Does CashCrate Really Work?

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Does CashCrate really work?If you’re wondering whether CashCrate is a scam or legitimate, you’re probably joined by thousands of other people. If you think about it though, companies are always looking for people to review their websites, products and services. These companies are happy to pay for your services and CashCrate provides a platform for this to happen.

The Claim
How CashCrate works is you register for free and then apply to complete surveys, offers and trials. You get paid for each of these you complete with truthful information. The companies pay CashCrate for the information supplied and CashCrate pays you. They keep 25% of the income and you earn 75%.

This probably sounds too good to be true, but apparently it’s easy to make money using this system and it’s an ideal way to make additional income. You can make money without referrals by taking part in the daily survey, trying free offers and trials. It is estimated that you can make $200 a month with ease.

The Hype
The excitement about CashCrate is you can make additional money by referring friends and family to the program. When you refer friends to a program you think this must be a scam, but in reality you earn for each referred person depending on your status level.

You can introduce people in two different ways, you can refer them under you or they sign up through your efforts. Either way you earn money from it. If you are at a starter level, which is the bronze level you can earn 20% per referral and that can increase to 30% as your level increases.

You are also paid a $1 bonus for every active referral within the US.

The Cost
The benefit of CashCrate is it is completely free to join, they make their money by claiming 25% of your earnings and giving you the 75% balance.

By CashCrate taking 25% they are able to keep going, keep the platform up and running and ensure that you have a safe environment to work from.

Your costs will be a computer, Internet connection, and time. There is no initial outlay and you can earn some extra money each month with apparent ease. Remember to do the daily survey, take special offers and trials in order to make the additional cash, but this can easily be accomplished on a part-time basis.

The Commitment
In order to succeed you will need to be committed, money won’t just flow into your account. You need to take time out to sit and complete surveys and do trials and offers in order to achieve additional income. You’re also giving your information, so you’ll probably be spammed and hounded by sales reps.

It’s a good idea to open a separate email account for your CashCrate emails, this way it’s easy to stay on top of things and complete offers without missing anything. Take the time to read the forum, which is filled with interesting information and useful hints and help.

Keep track of offers you’ve completed, doing the same offer twice doesn’t guarantee payment. So you need to be committed enough to ensure that you are not doing things that don’t make you money. If you want to get the full effects, take time to refer people, the more you refer the higher your monthly income.

Looking closely at CashCrate it’s no surprise that more and more people are joining on a daily basis. You can earn money by taking a bit of time each day and completing offers and surveys while you help companies with the reviews they need.

If you read the forum and follow the advice of other members and download the safe ccleaner, you will find your offers are approved much quicker, enabling you to make more money each month.

The extra income you can make just out of referrals will be an added bonus each month, let alone the additional cash you can make through completing reviews for top companies.

Does CashCrate Really Work?

If you’re still wondering if CashCrate really works, the simple answer is yes. If you have the time to commit to completing information, truthfully answering surveys and offers it can work for you.

It is an ideal choice for anyone who is at home or wants additional income and has the time to complete the information the companies need. The sign up process is easy and it really is free, you do not pay out any of your own money and CashCrate only makes money when you complete offers.

If you’re after extra income whether it’s $50 or $200 a month, CashCrate is a great way to do it. As long as you have Internet and a computer you are set for success. You will be paid by check on the 20th of each month. So all money you made up to the 20th of this month will be paid to you on the 20th of next month.

The minimum limit for a payout is $10, which is easy to make within a few hours.

What Do You Think? Does CashCrate Really Work?

9 Customer Reviews on “Does CashCrate Really Work?

  1. I’m generally a tad bit suspicious of these kinds of approaches to profit. In any case, This is a direct result of the considerable number of tricks out there that makes it hard to figure out what is genuine and what isn’t. Be that as it may, I’m certain it would be useful for somewhat additional wage however most likely not something I would consider long haul however. It’s anything but difficult to learn. A portion of the assignments incorporate taking overviews, doing offers, looking the web, listening to music, and viewing online videos.

  2. Good write up. Yes it does work, and no it’s not scam. Where did that come from anyway? Must have been one of those Internet things. You know, when a troll says someone famous has passed away but it’s a lie. No doubt there are some scam survey sites out there, but cashcrate isn’t one of them. Good luck and happy Xmas!

  3. It’s very easy to learn. Some of the assignments include taking surveys, doing offers, searching the internet, listening to music, and watching online videos. There are no charges or hidden fees, to participate is completely free. Great for students or as a second job. Find out more on the website below, it’s great to make extra cash!!

  4. It works…. I tried it and at first I didn’t think it was worth it till I hit some really nice paying surveys. I just started this month a week into it and I’m at 55 dollars and change so far. I’m at home a lot so with free time I just listen to music while doing surveys. At this rate I know I’ll clear 150-200+ dollars this month just doing surveys. If interested join up… Show some love if your gonna sign up add me as your referral . I have no referrals yet but I’m doing well with surveys to show little thank you if you decide to join.

  5. I am like you Josh, I have made some money online and I know that some of the opportunity available online are legit. However, I am also suspicious about surveys online. A long time ago when I didn’t know much about the web I got scammed by one of these websites and I’ve never used any websites that has the word survey on it.

    In my opinion most of them are scams and it’s so hard to figure out which ones are real and which ones are not. I’m sure that some of them work and CashCrate could be one of them but I guess I will never know.

  6. I’m always a little bit suspicious of these kinds of ways to make money. But maybe it’s because of all the scams out there that makes it difficult to determine what is real and what isn’t. But I’m sure it would be good for a little extra income but probably not something I would consider long term though.

  7. There are so many of these and it seems they are all trying to get you to sign up with the others !!! I have made a few bucks through exploring this avenue but I get frustrated by the time it takes for the amount being paid. Their estimated time to complete is typically a far cry from the actual also. One thing though is that if you have the time and you enjoy doing it, it works for a few extra bucks.

  8. I’m a stay at home mum and have been looking for something to do to make an extra bit of cash for our holiday later this year.
    I came across CashCrate whilst searching and signed up.

    I’m making a little bit of cash, but sometimes it can take a while to make the money.
    It’s really simple, and for somebody like me who is just looking for something i an do in my own time, it’s ideal.
    One thing i would recommend is that you setup a new email address just for CashCrate as you will end up with your inbox full of marketing emails from the surveys, etc

    A good system, but don’t expect it to make you rich!

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