Does the Scottevest Mens Quest Vest Really Work?

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Does the Scottevest Mens Quest Vest Work?One of the things that most men insist upon when it comes to their attire is that it have at least a few pockets. When it comes to vests this is a definite must have. For this reason among many others, a lot of men are really impressed with the Scottevest Mens Quest Vest.

In a world that becomes more tech driven by the day, or even by the hour in some cases there are no shortage of devices and accessories that we are now, more than ever, forced carry with us wherever we go. Think phone, or tablet, charger for said phone or tablet, car “keys” which are now usually a bulky key “fob” and the list goes on and on and on. Today even men are required to carry a purse to carry around all the hi- tech detritus that is consuming us day by day. That is what makes the Scottevest Mens Quest Vest so incredibly useful.

The Claim
The claim by the promoters of Scottevest Mens Quest Vest is that the vest they produce will help you to manage all of the things that we now are virtually required to carry with us at all times like the phones and chargers that have become more than just a part of our daily lives but more realistically an extension of our person to a very high degree.

The Hype
The hype is associated with this fact. We simply cannot live without the hi-tech accouterment that has become part of the human landscape. No matter here we go or what we do we absolutely cannot part with our phones primarily but also with all the accessories that are needed to go with.

The Cost
The cost of the Scottevest Mens Quest Vest is an astounding $175.00. For a mere garment that is designed to hold our hi-tech accessories that may seem reasonable to some but as a simply piece of clothing it is truly exorbitant in this writers humble opinion. If compared to a jacket made by a reputable fashion icon like Eddie Bauer or Tommy Hilfiger we may be able to stomach it but for a wearable purse we have a very hard time wrapping our heads around that price point, but hey, that is just us!

The Commitment
Other than the commitment to actually wearing the Scottevest Mens Quest Vest. there is really no commitment required, although is you pay $175.00 for ANY jacket or vest or any other article of clothing we would hope that you ARE committed to actually wearing the thing and not letting it sit in a closet being eaten my moths!

As we stated above we have a hard time getting our heads around a $175.00 vest or jacket designed to carry “stuff” but we also admit, albeit somewhat grudgingly, that there is truly a need for items like this because of the hi-tech world we have created. The vest has a whopping 42, yes, that is 42! pockets of varying shapes and sizes. Some are created so that you can still use your devices with touchscreen without removing the tablet or phone and others are designed to hide and protect stuff. There are also some very cool accessories like the attached eye glass chamois and the built in carabiner to hold keys and key “fobs!” and there is even a quick access pocket for misc. items or to access photography lenses in a hurry when required. The Scottevest Mens Quest Vest also incorporates what is rather craftily called the PAN or the Personal Area Network which is a feature designed to make the connection of all wired devices that much easier.

Final Scottevest Mens Quest Vest Review

The Scottevest Mens Quest Vest itself is made from a blend of cotton (65%) and nylon fabric (35%) and has a hood that can be retracted into the zippered pouch on the back when not needed. There is also an area that can block RFID scanners. The vest itself is kinda, sorta stylish depending on your personal perspective and is water resistant. We are going to give this vest a thumbs up for those who are impressed and figure they have a need for this number of pockets.

Our Recommendation
As an impartial arbiter of whether a product will do what it is advertised to do we have to give the designers credit where it is due. It DOES hold a whole whack load of stuff! Whether you want to pay $175.00 to do that or whether or not we REALLY need to carry all that stuff is totally up to you…the consumer! If you are looking for other types of men’s attire that is somewhat unique then check out the Barbell Clothes.

What do you think? Does the Scottevest Mens Quest Vest work or not?

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