Does Epiduo Really Work?

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Does Epiduo really work?Teenagers and young people today are eating more and more fatty foods which is a big contributor to giving the individual a huge breakout in spots which can be extremely irritating unless you have got a good treatment like Epiduo. There is an increasing trend in teenagers and youngsters to have poor facial skin conditions and a large numbers of zits.

As the name suggests, Epiduo contains two active ingredient chemicals which are the substances within the formula that fight off the infection of a blemish. These two active ingredients are adapalene and benzoyl peroxide. Epiduo is not currently the market leading brand for spot and acne treatment in America but has seen large growth trends with the advertisement and spread of the brand nationally.

The Claim
Epiduo does not come out on their website and make hugely drastic claims that their product will change the world like some companies are tending to do nowadays.

Instead they make much more understated claims. One such statement is as follows; “having both ingredients working together give the user more convenience, and for less cost”. This is of course all great stuff for the consumer and the understated way in which they sell their product will appeal to many people.

Epiduo make a claim on their website that their product is proven to work from trials that have been done on a sample of subjects.

The Hype
Epiduo is not the only product in the market that combines two ingredients, however it is the only product that combines these two exact ingredients together. Therefore, it will give slightly different results than other acne and spot cream treatments, which is a big selling point because all spot and acne treatments will work, but some will work for you better than others. Therefore, if your current treatment is not reducing the inflammation of acne, then it may be time to switch to Epiduo.

The Cost
A single tube of Epiduo costs on average $3 and is intended for application on blemishes as and when they appear. Therefore it’s impossible to determine a length of time that a tube will last each individual, but with a normal level of application of the gel each tube should get you over 100 separate treatments.

The Commitment
Epiduo gel is intended to be applied to a spot when it occurs to cancel the natural effects of growth and inflamation. This will require the individual to keep a track on their own face and monitor the progress of potential big spots. When a spot begins to flair up, Epiduo should be applied to the area and will in effect suck the life out of the zit.

You will also need to keep a check on the condition of your skin after use, as Epiduo is extremely honest and do inform the consumer straight up that their product can cause further redness, scaling, and effects of stinging or burning.

The two active spot fighting ingredients that are found in Epiduo are Benzoyl Peroxide and Adapalene. These two ingredients are both contained in the formula for different reasons and both offer the something different. The Adapalene is used to cleanse and unblock pores that are filled with dirt and dust. This prevents pimples from developing under the skins by allowing air to get into the otherwise blocked pores which reduces the natural effect of bacteria growth.

Adapalene makes up 0.1% of the Epiduo formula and the other active substance. The Benzoyl Peroxide is the agent that kills the bacteria that makes the spot grow in size and makes up 2.5% of the formula.

Does Epiduo Really Work?

Due to the many different formulas contained and the various bacteria that exist, different treatments will have different effects in all individuals. Without undergoing clinical skin tests to examine which treatment will work the best for your skin type, the only way of finding out which treatment works best for your skin is to try and test each different combination. Epiduo seems to have good reviews and therefore must work in some cases.

Our Recommendation
This product is relatively cheap when compared to others and contains a multiple formula that boasts cleansing and killing of spots, pores and bacteria and so it is recommended that you give it a go. If your current treatment is not meeting your expectations, then try switching to this treatment and you may be pleasantly surprised by the new effects and you skin may soon be spot free and healthy.

Best Non-Prescription Alternative: Clear Skin Max

What Do You Think? Does Epiduo Really Work?

9 Customer Reviews on “Does Epiduo Really Work?

  1. Let me start off by first saying: 1) I never write reviews. For anything. 2) This stuff really works!
    This is not an overnight magical cream. It took months for me to see consistent results. Initially, I would go a week or so with clear, beautiful skin to going back to major breakouts (which was obviously super disheartening). After four months of consistent use, my skin is clearer than it has ever been. At 24 years old, I have suffered from acne since 14. This is the first thing I have tried that has given be consistent and wonderful results. If you are researching before making the plunge, JUST DO IT.
    With that, some words of wisdom:
    – Start by using this gradually. Try once every three nights, to once every other night, to every night. Let your skin adjust. On the nights you do not use EpiDuo, use a super serious moisturizer (I use Aveda’s Tulasara Wedding Masque) to give your face a break.
    – Apply a scented-free moisturizer (I use Pond’s Cold Cream) before use. This allows you to use less serum and also moisturize at the same time.
    – Your face will burn. Like bad. Have some ice packs handy the first week or so. It reallllyyy helps!
    – Your skin will peel. Like you legit may think your face is peeling off. Just keep moisturizing like crazy (I had to forgo makeup for a solid month).
    – Use a scent-free face wash as well. Anything with “acne” in the title will make your face burn like crazy. Avoid anything with any kind of acid in it.
    – It is WORTH IT. You have to stick it out even when you get discouraged – I promise!

  2. I’m a high schooler and I have my fathers skin very very oily after waisted very very much money on treatments and everything nothing worked so I went in and got epiduo and it have done amazing things my skin is not as oily and I have very few pimples. I have been us wing this product for 3 weeks and it’s been the best 3 week

  3. not really. Ive used epidou for about a month and i started getting more acne! Its not worth it

  4. I tried this one a while ago. I’ve tried a lot of different creams over the years. This one is cheaper than most, and to be honest, it shows. It didn’t touch my acne, really. f anything it made me itch a little more than some of the others. I am coming to the conclusion (a conclusion that has lingered in my mind for many years) that my acne is some form of external manifestation of an a psychological problem. I have suffered from depression all my adult life and there is something about the fact that I only have acne on my back, where no one can see it, that chimes with the hidden nature of depression.

  5. I have had acne since I was a kid. I was left with blemishes as an adult and if that wasn’t bad enough, I have had new cystic breakouts as an adult in her forties which is very frustrating. I used this product as a recommendation from a friend and found it rather painful and very nasty looking for a long period of time. The breakouts were small and this stuff made it all look worse. Sorry but not worth it in the short or long run for me.

  6. ONE YEAR-AGO – my daughter had horrible acne at the start of school. She was really self-conscious about it and so I decided to finally get her some help. When we first started using it her face got pretty red and a little dry. It was still better than when her skin was oily and breaking out. Now it’s been nearly twelve months and her acne is nearly gone! Here’s my narrative: My daughter is 12 years-old now, she began Epiduo a year ago. Her acne was very embarrassing and really bad. It made her so insecure about herself. Epiduo is very bittersweet. The first month, my acne has reduced significantly. However, after the first month, her skin broke out even worse than what it had before I started. It was very unpleasant too, her face actually burned. The side effects finally went away and today she only has a couple of pimples. However, should you stop utilizing the product the acne returns!

  7. This stuff is amazing, I have been using it for a week and it already is working! Sure my skin got red and bumpy but it was worth it! Ha now I can laugh at my friend because she is getting acne and I am getting rid of it 🙂

  8. Jees, I wish this stuff did actually cost $3 a tube, it’s actually more than 4 times that price minimum!

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