Does Natural Solutions to Things That Bug You Really Work?

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Does Natural Solutions to Things That Bug You work?Natural Solutions to Things That Bug You is a book that you might have seen being sold via infomercial on TV. The premise is that anything that creeps and crawls can be dealt with naturally, without the need for harmful chemicals or a call to the exterminator. So let’s see how it stacks up to the challenge.

Nature gives us bugs, so it’s only logical to think that there must be a natural way to keep them away from our home. If you’ve tried searching for bug and pest tips online you’ve probably noticed that a lot of the free information out there is junk, and the tips are odd and often times don’t work. Depending on the problem you’re having, there’s probably a niche website out there that will help you zero in on it, but for a cost of some sort. This is one of the only books we’ve found to date that deals with a wide variety of pests, all naturally, and all in one spot.

The Claim
The big claim of Natural Solutions to Things That Bug You is that you won’t have to spend big bucks on chemicals that can harm you, your children, and your pets, and instead you can use inexpensive all-natural items you might even already have in your home.

They say you won’t find the information in these books anywhere else, online or in other books. They also say that you can’t buy them in stores, but the book is They say the tips have been tried and tested to work.

The Hype
The TV promo does the necessary hyping of this, showing bugs that nobody would want in their home, and then shows people using natural products to keep them at bay. It’s not very often that you see an add on television for a book, as these infomercials are typically used to sell kitchen gadgets, home exercise programs, and sunglasses. But as long as they can exaggerate the problem and present the perfect solution, it proves effective.

The Cost
For the advertised price on TV of $20 plus shipping, you get the Natural Solutions to Things That Bug You book, and also the companion Natural Solutions to Bigger Pests that shows you how to deal with larger animals that cause problems around your home and yard. There is also a page-a-day calendar thrown in as a bonus so you can get a new tip each day of the year, and it’s supposed to be set up to give you relevant tips according to the time of year.

The Commitment
This is meant to be more of a reference style book so you only need to use it for what your particular problem du jour is. You simply go to the page that has the bug or critter you’re needing help with, read the advice, and follow it. You should be able to get in, get the information you need, and get out, although some readers feel that they provide too much background information on the pest, and not enough actionable content, and others lament that there’s no Table of Contents for easier reference.

The concept behind Natural Solutions to Things That Bug You is a sound one, since most of us don’t spend a lot of brainpower trying to think of ways to get rid of insects and pests around the home, nor do we want to. It’s a big bonus not having to use things like Raid or other chemicals bought from the store, and an even better bonus if you can avoid calling a pricey exterminator. Keeping your home chemical free is especially important if you have young ones in the home or pets, as they can end up crawling on surfaces that were treated with these chemicals.

While it may be a little outdated to have a reference manual in actual book form, this seems to be a pair of books you could tuck in the corner of a bookshelf for when you need them. They used to have a Kindle version available on Amazon, and have since taken it down, most likely to bolster sales of the book via the TV offer. It’s unfortunate because that represented a greener way of getting the same information, without the need to use up all of that paper.

Final Natural Solutions to Things That Bug You Review

We’re giving Natural Solutions to Things That Bug You our Solid Try rating, as it get mostly positive feedback with only a few gripes. As long as you order it from the official sales channel and get the companion Bigger Pests book, you should be happy with it because it will cover all of the problems showcased in the TV ad. If you try ordering from another online sales channel, you’ll likely only get the original book which covers mostly bugs, and saves the larger pests for the other book. That’s why you’ll see it at a lower price, because you’re only getting the one book.

Our Recommendation
The only thing that stops us from giving this our full recommendation is that there is so much information available on pest control, and much of it is natural ways to get rid of bugs and pests. If you really wanted to save some money you could find similar if not the same advice online at free forums and specialty sites. If you’d rather have a hard copy of a reference guide, then this is for you.

What do you think? Does Natural Solutions to Things That Bug You work or not?

Customer Review on “Does Natural Solutions to Things That Bug You Really Work?

  1. I can say with confidence that natural solutions to bug problems work very well. For example, when we had ants last year, I found their entry points and put a line of whole cloves around them. They wouldn’t go near the cloves! (You do have to refresh the cloves every other day or so until the ants leave, or else the cloves lose their potency and the little buggers will simply drag the cloves away.) Within about 2 weeks the ants were completely gone.

    Natural solutions for bug problems can be found very easily on the Internet. However, I think this book is great to have as a reference, especially for people who have multiple bug problems.

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