Does Pep Boys Really Have Everything for Less?

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Does Pep Boys work?Pep Boys is an auto part store that is also able to service cars and trucks and fit them with new tires. They’ve been around for quite awhile and have stores in many major markets across the country, but is it really the best place to buy your car parts, have your car service, or buy tires?

Getting sound car advice can be tricky, especially if you don’t know much about cars. You don’t want to feel like you’re being taken advantage of, but you want to take care of your car’s problem without spending a fortune. Wouldn’t it be great if we all had a mechanic friend that would just fix our car so we didn’t have to worry about it all? Short of that, you’ll have to find a place you can trust that will lay out the facts and tell you what you need to know.

The Claim
Pep Boys slogan states that they do everything for less, and they offer so many different products and services so that’s really saying something. They have some pretty stiff competition in the tire industry from places like Discount Tire and even Wal-Mart and Sears, and that’s just in the tire department. They’re also competing with auto part stores since they sell auto parts, and service centers since they’re able to service cars as well. This makes them a triple threat, and a one-stop car shop that can handle just about anything.

The Hype
They run several ad campaigns both locally and nationally to get their slogan stuck in your head, and they’ve done this for several years running. This sort of repetition can get it ingrained in your brain so that they’re the first place you think of when something goes wrong with your car. There are only so many companies that have an ad budget that can accomplish this feat.

The Cost
Low prices are what makes Pep Boys stand out, and they pride themselves on being able to offer the consumer discounted auto parts and services, as well as tires. What’s interesting is that while the prices are as low as they can make them while still making a profit, you can find quality parts there, so they’re not skimping on the quality of the product in order to offer lower prices. The costs of the auto parts will of course vary by the type of part, the make and model of your car. The services will vary by demographic and of course on how severe they are. The tire prices will be competitive with what’s in the nearby area.

The Commitment
Buying your own car parts and fixing your car on your own can save you money, but it also means you’ll have to do more of the work involved. If you’re opting to have them service your car you are passing on that responsibility to them.

In our experience Pep Boys has been nothing short of what they claim, and every time we’ve gone in, for items ranging from windshield wipers to getting an oil change and the tires changed, they’ve been courteous, knowledgeable, and the prices have been very competitive. Many times we’d happily pay a little more to get better service, but here you get the best of both worlds. Not knowing much about cars can make dealing with car problems even more stressful, but they’ll talk to you like you’re a real person and won’t talk down to you, and will fix the problem without trying to sell you more than what is needed.

The longevity of a business is a key deciding factor, and since Pep Boys has been around for so long and has only expanded over the years, they must be doing something right. They are the go-to for many car enthusiasts when they need a car part, and they are competitive when it comes to providing quality tires at a reasonable price. We have found several complaints lodged against them, but those pale in comparison to the number of good things people have to say about them. They service so many customers, and have done so for several years, that it’s only natural that some employees are going to screw up, or some customers are just not going to like the way they do business.

Final Pep Boys Review

Overall, Pep Boys is getting our Thumbs Up rating due to the overwhelming number of customers and repeat customers that say they’ve received good service and had a good experience from them. Car repairs, especially tire repairs, can be a very stressful time because they often happen unexpectedly. By having a good go-to place where you can get a straight up answer on what’s wrong with your car and what you need to do to fix it you’re making things a little less stressful and maybe saving some money too.

Our Recommendation
You have several choices about where to take your car to get it serviced. Pep Boys is a good choice, but you can always get a second opinion if you feel that they didn’t properly diagnose the problem. Car problems are sometimes a part of life, and it’s just a matter of getting it fixed and getting things back to normal. But there is a bit of peace of mind knowing that if something does go wrong you’ve got a place you can take it.

What do you think? Does Pep Boys work or not?

342 Customer Reviews on “Does Pep Boys Really Have Everything for Less?

  1. Years back the replaced my mom’s clutch and left out the throw out bearing.

    I called them for pricing on transmission flush and oil change. It was almost $90 more than aamco transmission shop.

    Tires last week(8/2016) People Boys $390 for two van tires, Sears $310.

    Bottom line is I’ll buy their parts but service is overpriced.

  2. Being a woman, I’m always worried about getting ripped off by mechanics. In fact, it has happened more than once in the past; I think I give off an aura of gullibility or something. Anyway, a while back I was on the freeway driving home from work when my car started overheating like crazy. I almost pulled over and called a tow truck, but decided to try to make it to the local Pep Boys, which fortunately is right off the freeway. Once there, I right away liked the fact that this is a large franchise and thereby, I think, more likely to have set prices. They quoted me a price which sounded reasonable. I called my dad and asked what he thought, and he also agreed that it was a good price. Anyway, I decided to get the work done and was very pleased with the result. As a side note, I also appreciated the fact that this particular shop was located right outside the mall. Stranded until they got my car fixed, I enjoyed being able to walk over, get lunch, and do a little shopping while I waited!

  3. It is always so difficult with finding a mechanic you can trust. Unfortunately, I live in Toronto and Pep Boys has not made it north of the border yet. Based on this article and the comments, it may be high time for me to go down for a visit to the states and stop at a Pep Boys for a quick check up on my Jeep. Until then I will continue my search for a mechanic I can trust up here.

  4. I have lived in many different cities but I have never been fortunate enough to live near a Pep Boys so that I could try them. The last couple of years have been especially bad in the “car trouble” department. We just seem to have sporadic bad luck with this or that when it comes to our most recent vehicles. And every time we go into a mechanic we hold our breaths because we know we will have to pay to cover what we initially thought was the problem, but also the additional problem/problems the mechanics have found. After seeing the review here we will definitely be trying Pep Boys.

  5. Pep Boys claims are true. I needed new tires for my car and I received a sale flyer in the mail which said they had my tires $100 less than their competitors, but I figured it was just a scam. I took my car in to get to and I was able to purchase three tires and the fourth tire was free along with the price being $100 cheaper than other shops. The tires are name brand tires so I was really amazed. The employees are friendly and helpful, but they do try to sell you other services while you are there, but I just declined. Pet Boys is a great and affordable place.

  6. Pep Boys really do live up to their claims. They offer competitive pricing and are often the lowest at regular prices. Of course experiences vary depending on the location and employee you deal with, but in my experience they have been a pleasure to deal with. They are always helpful and seem to be one of the more honest automotive stores. Many will try to sell you parts you do not need but I have never had this issue here. Instead of trying to make as much money as possible, they seem to be genuinely interested in helping you resolve your issues.

  7. Here was my experience and I think it had more to do with the people who worked there than anything else but here goes. I brought my car in to be repaired and I said it doesn’t start but it isn’t the battery and in the back of my mind I said oh God its the alternator. Turned out I went back after all the diagnostics were done and one mechanic approached me and said it was not the alternator but the belt that spins the alternator. It was a ten dollar job as apposed to a three hundred dollar job. The car was old and the alternator was located in the front bottom of the car so then just simply replaced the belt, tested it and that was that. I was very impressed and went back for everything every time and yes for the parts to my Honda Accord they did have it all for less.

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