Does OPC Factor Really Work?

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Does OPC Factor work?OPC Factor says that it has the antioxidants that you need, and is the best way for your body to take them in. Antioxidants get a lot of attention and have been said to help prevent all sorts of diseases and conditions, including cancer and heart disease because they hunt down and eliminate free radicals. But does this really contain the antioxidants you need, and is it really the best way to deliver them to your body?

OPCs, like many things that get discovered, was found by accident. It stands for Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins, and research that has been done on the positive effects it can have on the human body appears optimistic. They are commonly found in red wine and grape juice because they are found on the skin of red grapes. Most of the time we don’t get very much of these in our typical diets, especially if we don’t consume a lot of the foods that contain them. Most of the heavily processed and pre-packaged foods out there are going to be devoid of anything like this. That’s why it’s a good idea to consider taking something that can fill in the blanks left behind by a typical diet.

The Claim
OPC Factor says that it is an anti-aging and overall well-being product that is designed to help promote weight loss, protect you from getting sick, help bring down cholesterol levels, help stabilize your blood sugar, and relieve muscle and joint pain. They say that it is guaranteed to help with these conditions within 14 days of continual use. They say you’ll be more alert, less stressed, and feeling better in general. In addition to containing OPCs, they say it also contains things like Lycopene, Selenium, and Vitamin A and E, which separates it from products that just contain OPCs.

The Hype
OPCs have gotten their share of hype, and are part of the reason why some doctors tell their patients to drink red wine daily. If OPC Factor can deliver the same benefits, but without the negative effects on the liver of drinking alcohol, it is likely to get its share of hype as well. Right now, it seems that most people aren’t aware that they can get supplements that contain OPCs, and as this awareness grows, you’ll probably see more competition emerge, and more products similar to this.

The Cost
OPC Factor is $60 for a 30 packet supply. Doing the quick math that’s $2 per serving, so it’s roughly the same price as other supplements like whey protein. The only thing is that they recommend taking 2 or more packets a day at the start, according to your body weight, and eventually getting down to one to two packets a day. This means your first month will be the most expensive, and then stabilizing after that.

The Commitment
If you’re going to start drinking this daily, you had better get settled in for the long term. It doesn’t make sense to start drinking it and then stop at some arbitrary point. If it’s doing what it says it does, you would want to stay on it as part of your daily lifestyle.

OPC Factor is a pretty unique product, and there aren’t a whole lot of OPC containing products out there that contain this specific blend of ingredients, or have the same delivery method. You drink this as an effervescent drink, rather than taking a pill. After looking into the matter, this is actually a popular way to take supplements in Europe, and has been found to be a very effective way to get it into your system.

Final OPC Factor Review

OPC Factor is getting our Try rating, based on the positive feedback it has received, and based on the third party research that has been done on OPCs in general. If you’re currently not taking any antioxidants, this would be a good place to start to make sure that you are doing something to combat the effects of aging. You can’t win the battle, but you can at least put up a good fight. Of course you should never rely on a supplement to provide all of the nutrients and good things your body needs. Try to eat right as well, as this is the most natural way to give your body the good stuff.

Our Recommendation
This seems like something you’d definitely want to try, since they claim you should start seeing results in the first two weeks, you can make up your mind pretty quickly on whether or not you want to stay on it. Since the recommended dosage is 1 or 2 packs a day after the first month, it seems like it’s not too bad of a price to pay for increased health, and a solution to nagging problems like joint and muscle pain as well as a way to stabilize your weight and blood sugar levels.

What do you think? Does OPC Factor work or not?

36 Customer Reviews on “Does OPC Factor Really Work?

  1. I’ve been taking OPC Factor for years. If you buy the auto shipment every 3, 4, 6 months (you choose the timing), then it will be cheaper (about $33 for 30 days). One thing I noticed that it helps my hair from turning grey. I noticed that there was about a week I did not take this supplement and some strands of my hair started to turn grey. When I started the supplement again, my hair did not turn grey anymore.

  2. Stevia is from a plant so don’t see how stevia could be a problem for anyone. I will do the research

  3. I heard about OPC Factor on the radio, and thought I would give it a try. However, upon receiving the product, I noticed that it contains Stevia. After researching Stevia, I have many concerns about this form of plant sweetener. Therefore, I will be discarding the remaining 30 packets of this product.

  4. Im not paying $60 for a 30 day supply. That is a complete rip off….and no protein powder dose not cost that much at all especially if you shop around first and compare prices.

    Buying Carlos Rossi Burgundy would be much cheaper then $2 a serving also so would red wine vinegar and Im sure you could find similar red wine/resvarital supplements that are more affordable if you browse.

    $60 is a rip off.

  5. I am taking OPC Factor now for about one year. I only take it when I am in a lot of pain, do to arthritis and fibromyalgia. My pain is very severe and I can’t take any prescription of inflammatory or pain medicine, due to being allergic and having a very sensitive stomache.

    OPC Factor has helped me so much, that after taking it for a few weeks, I can take a rest, until my pain flares up again. There are no side effects.
    Thank you OPC

  6. If you do a lot of reading about health and fitness, you will read that red wine is not bad for you in moderation. You’ll also read that red wine contains antioxidants, components we need to fight against aging and to stay healthy. Is OPC Factor better than red wine? For people who don’t wish to drink at all, OPC Factor could be a good substitute. In any case, antioxidants are needed to fight aging and they must be consume in *some* form to remain a healthy person.

  7. My family has a history of cancer and so I’ve always been interested in taking antioxidants, but the problem has always been that I hate the taste of wine or any alcoholic beverage. From what I read on this review everything on OPC is natural so I take it that it won’t be any different than taking the antioxidants from wines. My health and peace of mind is worth couple of dollars a day and I want to give this a try.

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