempting to leave the page and then opting to stay on. This brings the price down to $40, and you’re covered by the ClickBank money-back guarantee that lasts for a full 60 days.

The Commitment
Most people can see themselves committing to just 15 minutes per day, if it means avoiding the need for expensive and risky eye surgery. And since it works within two months, you should be able to see improvement in the first few weeks, as you steadily make your way to perfect vision.

The problem with using the Bates Method on the eyes is that it’s rather controversial, with some saying that it works, others saying it doesn’t, and still others saying that it’s dangerous. Being an eye doctor himself, Dr. George Reynolds must have used his education to filter out the potentially harmful exercises, and only focused on the ones that produce results for most people. He wouldn’t put his reputation on the line here. He’s publicly endorsing this, and is very approachable, so he has a lot riding on this working for the majority of the people.

We like that you can easily get in touch with Dr. Reynolds. Most authors of these type of programs don’t put themselves in the public spotlight, and remain mysterious. It shows that he truly believes in his product here, and separates it from other similar products. For example, you can add him to your Google Plus circles and keep up with his updates, or send him a message.

Final Natural Perfect Vision Review

There are of course testimonials of people that have been helped with Natural Perfect Vision, but we have to take those with a grain of salt. There are phony review sites out there that say it works, but they are all thinly disguised affiliate sites that simply want you to buy the book. Getting real reviews from actual users is not an easy task, so we’re giving the program a tentative Thumbs Up, based on what we’ve seen, and our own research into the Bates Method.

Our Recommendation
With the money back guarantee in place, we think this is something to give an honest try with. 15 minutes a day is not going to upset your lifestyle very much, and if it means better eyesight then it would definitely be worth it. If you find that you’re not getting the results you want, or you just can’t get in the habit of using it, returning it is easy enough and you’ll get a prompt and full refund.

What do you think? Does Natural Perfect Vision work or not?

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