Does the Kegelmaster 2000 Really Work?

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Does the Kegelmaster 2000 work?The Kegelmaster 2000 says it’s the original and exclusive way to provide progressive resistance training for the Kegel muscles. If you’ve been wanting to reclaim the tightness you once had, or are experience problems with bladder control, this may be able to help. So let’s see if it performs as claimed.

The Kegel muscles have been associated with all sorts of feminine issues, from successful adventures in the bedroom, to getting rid of incontinence in the bathroom. They’re not a specific muscle group, but rather your entire pelvic floor, so you can see plenty of positive results from strengthening them, with some women getting better results than others, of course.

The Claim
Making the claim that you can’t get the proper training from just flexing your Kegel muscles by themselves is a pretty big statement. It should be said that you can still work your Kegel muscles with no additional equipment, they’re simply stating that you can’t work them out to the max. Muscles respond to resistance, just ask anyone that’s lifted weights in the gym. Your pelvic muscles are no different, but it can be hard to remember to work them out, and it can also be hard to hone in on them and work them out specifically.

The Hype
The biggest hype for this product came from the Jay Leno show, where Teri Hatcher admitted to using it and alluded to her kitty cat being very strong. That’s really all it needed, since it was a genuine referral from a top celebrity, and she even pronounced the name wrong so you know it wasn’t a blatant endorsement.

The Cost
The cost of the Kegelmaster 2000 is just under $100. The price is rather high, considering that other Kegel exercisers go for far less. For example you can get weighted balls for a similar purpose for less than $15, and you can get similar looking devices for around $40 to $50. It’s unclear what they are basing this price point on, since it’s clear that this is made simply from springs and plastic.

The Commitment
If you want to get the results, you’ll have to first learn how to use this, and then use it on a regular basis. This is a device that is going to require privacy, and not something that you can do throughout the day like you can with other products. Like all of the muscles on your body, you don’t need to work these out every day, as they need time to heal. An intense workout a few times a week should be fine. Since you are working them out more intensely than if you weren’t using resistance, you don’t have to do this every day. This can make it easy to forget to do them, so make sure you set up a schedule.

The Kegelmaster 2000 uses springs to provide variable resistance so as your muscles get stronger you can continue to challenge them. To use this, you’re going to have to insert it into your vagina. It then pushes on your Kegel muscles, and you’ll need to flex them in order to bring it back to its original position. You do this again and again, gradually building up the strength of the muscles.

Springs work nicely here because they’re providing resistance in both directions so that there’s always constant tension, causing you to work your muscles twice as much. Basically it’s like one of the Thighmasters that Suzanne Somers is notorious for promoting back in the 90’s, but one that goes inside of you so that you can workout your bed of pelvic muscles.

The biggest common complaint for this is that for a piece of plastic and springs at a $100 price point the quality should be better. This is a pretty valid point, as some of the only criticism it receives is that it’s cheaply made, and breaks after extended use.

Final Kegelmaster 2000 Review

Overall the concept behind the Kegelmaster 2000 is solid, and the feedback from real users is encouraging. We’re giving it the Try rating, but there are other options out there that may better suit your needs. For example, if your lifestyle is one where you can’t see yourself using this day after day because you won’t be able to find enough private time, you might want to go with other solutions.

There are Kegel balls that you can place inside your vagina that get you to flex your Kegel muscles and provide something solid so that you know you’re hitting the right spot.

Working your Kegel muscles definitely works as far as bedroom performance goes. You’ll be able to have a tighter vagina for your partner, and he’ll definitely notice the difference once you’ve stuck to a regimen for several months. It builds gradually, which is why you have to stick with it. But it does provide a noticeable difference, and you’ll be able to grab onto him like you might not have been able to do in the past.

Our Recommendation
When it comes to exercising your Kegel muscles there are a few different options that you have. One is to simply flex them on your own without providing resistance. You can also use weights that go inside of you and provide resistance. The use of springs here means that you’re getting a good burn, and also that the product can grow with you as you improve.

What do you think? Does the Kegelmaster 2000 work or not?

10 Customer Reviews on “Does the Kegelmaster 2000 Really Work?

  1. Mine is at the post office as we speak, about to be out for delivery. I CANNOT WAIT!! I’m gonna make my kitty like a Chinese finger trap!

  2. Real woman here, with my testimonial. It works SO well, if and when it breaks, if I have no remedy with the company who made it, hubby will GLADLY repurchase! I received the Kegelmaster 2000 Advanced Version as a surprise gift from my him, after I saw online and told him I’d love one! One of the reviews on Amazon mentioned becoming so strong she could trap her partner inside her! That sold me! I’m a big believer in being as exciting for my husband as humanly possible! Sign me up!

    So, I’ve been using it per the instructions included. Three sets of 30/ day. Two seconds per set, it specifies. At first, I couldn’t even hold a rep at all. 🙁 I started at level 2, since I was too strong for 1. Not that that’s saying much. I’m sure many are! So I just did 30×3 and consistently practiced.

    Flash forward to a few weeks later…I can hold a contraction for as long as I want! I can feel muscles I never knew I had! I can make my muscles contract in patterns, like a wave. My husband can feel a definite difference, despite (as he says) nothing being wrong with me to begin with. Aww. And my orgasms… OMG! How in the world? I did NOT expect this thing to benefit me so much; I wanted it for his pleasure! But honestly, I don’t want to EVER be without this thing! I’ll use it for the rest of my life! If it breaks I’ll repurchase! (Think it’s warranted though, the company is incredibly customer focused.)

    I think every woman deserves one of these as a shower gift, LOL! No, but seriously. Get one. Tell your friends! Worth every penny. I wish I was brave enough to post a review on my blog, but nope. Too personal. Wouldn’t want my family reading that! So, this is the next best option.

  3. I bought one of these and it works! Increased sensation, tighter vaginal canal, you gain a strong suction and vaginal grip, increased vaginal tone, and the list goes on. If you have an issue with your bladder whether it be leaks, the inability to hold urine, or the constant urge to urinate, the Kegelmaster will help. Though a little pricey it’s well worth it if it’s going to last a lifetime. I saw results after first use. there’s no need to try and speed things along by trying to rush through the levels if you get one. Taking your time yields better results and rushing through can do more harm than good. Using the kegel cat app I found was helpful especially in keeping track of reps and making the workout feel less monotonous. It’s definitely a great buy well worth every penny. Every woman should add this device to their health and wellness regimen.

  4. This has been a fantastic product for me! The incontinence I had was getting beyond ridiculous with diapers in sight for my future. After about two weeks of using the Kegelmaster, I no longer needed to wear any protection. What a most welcomed relief! As far as bedroom benefits, well I’m single so that remains to be discovered. I have high hopes. 🙂

  5. The genuine Kegelmaster a) is the only one that’s FDA approved (uses surgical grade material), b) is US made & c) comes with a lifetime warranty. A “cheap knock-off” t-shirt or handbag is one thing, but I know I definitely don’t want use cheap knock off of ANYTHING that’s essentially a medical device, & in my body, let alone in my vagina (!). I too wish it were cheaper (or covered by health insurance, as a similar device in in the UK, but I’m saving up for the genuine article. (Been researching for months.) You can read up or call them, all info on website:

  6. so surprised I have been thinking of how I can add my butt alittle bit and the first thing I thought was that gluteboost and by just looking at before and after pics I made my mind and was about to get it shipped but after this I made my mind not get it..but I need u to help me I am competing to be a model and althoug everyone tells me how av got a nice figure I totally don’t fell comfotable about maslf can you help I just need something permanet for my butt and also please help me to even out my skib color with a reliable substance am in kenya please I will be more than pleased if u can email me at katejonea9518@gmail.con

  7. Woah…
    So what happened to the technique of simply squeezing? Didn’t we learn anything from Samantha on Sex and the City?
    I’m kidding. Obviously, I’m a guy and this has no use for me. However…
    My wife is pregnant and within a couple months I’ll be a dad and my wife will have a different body. I’ve heard all about this kind of exercise and so has my wife. We talk about it playfully, but I think she’s nervous and doesn’t want to deal with that right now. Any one have any experience with this kind of thing helping after having a baby? I realise I might be coming off a little insensitive here…but any reviews would be useful.

  8. I bought one over two years ago. I used it a few times, but found it hard to get motivated enough to use it every day. Fast forward a year or so and after I had had another baby. I wanted to give it another try. I used it for about a week solid and found some improvement that convinced me if I stuck with it the results would be awesome.

    I lack motivation in many areas of my life sadly. I’ve been using this off and on for a couple of months and I went from level 1 to level 9. I think that if you really hit it hard and follow the instructions things will move faster. I’m finding that I can hold my urine longer now and my orgasms are a bit stronger. This is motivating me to use the device more frequently. I wish there were more ‘real’ reviews.

    I found out about this device from a hair care forum where one of the women started a thread about her experiences. Many of the women purchased the product and started posting updates and results which was really cool.

  9. I was actually looking for ways to exercise the kegel muscle naturally, because I had no idea that they actually made devices for it. It’s supposed to help a lot with urinary incontinence, but I wonder how effective it really is. It looks a little uncomfortable, but it does look like it’ll give a better overall workout than working out the muscle without a device. This is going to take some getting used to.

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