Does Paid Shopping Really Work?

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paid shoppingHave you seen one of those paid shopping ads recently and wondered if it works? The idea of finding a bit of extra cash here and there is delightful to most individuals, and one of the many options that has gained prominence in the last few years is the paid shopping experience. Is this one too good to be true?

Want to Get Paid To Shop?
Paid shopping, often times called mystery shopping, is a new form of money-making that has been making its way through the country.  According to the marketing reports, there are hundreds of companies out there looking for people to go shop and eat publicly, then go back and answer a questionnaire regarding their experience.  The idea is a lot like the paid survey experience, except this requires proven hands-on experience with the retailers or restaurants involved.  As with most businesses in this manner, there are a number of websites that claim to find you places to shop and eat, and then offer you the questions you need to answer for a very small fee.

How Much are People Getting Paid to Shop?
Ever since its debut in the mainstream, people everywhere have been claiming to make various amounts of money.  Most websites insist you can make anywhere from $10 to $125 with their get paid to shop assignments, though payment is said to vary.  There was even a New York Times article concerning a woman that claimed to be making upwards of $7,000 a month, just by getting paid to shop.

Naturally, there are no companies guaranteeing such an outrageous income with their business, claiming that the amount made depends solely on the person and their commitment to their own cause.  In other words, the more you put in will determine how much you get out.

The prospect is very appealing, though it does bring up questions concerning how much of your own money you would have to spend in order to get paid to shop.  Most companies do not offer refunds, nor does there seem to be a set amount of wages for various types of shopping.  This “pay to play” aspect of the job deters many from trying, and understandably, as these are the things that tend to lead to Internet scams.

Does Paid Shopping Really Work? What’s The Final Story?

There are various claims regarding people who said it is more than just a dream to get paid to shop.  Likewise, there are various online business that promote exactly that luxury.  Nevertheless, there seems to be a constant shadow of doubt around the entire idea.  Countless online reviews have been written, but there will always be the question of legitimacy for all companies that run paid shopping offers, so it really is up to those willing to try.

What Do You Think? Does Paid Shopping Really Work?

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