Does the Nintendo Switch Really Work?

Does Nintendo Switch Work?Keeping up with the kids and their must-haves when it comes to their game playing can be a big challenge. You no sooner buy one type of gaming equipment when something new and better seems to hit the market. Chances are you are hearing the roars for the Nintendo Switch, so you might has learn a little about what it consists of.

There is now another player in the gaming console war that have been going on for many, many years with all the big players trying desperately to one up each other with better graphics, better functionality and of course better games. The all new Nintendo Switch is the latest player in this ongoing battle and by all accounts it looks like a formidable opponent overall!

The Claim
The claim is of course that this Nintendo Switch is so much better than its predecessor and blows away the competition in all the areas we mentioned above as far as games and graphics and playability.

The Hype
As usual, the vast majority of the hype comes from Nintendo itself as they shamelessly promote their brand new console but that is not where the hype ends with his particular console. Many gaming critics and aficionados have voiced their own opinions and the general consensus is that this Nintendo Switch a true winner!

The Cost
The cost of the Nintendo Switch varies from box store to box store of course but the average price is around $299.00 and that is the price from Nintendo’s own website. Shop around and you may be able to get a better price or at the very least get a package that includes a game or two that you may like or want to try.

The Commitment
The only real commitment with the Nintendo Switch is to the love of gaming that many, many people truly have. The ability to spend hours and hours playing the games you love gives many people consolation and happiness. The gaming world has never been bigger and the graphics and consoles have evolved to the point where you truly feel immersed in the games that are available.

While all of the big players have evolved their consoles to have the latest in graphics and content and there really is no difference in quality when compared side by side, ( I know, I know, to the gaming hardliners on every side that is sacrilege as they have built their loyalty to particular brand but from a non-gamer they truly are all as good as the next in most ways!) but the Nintendo Switch has one feature that we have yet to see from the competition and that is portability. Before any one freaks out, I know that most of the other console makers have their own versions of portable units that can be purchased separately but that is not what I mean. The unique thing that I absolutely love about the Switch is it lets you have the best of both worlds in one. The unit acts as a stationary console when plugged into the T.V but then can be taken along when you head out doors and that is truly revolutionary. The controller is re-designed and is exceptionally functional being able to “break” in two to make two controllers and actually attaches to the screen when used as a portable unit and the portable component has a great big 6.2 inch screen so you never feel like you are short shifted when out and about.32mb of internal memory with the ability to expand makes it no less perfect.

Final Nintendo Switch Review

With a battery life of about 6 hours you will always have the opportunity to play until you get home and plug back in to the adapter to play in the big screen. There are just too many excellent features to cover them all here but suffice to say that the Nintendo Corporation has fired a shot across the bow of the others console manufacturers, it will be interesting to see how they decide to compete. Definitely going to get a thumbs up from us.

Our Recommendation
For any gaming lover, you will most definitely want to check out the Nintendo Switch before making a console purchase this year. For parents, the ability to have both a stand-alone and portable unit in one will be a game changer. Great idea and great fun! you may want to take a look at the X Box One too.

What do you think? Does Nintendo Switch work or not?

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