Does Genie Bra Really Work?

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Does Genie Bra really work?Genie Bra has been introduced to help make women feel beautiful in their bodily appearance. With fashion and image becoming a more important and paramount part of everyday life, women with breasts that do not conform to the normal conception of what beautiful looks like can place a lot of attention to this one area.

Many bra companies will make bras to specific chest size, cup size, and shape. However, there are hosts of women all across America who’s cup size and shape does not necessarily conform to any of these predefined bras. This is where Genie Bra can really make a difference and give women a whole realm of new-found confidence in their appearance and dress sense.

The Claim
The Genie Bra Company claims that their product makes it easier for women to shop for bras as there is not a requirement for shopping around and having lots of measurements and fittings. You can simply order a bra based on your dress size and be confident that the bra will fit your body form perfectly.

Genie Bra also mentions that their product will give the user’s breast up to 5 times more comfort when they are worn. The product contains no wires or hard stitching that can cause irritation. The whole breast is supported by the 360 degree comfort band which stretches and changes to exactly fit the size and shape.

The Hype
This makes it a seemingly excellent product for those women that have large breasts that are hard to contain and that causes discomfort and makes her feel inadequate and awkward in herself. The Genie Bra will mold to the exact shape and size of the cup meaning that full support is achieved and that the breasts will stay put where they were intended to be.

A Genie bra will allow the wearer to feel confident in wearing any clothes such as a t-shirt or a tight fitting jumper that they may have previously not worn due to this problem. Any product that can essentially change the user’s lifestyle is a great addition to the market, and almost certain to win fans and customers without much hype needed.

The Cost
The Genie Bra Company is currently marketing their product in a pack of 6 bras for $59.99. This then works out at $10 per bra which is less than the market average and a great value if it works. The pack will include bras in three different colors, two of each nude, white, and black.

The Commitment
The company marketing and selling the Genie Bra offers a 60 day money back guarantee which is rare for a clothing company such as this and shows the consumer that the company has total faith and absolute belief in their product.

For the consumer, the bras are easy to put on and require little attention. In fact, the Genie Bra will make the wearers life easier and more convenient as it will mean that there are fewer requirements for them to constantly adjust themselves throughout the day. It will also allow the wearer to wear clothes that they previously have been unable to wear and also do things such as sports, which may have been a problem for obvious reasons.

The Genie Bra is made with wide shoulder straps which give huge advantages to those with large breast that have a lot of weight behind them. The traditional and stylish bra will have very thin shoulder straps that can dig into the skin and cause massive irritation and pain when they are supporting large weight. Because of these large straps, it does of course mean that it would perhaps look a little strange for a Genie Bra to be worn with a strappy top. They are more designed for those that prefer to wear t-shirts or tops that at least cover the shoulders.

Does Genie Bra Really Work?

There is no doubt whatsoever that a Genie Bra has a huge number of positive benefits that will be seen by wearing the bra. It enables women to feel confident in their appearance and gives excellent comfort and support. There is hardly a bad word to say about Genie Bra other than women have stated that they wish there was a version available that would allow the bra to be worn with a strap top as well.

Our Recommendation
If you are in constant discomfort from your current bras or feel that they do not offer you the right level of support or shape, then Genie Bra is the exact product that your are looking for. It is given a highly regarded recommendation from us to at least try it. If you’re not satisfied, you have ample time to return it, and you’re just out shipping costs.

What Do You Think? Does Genie Bra Really Work?

12 Customer Reviews on “Does Genie Bra Really Work?

  1. The bottom seam of the Genie bra rolls up all the time! I’m constantly tugging it down and it rolls up again and people see the roll under a tee shirt. This bra is not for people bigger than a D cup-you will be exploding out of a large even if you wear a 34 band size. I look like I have one huge uni boob!

  2. Pros:
    It’s really comfortable.
    Smooths side boob and back fat.
    You can wash and dry it as much as you want.
    Great for sleep support or post-surgery
    Excellently priced!
    I still have the same ones I purchased 3 years ago and they’re still like when I first received them.

    I’m not comfortable it wearing with most blouses to the office, mostly just for home or around town on lazy days running errands due to lack of real support.
    I’m larger busted and require more material thickness in front. Inserts are available for purchase, but never forget to remove them before washing. The inserts are a pain. Thicker material in front should be standard, I’d pay more for that.

  3. I am a DDD and didn’t approach the Genie as an alternative to my regular bras. I was looking for something that would be more comfortable than a sports bra for sleeping. The Genie Bra fit the bill for that. Due to a shoulder surgery I need some light support at night and the Genie Bra is perfect and comfortable.

  4. The Genie Bra didn’t work for me either. First, they are not comfortable. I am a ‘C’ cup so I’m not to big or to small in the breast area, but the bra just didn’t fit correctly. I think there just isn’t a bra that is designed for every woman and size. Each women is differently with their cup size and around their chest. There is no way that this type of bra can work for all women. I won’t be wearing the bra nor trying any other like them again.

  5. I feel like so many women complain about their bras that new adjustment needs to be introduced. Selling the idea is simple but finding a product that works is different. So we get the Coobie Bras and the Genie bras introduced as fixes but neither fall under the category as one-works-for-all. They need to take it one step further and specifically tailor these to specific body types and those fall in-between sizes. As it is now, there is a 50-50 chance it is going to work, depending on your body-type.

  6. Comparable to the Coobie Bra, the Genie Bra is a comfortable, stretchy bra that you can wear all day with no problems. I felt like the Genie Bra goes one step further than the Coobie bra as it has straps that seemed to be just a touch more comfortable. The cups themselves are very comfortable; there are no wirings or push up features attached, which can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your body type. They are also extremely easy to wash as they act like an equivalent to t-shirt. Overall, at the cost of $10 a bra (which is incredible!) this is a great deal.

  7. Um…no, this is one item that did NOT work for me. I liked the concept and came across a great deal to purchase, so I gave it a shot. I am a B cup, so I figured it should be fine, and possibly give me a little more definition. But when I tried it on, it did nothing for my shape and wasn’t all that comfortable. No more so than my regular bras, anyway. I realize they work for lots of women, but I wasn’t impressed. I returned them, glad they offer a money back guarantee.

  8. This bra might be okay for smaller breasted women. For me, however, it was not worth my time or money (I am a “G” cup). I am returning them. I was very much looking forward to having a few “leisure bras” for around the house. I went up in shirt size because of how naturally large my breasts are. I usually have to buy all my shirts way large and tailor them down to fit, or just wear a baggy shirt. Anyway, I barely got the Genie Bra over my breasts. When I did, I had a boob muffin top going on, lol.
    Maybe one day one of these “supportive leisure bra” manufacturers will make a bra to fit us gals with large breasts.

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