Does OptinSkin Really Boost Conversions?

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Does OptinSkin work?OptinSkin works on the idea that subscribers are the best thing you can have for your site, and are better to have than just ordinary visitors. It’s true that a subscriber is more likely to buy your product, listen to what you have to say, and recommend you to their friends. So can this plugin really help you earn more subscribers, or is there something better out that that converts a higher ratio of visitors?

Getting subscribers to your blog or website can sometimes seem like pulling teeth. You think that your information is good, but they just don’t seem to bite. Don’t take it personally, and don’t try to journey into the minds of your visitors, because this often leads you nowhere and wastes a lot of time. If you’ve just been using ordinary sign up forms, this could be a big part of the reason why people aren’t signing up.

The Claim
OptinSkin claims that with split testing you’ll be able to quickly see what’s working, and what’s not, as well as what is working better than everything else. They also say that it works seemlessly with all of the most popular email marketing programs out there, so all you have to do is enter your login credentials and they should sync up. They claim that you have full control over where the skins end up, and you can add them with just one click.

They say that their “fade” feature will draw attention to your opt-in forms, without being annoying, and without popping up, flashing, or locking the screen up and forcing them to take action to close it out. They also state that their statistics are more accurate, because the plugin is sophisticated enough not to count an impression unless your sign up form is seen. If it’s at the bottom of the page, this means that page loads won’t be counted until and unless the person scrolls far enough down to see it.

What Subscribers Are
If you have a bona fide subscriber to your site, it means that they liked the information you’ve provided enough to allow you to contact them on a regular basis. People aren’t dumb, they know what they’re signing up for, so they are giving you permission to send them advertisements, and to sell them on what you have to offer. In essence, when they subscribe they are showing that they’re your fan. Even if you are giving something for free in order to entice them to sign up, they believe in the value of that free item enough to give you their contact details.

The Cost
OptinSkin is a one time payment of $47, and is sold through ClickBank, so you get 60 days to try it out on your site and see what sort of improvements you see. If you don’t see any improvement, by all means don’t keep it. But if it seems like it earns you more than that per month it only makes sense to stay on with it.

Making It Look Pretty
Design goes a long way when you’re trying to impress someone enough to get them to ask for more information. If they have to look at a standard opt in form, or see the same style on every site, they are more apt to become blind to the form altogether. Also, people are more likely to share your content socially if you differentiate your sharing forms with something that looks better than all of the other pages out there.

OptinSkin is getting our Try rating, because it appears to be a solid plugin, but not every website will benefit from it. Perhaps you’re in an industry that just isn’t conducive to having people sign up as subscribers. Or maybe your site is designed in a way that this plugin doesn’t seem to blend in well with.

Final OptinSkin Review

OptinSkin makes it fast and easy to add opt in forms that actually look good to your site. There aren’t many other plugins that can do this, and make it this easy. Of course there are some free plugins that offer features that are similar to this, but they are often buggy, don’t have solid support behind them, and don’t get updated often enough to change with current trends. With this it’s just one payment and you’re set, and it should pay for itself many times over if you implement it accordingly and put your own spin and creativity into it.

Our Recommendation
This won’t be the only thing that you need to get your site ready for subscribers. You will also need an email marketing program if you haven’t got one yet. We recommend iContact if you need a reliable program that has tons of satisfied users and has been around for a long time.

What do you think? Does OptinSkin work or not?

Customer Review on “Does OptinSkin Really Boost Conversions?

  1. Let me tell you how awesome my optin rate is at right now. You ready for this? It’s a shocking 0.04% lmao Oh man that hurts so much. I got a custom skin for the optin box and I also have a short message to make it as simple as I can. There’s got to be something that I’m doing wrong and it’s time to try something drastically different. People make a ton of money with their subscribers list and I gotta get me some of that money as well.

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