Is Herbalife a Good Way to Lose Weight?

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Does Herbalife really work?Herbalife has established itself as a leading brand of health and nutrition in the USA. It is a sponsor to several big name sports teams and there are continuously television commercials that show off their brand and what it can do for the public. But does it work?

Herbalife was founded in 1980 in America and the headquarters are based out of Los Angeles in California. The company has around 4,000 employees globally but the main thread of the Herbalife business is made up from the independent sellers of which there are 2.1 million in the world distributing in over a total of 76 countries.

The Claim
The original and still the best selling Herbalife line is the weight loss and healthy eating products that Herbalife manufacture, develop, and sell. These are typically substitutes for food such as milkshakes. The company makes a claim that their products will allow the user to “Start everyday with balanced nutrition and essential nutrients for a healthy, active lifestyle.” This claim is a huge draw to many people in modern times, with the tendency being to simply eat a slice of toast or indeed not eat at all in the morning.

The company’s website also makes statements about the results and trials of their products claiming that they have hoards of pharmaceutical expects that have developed items that are exactly what the users needs. The final claim and the company’s headline slogan is “Lose Weight Now, Ask Me How”. This clearly defines the intentions of the Herbalife line-up.

The Hype
Losing weight can be difficult for some people that have tried all forms of dieting and still can not manage to shift the pounds. Herbalife as a brand offers multiple methods for the user to lose weight and so can be the last cure that you turn to. The shakes and dieting pills that Herbalife offer work in cohesion with one another to achieve the best results.

The Cost
Herbalife is not a single product but a range of over one hundred from meal supplements to dieting pills and energy boost formulas. The price of these could range from $10 to around $100 per month depending on which course you choose to take. The high extreme would be to completely replace all food with Herbalife products.

The Commitment
The commitment required to use Herbalife is completely dependant on the individual consumer and their own personal goals. The use of Herbalife can completely change the individual’s lifestyle or in can simply be a small addition into your current routine.
The one thing that is required across the board with all of the products is that you must stick to the regimen and a healthy living plan. It would be pointless to let these do all of the work for you and then not exercise at all or carry on eating fatty foods.

The products have been engineered to the exact requirements to give the user the maximum results. One of the great things about Herbalife is that the user can do the minimum or the maximum depending on budget and personal ambition.

The full package would include 3 shakes per day accompanied by dieting, energy and other well-being pills and would cancel any food from the consumers diet. The independent sellers are all given a basic level of training to advise the consumers and this really does seem effective.

Does Herbalife Really Work?

A Herbalife program can be built up around your current lifestyle to your exact requirements so it is hard to possibly think that this product will fail. The range is now hugely broad and so all angles of weight loss and healthy living are covered. Most of the negative reviews are from individual experiences, and with any weight loss product there will be people that say it doesn’t work. Often it is the user that fails, and not the product. Long-term you will need to establish and maintain a healthy lifetyle, but this can serve as the catalyst to break away from unhealthy habits.

Our Recommendation
Herbalife is now a huge brand with a wealth of experience in its market. It would not be so successful if it was doing something wrong so it is our recommendation that Herbalife products are considered when you are looking to find a weight loss supplement and program. It is best to find a local distributor and work your way down to you new weight at a steady pace for long lasting results. This may be the last time that you ever lose weight.

What Do You Think? Does Herbalife Really Work?

6 Customer Reviews on “Is Herbalife a Good Way to Lose Weight?

  1. You stop taking the shakes and the weight gets right back on. Long term use of Herbalife has been linked with liver diseases, right on wiki.

  2. My review of this product, my sister began to take herbalife to lose weight. Not too long after, she became very sick, constipated and pretty malnourished. It is a very UNHEALTHY and DANGEROUS nutrition regimen, just because you do lose weight does not mean its good for you. Many of its ingredients are harmful and if taken for a long time will most definitely have permanent damage to your body. She stopped taking it and has since gotten better. Just because herbalife is a “successful company” does not mean that their products work, that is an obvious fallacy, just because a company is making a lot of money by selling product does not automatically mean that it is because their products actually work. Many of herbalife’s claims are completely unfounded and have no REAL science or studies to back it up. Also the only reason herbalife makes makes so much money is because they are a pyramid scheme company, they recruit distributors (average people like you and me) who then have to buy product from herbalife to sell to actual customers. The majority of their profit is made by selling product to their distributors (their own workers) and not actual customers. I could keep going, but there’s a lot of evidence out there regarding the illegitimacy of this company, if you want to learn more i would recommend reviewing the FTC’s complaint against herbalife or even John Oliver’s piece about MLMs on youtube.

  3. I started herballife at 213.8lbs on march 6-2018 and today I am 149.0 lbs I love it and will continue til I am 9 more pounds down

  4. Well not necessarily, when u start on a weight loss program, your replacing 2 big meals with 2 shakes that fill u up provide you with all the nutrients of a perfect meal plus protein to keep u full..u still eat 6 times a day.3 meals and 3 snacks.but your disciplining your mind to make better eating choiced..your developing healthy habits. Once you reach ur goal weight then u go on a weight management plan which is one shake per day…so now ur eating that one extra meal that you used to replace with a meal but because of your lifestyle now u make batter choices with that meal it’s a healthy meal……I tried every diet..I was 310 lbs…I gained all the weight I would lose….with herbalife it became a Life style change …Ive kept the weight off and am now building muscle and weather I’m at my goal weight or not…I always use the products..can’t start my day with out it… your body feels amazing..u have more’s deeper then losing weight..internally ur becoming younger…even your physician is going to ask u what are u doing?

  5. So you don’t eat much food? That’s why you lose the weight and quickly, I can almost guarantee that once you stop with the product you’ll immediately gain back a bunch of the weight because your body isn’t used to food.

  6. I have been using Herbalife since October. I have managed to lose 38 pounds. I have been very pleased with the shakes and when blended with ice it is truly like a milkshake. I eat one meal (generally lunch) a day and can honestly say it is not a challenge. I am not hungry, that coupled with the weight loss makes this plan a piece of cake! I do walk on a treadmill for 30 minutes every other day, I’m sure that has also contributed to my success.

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