Does The Barefoot Writer Really Work?

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Does The Barefoot Writer work?The Barefoot Writer is a program that claims to give you the information you need to be able to write for a living and make decent money. So can you really kick back in your bare feet and make a full-time income?

Writing for a living does come with its share of perks. No rush hour commute, no boss standing over your shoulder telling you what to do, no time card to punch. You can basically do the job from anywhere just as long as you have an Internet connection to deliver your work once you’re finished. But it’s also work, so you don’t feel like you’re getting something for nothing, and you’re still trading your time for money.

The Claim
They claim to be able to give you a “secret formula” that you can use to make generous sums of cash from writing that doesn’t require a college education or formal training. They say you’ll be able to write about topics you enjoy, and take on projects that interest you, so that work doesn’t feel so much like work anymore, and you’re able to have a good time and get paid for it. That’s pretty much the definition of success across the board, doing what interests you, what you consider fun, and getting paid for it.

The Appeal
Thousands of people would love to work from home if they could, and many more are tempted by the idea of not having to dress up to go to work, not having to put wear and tear on their cars in order to commute, and not having to deal with all of the office politics that go on in a typical workplace. Most anyone that can read at a high school level has the ability to write well enough to monetize it, so it’s not too far of a leap to believe that a point in the right direction might lead to pay dirt.

The Cost
It’s $49 a year to be in the “club” and that gets you access to all of their information for the next year. They’ll then charge you again for another year’s access unless you cancel beforehand. What’s pretty amazing is that they’ll let you change your mind any time during the year. They’ll also let you keep the included bonuses. We’ve rarely seen products or services that are guaranteed through their entire life like that. It shows that they’re pretty confident that when you see the information they have you’ll want to stay a member, and renew the following year.

The Commitment
You’re going to have to put fingers to keys in order to get this to work. The idea of writing as your livelihood may sound like a dream come true, but it still involves work in the form of writing, so it’s not as if it’s a get-rich-quick scheme that you can set and forget and watch streams of cash roll in. The people that they reference as success stories and testimonials likely have a strong work ethic in order to produce those results.

The Barefoot Writer is positioning itself as a way to cut down on the learning curve when it comes to writing for a living. If you’re just starting out and don’t know exactly what to write about to make money, or how to find clients that will pay you to write about the things you enjoy, this could definitely save you some time searching and finding them on your own, if you ever do. If you value your time, and surely you do, you can see that even if you put a $25 per hour value on your time, all you’d have to do is save two hours with the information they provide.

If you’ve been thinking about taking your life back and working on your own terms, or maybe if you’ve read The 4-Hour Workweek and have wondered what your muse could be that gets you out of the 9-5 and frees up your place and time so that you can travel the world and make money at the same time, this may be for you. Writing is a craft that takes a lifetime to master, and you can learn something new about it every day if you wanted to. It represents a job that you can grow into, and then continue to expand your abilities as you go along. This can be very rewarding as well.

Final The Barefoot Writer Review

The Barefoot Writer definitely isn’t for everyone, but they’ve made it pretty easy to figure out if it’s for you or not. At this price point if you’re serious at all about becoming a full-time writer dropping $50 to find out a faster way to get there just makes sense. If you go through what they’re offering and don’t like what you see, or don’t think that you could apply the techniques they’ve developed, you simply request a refund and you’re back to square one, but with some extra knowledge for your troubles.

Our Recommendation
Knowledge is power, and the onus is on them to impress you enough with the info they provide so that you start to see results and crave more helpful advice. When starting out on a new venture it is often necessary to put a little cash out to help you on your way. In this regard, perhaps you might stumble upon the same tips and techniques on your own, after spending several hours, weeks, or even months trying, or you could have your hand held and be shown exactly what to do.

What do you think? Does The Barefoot Writer work or not?

59 Customer Reviews on “Does The Barefoot Writer Really Work?

  1. To put things in perspective here, getting written articles accepted is challenging.
    For example my wife is a college professor who grades portfolios as part of her job.
    Se is a good writer and extremely good at catching even the smallest grammatical errors and excels in analyzing critical thinking writing. She had to write and publish numerous articles to get her degrees and it was not easy. Even with her education and skill level it was not an independent endeavor as peer reviews and mentors were necessary and the percentage of accepted articles was at best fifty to sixty percent which was considered exceptional.
    The business of business is making money and if the publisher doesn’t think the article will sell then they will reject it and sometimes for even the smallest thing considering the vast number of writers competing. Consequently it may take a lot more than a couple hundred dollars and some loose script to to sell your articles.
    So the question here becomes “who is selling who”.

  2. If you want to learn more on how to do this type of writing then te Barefoot Writer is good for information, however, this program the barefoot writer does NOT help you get and does NOT get you writing jobs.

  3. I would rate this a half a star because BE WARNED this program does give a lot of tips and gives basic knowledge of how to write this kind of stuff, However, the program boasts that it helps you to obtain writing jobs, and it boasts a job board where you can find paid writing jobs, I however as a customer found this to be not true. You can do on your own looking for work as a writer more than the Barefoot Writer program. I can say this that as a former person who was going to purchase this when I contacted customer support they do not get writing jobs for you.

  4. Hey, I think all this is pretty entertaining; and bodes well for aspiring writers. As far as spelling, we have to cut writers (even the professionals) a little slack—since they are sometimes moving fast in mind and heart. For example Hannibal’s misspelling of “the”, which is obviously a typo. I’ve always enjoyed writing, but just need to be pointed in the “write” direction. I do believe I like Alex’s suggestion of scoping out the free info that might be available on line, before shelling out the big bucks…or even $49.00.

  5. Holy Crap!

    Robert’s first sentence is confusing. It would be more clear as, “I would like to take anyone without any REAL credentials seriously. . .”

    And Vanessa has, “in to” instead of “into.”

    Although it’s arguable, Kat should have used “sank” instead of “sunk” in her first sentence, as well as, “I’ve look at” instead of “looked.”

    My point is that we’re not being paid to make comments, so it’s ok if we’re not perfect. Let’s focus on the ideas, instead of nitpicking usage.

  6. Well, first of all, can’t even give them less than 2 stars? I’d like to give zero! I contacted this scam for information only. Since that time I have been getting a multitude of spam mails even though I have “unsubscribed” and continually request they cease & desist. If you value your sanity, don’t go any further than reading this message… you’ve already gone too far. Once they have your email, they will continue to pummel you with a barrage of spam mails trying to sell their trash.
    I am contacting my attorney on Friday to discuss a potential lawsuit and class action against this filth and the owner, Paul Harrington. Perhaps a harassment and fraud lawsuit is something they might understand. They certainly don’t seem to understand “STOP SENDING ME YOUR FUCKING SHIT!”


  8. I am strickly interested interested in poetry writing and need you to tell me if it is possible with you. please contact me soon. And also how much do I have to pay.

  9. Yup – you got that right! “your in trailer trash heaven”. I gave you a pass on the “teh” as that is a typo. I also ignored other mechanics errors. Good writers ALWAYS proofread anything they write, even in casual platforms, as you never know who is reading it and you always want to be judged as a professional. Best, Anal Pam

  10. 99% of the time, I think when someone is sending me a dozen emails every week – or more – trying to sell me something, it smells of incredible desperation and I shut down. But for those who are interested, why all the hesitation if they give refunds? I will try anything from a reputable organization if they offer a refund. For those asking about AWAI helping to get a job when you are done – Really?? People leave college with a degree and no job prospects. How are you gonna get job opportunities for such a paltry sum of money? Not only that, pretty certain these courses are geared to people wanting to be self-employed, not those wanting a job. AWAI and Agora are in the business of selling courses and training to make money for themselves. That’s all they care about. And I never believe testimonials. You learn how to write fake testimonials as part of the course.

  11. So have you sold enough writing as a result of their help and resources to call it a middle class income? First year pay over $50,00?

  12. LOL They only want $36. A Month! Sure Be a Successful Sucker for every information guru cum scam artist in sight. You’ll also want to take the short cut to success by sending me a mere $20 for information on how you can parlay a mere $2.00 investment in starting materials into a potentially $500,000,000* paycheck in one day. *Results may vary depending on location

  13. Uh yeah “all their suggestions” at a cost of virtually unlimited since they continue to suggest stuff.

  14. Thanks for saving me the aggravation. That’s what all of these flip.something for instant cash schemes do. Seems like the easiest way to make money these days is cook up some scheme to keep you paying for the information the last thing you paid for omitted.

  15. The barefoot writer sign up I saw stated it was $105 for the membership for a year and I keep seeing people saying it asked for $49 to start. So now I am confused. I feel like I want to invest in the program, however now reading all the reviews and comments, I feel as though this is a scam and not worth it. Anyone know of any legit sites that provide free information for someone like me who is a beginner and interested in writing for a living?

  16. I live without any hope of ever being published. I simply write in hopes of staving off atrophy of the brain for a few extra years. So far, I seem to be successful.

    What can BWC offer somebody like me? Nothing.

  17. Candice Self, that is precisely the same question I have. The $49 to join, and then the $200 for the full course should have some kind of track history. No one seems to have mentioned any income yet – just how much they have learned.

    I need to make some income to fund my beekeeping habit…

  18. My biggest question is this: Do you have access to a job board upon joining? Once you pay $200 for the full course, is there any assistance with finding a paying gig?

  19. I am wondering too Kat if you ever decided to go ahead with it. I spent about my last $49 on this hoping to make a little bit somehow, with some tips. Writing has always been at the back of my mind since college but never did anything with it. Curious!!

  20. $49 will not get you the whole course. I paid ~$200–on sale–for the full 3-month course. I work full-time, and have a masters degree. I have a background and some formal training in writing. The course is challenging, in the sense that it challenges your thinking and inspires you to stretch your capacity. As another commentator said here, it is not creative or technical writing, and you have to apply yourself. I am studying and writing 2 hours a day, on top of my full time job.
    Any college course costs $300-600 for one semester–even at many community colleges. I’m learning as much, if not more, from the AWAI course. It takes work, constant determination, and follow through to acquire, and be good at, a new skill. So far I’m extremely pleased with the course.
    If you don’t like the constant up-sells, ignore them. AWAI does say the other courses and events are not necessary to achieve a high level of expertise at copywriting.
    Just like any other craft, this takes many hours of study and application… and writing. It’s not for everyone. You have to like writing, working solo, and be very motivated.
    Best wishes to all!

  21. I spotted several grammatical errors by the commenters–most from those who claim many years of professional writing experience and teachers! Egads!

  22. You’ve got a good point. Don’t except to ever get a bag of magic beans from any system of self help. Some things are just massively difficult to succeed in. Writing, art and music are just about the big three. No plan, course or degree can guarantee anyone success. How many people expect an M.F.A. in writing to turn them from a nonentity into a canonical author? How many people expect an M.B.A. degree the make them into a Fortune 500 executive when prior to that they have shown no great aptitude in management? Any given program of training and career development might work for some person, even Barefoot Writer. But no guarantees. None that it will. None that it won’t. You also have to consider what you want to do and accomplish in your career. If you want to make a name and be in the canon (or die trying), you do it differently than someone who wants to make a living doing piecework tailored to specific submarkets. Both get to call themselves writers but they are not the same people. Don’t blame the training program if you fail.

  23. Hello. I want to try The Barefoot Writer thing so badly, it’s sad. I’m researching it right now, and this is the first site I’ve checked out. I read everything ‘Does It Work?’ said, and all the reviews/comments.
    It may seem a tad suspicious, but it seems that quite a few here have tried it and are happy, and some that aren’t.
    Let me say, I hate my current job. Like, HATE. But I need it to pay bills, and my husband should be starting new job soon. We have lived in the same apartment for over 8 years. I’m ready for us to have a better life.
    I have decent writing skills. I LOVE to read, I am a grammar-hound sometimes, and I write poetry and fanfiction.
    Does anybody realize what hearing the words ‘live the writer’s life’ meant to me? As soon as I started hearing about it (the initial video pitch by Mindy McHorse from NM) I was filled with a sense of ‘I can do this! I can do this WELL!’
    The thing is, I can’t spare the $49 just now, and even when I can, I don’t want to waste it. It would break my heart to find out this really is a scam.
    I do plan to do more research, a lot more, before making a decision. But, I am hoping and praying that everything is legit.
    Thank you to everyone that has commented/replied here with good things to say about ‘BFW’ and their parent company, ‘AWAI’. It is very encouraging to hear so many people have tried it or researched it and liked the results. Especially the comment saying ‘BFW’ is BBB certified.
    Thank you also to everyone who had negative things to say, as long as it was honest. Your comments will help me keep a level head and use caution in my endeavor.
    Wish me luck!

  24. It sounds like you’ve tried it, is it worth the $49? I’m sure you can understand most of the skepticism, there are lots of scams out there. I’m currently driving a truck for a living, but due to injuries from the war in the Middle East I may not be able to do it much longer. I do have some writing experience, I have two published fiction novels, but never made much from them. I know $49 isn’t much, but I don’t want to throw away my hard earned money no matter what the amount.

  25. Janice Adams,

    I agree. I have been having the same experience. I have a writing background and some publishing experience, but this helped me spin it around in another direction. For me, it’s well worth the money to have everything centrally located as I am a full-time teacher, and don’t have time to go all over the internet looking for “free” things to help me in this alternate style.
    They do give you a whole year to decide if what they have is for you, or not, and you can even get your money back if it isn’t. I personally think it’s more than fair. And I do find the talk of possibly being able to make a living off of the publishing, exciting, and something to shoot for as I will be retiring sometime in this decade.
    I always believe in fully checking out a thing, before you plaster the label of “scam” on it.

  26. Those who are bashing it: Have you tried it?

    For me, it’s been really worthwhile. I’m a teacher, who is transitioning into writing, and I’ve learned so much valuable information from their website resources, and the one class I’ve been taking so far. Everything I need is centrally located with this site, and it has saved me a lot of time and extra work. I think it’s like the old AA adage, “It works if you work it.” I do think it’s unfair, however, to spread around that somebody’s business is a scam because “it just looks like it.”

    They let you try everything for a whole year and if it’s not for you, they will give your money back.

  27. I have been receiving emails from different members or even the CEO of AWAI for a little over a year. I admit that sometimes I will open one and go through the whole “click here” and browse the “sale” or the “best “50% off membership deal that is going to expire in 24 hours”. Each click goes deeper and deeper into the pitch and seems to cost more and more the more you click. I’m too skeptical to believe anything about Susie who made $49,000 after she wrote just two persuasive letters for one infamous client of ours from her hammock in her backyard just because she needed a trip to Africa or Spain. And then there’s Jack who wanted to upgrade his kitche. Jack sat at his old dinner table and wrote five marketing articles for yet another million dollar client of AWAI and is now entertaining his friends and family in his brand new kitchen from just two weeks of pounding the keys on his laptop. Im not even being sarcastic because that’s exactly the type of persuasive copy that kept me scrolling to the next screen. I wanted to believe in this. I worked for a non-profit group dedicated to raising money for one nyc park for ten years. Direct and blind mail campaigns, funding requests and thank you letters was all I researched and wrote about. Raised a lot of much needed money. I know how to sell something that’s damaged and needs to be restored through letter writing but I think the AWAI webinars that cost $49 (at the special reduced price of course) is just a starting point to get you a link to a video. Another person’s rags to richest story. I didn’t mention that one of those many pages I clicked to suddenly started mentioning that the next step after joining up was going to cost a mere $249 – discounted just for me of course – for a limited time only. I figured by the time I saw one opportunity to write for money I would of had to spend upwards of $1,500, maybe. This is their overhead cost campaign just to keep that guy on a video collecting that initial fee. There is no guarantee so they are happy to refund that first $49 fee. Most people won’t. After all it’s just $49. This is beginning to sound like a diatribe and forgive the rambling but I already read so many success stories. I guess I like to read as much as write. I’m too nervous forking over cash and not getting something delivered from UPS in a brown package that I can cook with or wear. The Beware of Barefoot Writers was one of a few sites that knocked the sense back into my head and successfully changed my mind. That almost got me. Kudos to their persuasive writing against this method of working as a copywriter and change your life. I wish I could write a legal way to fund raise for my pitiful life. I could use a trip to Europe. I could use a trip anywhere. I could also use a new kitchen. I could write a persuasive piece about taking that same trip in my new kitchen and get another person to book a flight to Europe. Just made money for an airline and Europe’s travel and tourism bureau. I want to believe in something again.

  28. Hi Alex, are there any websites that you might be able to suggest for somebody to get tips in order to make writing a career? Writing is my passion and the only thing that I am truly brilliant at. I have tried to get different types of jobs but I’m not good at anything but writing.
    I would be really grateful for any advice you could possibly give me.

  29. I would heartily recommend as an excellent FREE networking resource. Not just for writing, but for any aspect of becoming an entrepreneur. There are many forums that cater to many self employed career paths… Including writing, artistry etc.

  30. I have written for a living for several years, in public info for community college, a county health department, major research hospital and many advocacy letter writing campaigns, as well as some copy writing. I have specialties in writing about entertainmentt, art, and fashion, and have done fashion illustration on art staff for a department store chain in a major city.

    I don’t need to learn how to write: I am published and hold degrees in Journalism and PR, with a minor in art and political science.

    I do however want to save time kickstarting a frreelannce online business, and needd a bluepprint. My wwork ethic is inntrinsic but I am not inherently enteprenurial. Will Barefoot Wfriter actually help me or just try to get more money from me? I’m limited at time on the computer because of spine iissues…I need my time to really couunt..
    Thanks for your honest response…too old for time wasting!

  31. Oops. Writing on a Kindle does not do it re typos. I won’t be doing this “on the job!”

  32. I have written for a living for several years, in public info for community college, a county health department, major research hospital and many advocasy letter writing campaigns, as well as some copy writing. I have specialties in writing about entertainment, art, and fashion, and have done fashion illustration on art staff for a department store chain in a major city.

    I don’t need to learn how to write: I am published and hold degrees in Journalism and PR, with a minor in art and political science.

    I do however want to save time kickstarting a frreelannce online business, andd needd a bluepprint. My wwork ethic is inntrinsic but I am not inherentlyy enteprenurial. Will Barefoot Wfriter acttually help me or jusst try to get mofree mioneyh from me? I’m limited at time on the comphutef because of spine iissues…Ii need my time tol really couuntt.
    Thanks for your honest respoonnse…too old for time wasting!

  33. The part of their pitch that I would like to know more about is whether or not there is any work out there as a freelance copy writer. Is it worth the $49. to get access to freelance job postings or is there smother way to access these so called jobs that are going to make me rich and famous. I do have a knack for writing and do love the research that might be required to write a piece. I don’t mind working hard- actually I like it. Do I really need The Barefoot Writers Club or is this something I can do on my own? Thanks for comments!

  34. I started with AWAI a few weeks ago. I paid for the accelerated course, and have been very happy with what I have learned so far. Yes you do have to work at anything if you are going to be successful, or even make a living. They have never told me that I can sit around and meditate on my income, and have it drop in my lap. The learning experience has been work and will continue to be work, but it is a legitimate course, which has taught me a variety of things I did not know. The thing is they are teaching a style of writing that is slightly different from the writing you would do to publish an article or write a book. If that is your goal, you might better invest in a few years of journalism or creative writing at a fully accredited university. Sometimes the punctuation is radical, other times the grammar is not so precise. It is not formal writing or scholarly writing, it is one to one, friendly, conversational English, keeping your reader’s interest going and growing until you have accomplished your goal. It is definitely not for everyone, and as in all things some will be wildly successful, and others will barely make a living, of this I am sure. however I think what is offered is a bargain, well worth the price of admission.

  35. Can’t help but wonder if the author of this review himself is a member of the Barefoot Writers Club.

  36. I’m a copywriter.At it for 30+ years. This is an online course. It’s up to you to make it work. I Suggest that If you were to follow ALL their guidelines,you’d learn something but don’t get your hopes up. Copywriting is NOT easy. Don’t plan on giving up your day job any time soon! The ones who make the most money are those that are selling you this online program!

  37. Sorry Jake, we do not allow any sponsored posts. All posts are written by DRW staff and we only endorse products that are worthy.

  38. This is not a real review morons, it was obviously sponsored by the Barefoot Writer, which has all of the hallmarks of being a scam.

  39. there is no way you will be able to write for anyone unless you have formal writing skills- especially for a business— need proof– just mis-spell a word on yahoo comments and that is teh first thing the anal people will hit you with– and your in trailer trash heaven…

  40. It’s a scam. I’ve been a pro writer for 35 years. There’s no way in heck $49 is going to give you all they promise.

    One huge sign of a scam is a video like they show, where it goes on and on without revealing one snippet of actual details about what kind of writing you’ll be doing.

  41. Wow Frank, what a life story you have. It could be a movie! I admire your fortitude, work ethic and family values. I used to live in California, 1999-2008. First I lived in Huntington Beach, then in Chatsworth. I like Westwood and Beverly Hills too. Keep up all the Good work. I will keep you and your family in my prayers for God to bless and keep you in His care. Did you ever go to Peet’s coffee on Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills? It is right beside a big magazine stand. I love that place, and I met Sydney Poitier standing in front of the magazine stand. My two young daughters were with me and I was shaking a little bit when I was talking to Sydney. The girls asked him if he had ever been on TV? He got such a kick out of them, he said yes I have and they said …Well we have never seen you!!! I was about to die!!! He was so gracious, I’ll never forget it.

  42. You are completely right, I majored in business administration in Taiwan and been in LA since 1971.
    I started from negative due to I had almost deadly car accident without insurance 1972. The guy hit me and run and I had to pay even damaged the LA city free way subdivide plus I had a brain damaged daughter since 1974.
    Business is the key to turn you around, but if you chose the wrong one, will cost you a lot money and time. I had Chinese restaurant, Union 76 station, Car stereo shop and several middle lower area houses, no one was successful until 1986. I bought a good location the worse property, cost $184,000 2 bed rooms cheap but valuable house and I start to tore down and design by myself and built a two store 3000sf nice house, it worth 1.35m 1989.
    Timing, good location like Studio City in LA and West wood, buy property is the best choice to make a lot money, of course Beverly Hills is my dream, but where I can find more money, maybe I need a lot of online friends, wish me good luck. Thanks

  43. Share the knowledge and info are the best way for online writer, It should be free. Keep in touch each other, we will get there.

  44. Alex,
    I like your suggestion, I came from Taiwan since 1971 in LA, didn’t have chance to go to schools in the US, due to support my whole 6 families.
    I taught at UC Long Beach for a while and own Golden China restaurant and Union76.
    Had a brain damage daughter since 1974, I didn’t work for anyone in the USA due to took care of my daughter’s long time problems until now. but designed several of my houses in Studio City use tubcat and Auto-cat and built it by myself, I am a home owner builder for last twenty seven years.
    I love freedom and free knowlege, I think you are very honest, please send me your best suggestions. Thanks a lot. Frank Chen

  45. Wow Robert and Vanessa; you both sure sunk your teeth into Kerry and her improper grammar usage! It gave me a chuckle!
    I recently completed my Master’s degree and am considering trying the barefoot writer’s club out. I’ve look at the American Writer’s & Artists, Inc. information on the Better Business Bureau web and found that they have been BBB accredited since 3/16/98. They are also A+ accredited. There was only one complaint listed, and that was satisfactorily resolved by AWAI. End of information. I am hoping to get an opinion from you as to whether joining the barefoot writer’s club would be a beneficial move.

  46. Not to mention the run-on sentence that started as a question and then turned in to, “…they are trying the SALE you,…” prior to the “their” error. Although I can agree we do get lazy on the internet in its informal banter, a writer for almost three decades would never make such elementary errors.

  47. I would like to take anyone seriously without any REAL credentials, but when you prove you are either a horrible writer, or are lying, it’s a bit hard! “Their” getting rich? Really? Even if you have an expensive editor you should at LEAST know that one. I learned that one in 3rd grade. Thanks Kerry “Doubtfully-successful” Redford. Have a nice day.

  48. As a writer for the past 28 years I have to say that I chuckle and roll my eyes at anything like this. The only way to make a living is to have something bringing in a steady paycheck until you can get your writing to take off. If you are going to spend time writing articles and doing ads then why not start your own business and make the money for yourself instead of someone else who isn’t getting rich by doing the job they are trying to sale you, their getting rich off of making you believe they can tell you how to do it. Remember the “Don’t take candy from strangers bit”? Well it is alive and well in the internet age too.

  49. BWC appears to be a scam, because it failed to be transparent. Yet, one cannot expect to become a copywriter, for instance, by paying forty-nine dollars for membership only- and no more. I joined, and the message suggested, I had bought into more than an annual membership and what I anticipated. Each subsequent message was a sales pitch- when it was not a workshop, it was the Conference in Florida, and I did not like the feel of being manipulated. Social-psychological techniques and skills are an integral part of the materials sent by staff of BWC. Subsequently one should emerge from this experience with an understanding of one’s character or lack thereof. BWC uses the power of persuasion to sell its resources/ products. To earn a six figured income, by working less, is everyone’s dream, but this is not guaranteed. Hard work, and effort, is required to achieve what one wants, and each individual should know that. I chose not to attend the workshop, and even though the conference in Florida was an opportunity to meet other BWC members, and acquire additional techniques and methods of persuasion, I chose not to attend that. We can choose to be a victim of scam or not. But, do not fail to learn that there is a latent function attached to each scam. What will you do the next time something looks too good to be true?>,

  50. I hadn’t checked this out yet but I wanted to. Writing is only half the battle. Getting published, now that’s the conundrum.

  51. I have a degree in journalism and have been writing for years. I thought no problem, that could be worth a fee if it could get me on another track that paid well. But after I made the initial step and joined for $50 year they wanted another $150 in order to let me access the “real” information. It really ticked me off and I pulled out.

  52. What concerned me about this organization was the video on the website. I’ve been around for a while and have been scammed by more get rich quick schemes than I care to remember. The video was more about how you can get rich without having to work than how this program actually works. I don’t mind working but I do mind wasting my time for nothing or being scammed for yet another $49.

  53. Right now the internet is full of paid websites or books on how to write/work from home. The internet is also full of free information on how to write/work for free. Personally, I haven’t tried the paid versions, but the free ones do offer a lot of information. If you really want to try and work as a freelance writer from the comfort of your home I think you should start off with the free information. Only afterwards, if you think you have what it takes to live off it, move up to the paid information, which may contain new tips and other useful information. Another good way of learning, in my opinion, is subscribing to webinars for writers.

  54. I suppose it won’t hurt to learn to write even if the advice on the barefoot are for beginners. I’ve never learned to write as a professional writer, so obviously I know I can’t become a writer overnight, but since I don’t have the choice to take a class or a course in writing at the moment, this will have to do. I’ll be satisfied if it can make me a half decent writer.

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