Does the Almased Diet Really Work?

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Does Almased work?The Almased synergy diet is a supplement that helps people who would like to watch their weight, as well as lose a few pounds. It uses a blend of three ingredients to get the job done, so we analyzed whether or not it’s working for the majority of those that try it.

If you are obese, then there are some health predicaments that might pop up if you don’t take action. First, you have a higher chance of contracting heart related diseases like high blood pressure and other coronary diseases. Second, your body is less inclined to exercise meaning you cannot handle a walk for more than 30 minutes, and if you do, you tend to overwork your heart and lungs. This can be catastrophic because it could lead to heart failure, a heart attack, or both. It’s paramount to turn things around and get all the positive benefits that come with a stabilized weight.

The Appeal
When it comes to weight problems, many people will go for easy weight loss programs that promise weight loss at the snap of a finger. Although some of these products are effective in one way or another, they cannot be compared with the Almased diet. The reason behind this is because most of these “fast weight loss programs” have major side effects for the user, which is not the case with using a diet supplement like this.

The manufacturers of Almased have done their homework on this formula. It contains a mixture of soy flour, yogurt, and honey, mixed in the right proportions to give you results. Here is a breakdown of how these three ingredients are essential and effective for anyone seeking a naturally healthy weight loss formula.

Soy flour: Soy flour has been proven to be very rich in proteins. Proteins are essential body building nutrients whose main work is to maintain body muscle and posture. The reason why this is a key ingredient in the Almased diet is to make sure the body doesn’t feel deprived of food materials for growth. The body needs very few proteins to sustain muscle growth and posture. Unlike glycogen, which is found in starch, proteins are never stored in the body like glycogen does. Once the body takes in enough protein, the excess amino acids are broken down by bile, and excreted as waste.

Excess starch on the other hand is converted to glycogen and fatty acids, which are then stored in the body as fat. This makes the body grow bigger and bigger with time. Due to these factors, this diet comes devoid of starch and glycogen, which makes it easier for the body to break down excess fats for energy, without you noticing it. This helps to get rid of excess weight, giving you a healthy physique in the long run.

Yogurt: Yogurt is a dairy product which is essential in the body for immunity and replenishing of the skin. Yogurt has been carefully factored in the development and manufacture of the Almased diet. Its main work is to ensure that, for the few days you will using this synergy supplement, your skin is rejuvenated and looks younger than your actual years. It also helps increase your body’s immunity and defense system, which is essential to keep a healthy you throughout the program. Many people can live on a spoon of the Almased diet per day without having to feed on anything else, and still look healthy. This single ingredient is the backbone of your nutrition needs when under a weight loss program like this.

Honey: Honey is a major and important ingredient in the Almased diet formula. This is the main energy-giving supplement because honey is mainly made of higher concentrations of glycogen. The reason why the manufacturers of this supplement resolved to use honey is because it is an instant energy giver, and is not further broken down into starch. This means that the body can never synthesize honey and convert it to fat. As long as you take the supplement, you’ll be rejuvenated with energy.

What People Are Saying
Most people wonder how effective the Almased diet is on a personal level, like if they tried it themselves. The good news is that you don’t have to readjust your lifestyle to use this diet formula. All you need to do is buy it and then start taking it.

The good thing with this supplement is that you can substitute other foods while on it. You can depend on the diet for your daily needs, and never need or have to take any meal. The formula is highly effective for people seeking to lose large amounts of weight. It only takes you one week to notice you have lost a few pounds when using it.

Pros and Cons

Highly nutritious – Your body doesn’t show any signs of wearing out when you use it.
Effective- It only takes a few weeks to lose weight to the desired level.
Easy to take and handle – It is much easier to take this formula than other supplements.

Expensive: This somewhat expensive compared to competing products, at $4 per serving.
Does not have a great taste.

Final Almased Review

Based on the ingredients that make up the Almased diet, it is highly nutritious and comes with our recommendation. Even those suffering from diabetes can use this as their meal as it is a quality product, with plenty of positive peer feedback.

What do you think? Does the Almased diet work or not?

651 Customer Reviews on “Does the Almased Diet Really Work?

  1. Hey! I was 78kg and went down to 71kg in 4 weeks by doing Almased and drinking up to 4x lemon green tea a day. I drank up to 3x shakes a day but I didn’t kill myself so I did have a protein salad a few times when i was hungry or a snack.

    Once you notice your clothes fit lose & the no. on the scales go down u feel v motivated. Good luck x

  2. Hi Angela, what is your progress now that it’s been a month since taking Almased? Are you close to reaching your goal weight?

  3. I have been using Almased for two weeks, strictly 3 shakes per day and supplementing with vegetable broth. I am 5’10 and was 173 pounds, I have been fairly active over the years, was a regular exerciser, but a new job 3 years ago has caused some chaos that has upended my routines and cause a 20 pound weight gain, mainly because I am skipping breakfast and lunch and stuffing my face at night. My goal is to lose 20 pounds and get to 153 pounds and I have already lost 7 pounds in two weeks. I make my shake with 12 oz. of unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 2 tbsp of olive oil, and a dash of cinnamon and it is actually delicious. Yes, it is expensive, but right now, I am not eating any other food, so it balances out. I find that this is the first “diet” product that I have ever used that really keeps me full and doesn’t cause headaches (from artificial sweeteners, caffeine, or other additives). And it is SO EASY. I make two shakes in the morning and drink one on the way to work and then one at lunch. I plan to switch to shake/shake/dinner in another week. I know it says you should do shake/lunch/shake, but not eating lunch was my big issue to begin with. I really hope this is a “reset” for my metabolism!

  4. I am 5″1″ and lost 8 pounds the first two weeks in April. That was the tough part because I stuck strictly to the three shakes a day, v8 or broth for snack. Then I went to two shakes a day, breakfast and lunch and a regular low carb dinner. No snacks or healthy snacks, v8, etc. I have lost 21 pounds going from 146 to 125. It is now almost October and I still do the shakes. I use water, truvia, olive oil and sometimes an almond, vanilla, or coconut extract. The shakes satisfy me and energize me. I truly believe my metabolism has improved. I sometimes will eat bacon and eggs for breakfast or splurge with dessert or an ice cream cone but it hasn’t changed my weight when I do.
    I like not having to pack a lunch for work. I make two shakes in the morning, drink one and pack the other on ice. I am also someone who has dieted my whole life because I tend to be around 150 lbs if I don’t I stay away from carbs and sugar. Good luck. Don’t give up. This is the best stuff around despite the cost.

  5. I just finished my 3 days of 3 shakes. I supplemented v8 juice and the vegetable broth. I managed to feel great actually. I felt like I had more energy at work. I work in a lab and move all day. I have slept get well, and feel great. No weight loss yet though 😓😞 . I’m still drinking my shakes though. Fingers crossed for the weight loss soon. I put cinnamon in mine…and its awesome. Just mix with filtered water. I like this. So far

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