Does the Pet Cave Really Work?

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Does Pet Cave work?The Pet Cave is a specially designed doggy bed that is supposed to make your dog feel safe and secure while they sleep. It’s nice to give your dog a place of their own to sleep, and this can help break them of the habit of trying to sleep with you in your bed, if that’s what you’re trying to do. But there are a few problems common with most pet beds, namely keeping them clean and making them last, so lets see how well this one stacks up to the rest.

There are all sorts of pet beds out there, and they all try to make the case that they’re the best one for your dog and cat. Of course you can get one that doesn’t really play any angle, like a traditional dog bed, but these come with some inherent problems. For starters, your pet might not take to it, and that would make it a wasted purchase. If they do like it you then have to worry about keeping it clean, and hoping that it stands up to wear and tear.

The Claim
The makers of Pet Cave claim that their bed is the right choice because it is soft and comfortable on the inside, and durable on the outside. It’s 24 inches in diameter, so that will tell you if it will be big enough for your dog. Many of the medium to large sized breeds will find it too small, and won’t take to it, so this is an important consideration. They say that it’s machine washable, which should make it relatively easy to keep it clean, which is good because nothing attracts hair, slobber, and accidents like a dog’s bed.

The Hype
Pet owners want the best for their pets and that makes them susceptible to all sorts of products that promise a better life for their dog or cat. When it comes to lifestyle, a soft and comfy place to sleep ranks near the top. That’s why a good pet bed will always be able to find it’s place on the list of things we want to buy. If you’ve had a few bad experiences with pet beds, either because they didn’t last as long as you’d hoped, or they became super messy and there wasn’t a good way to clean them, you’ll definitely be all ears for a fix.

The Cost
The Pet Cave is $40 which includes shipping, and puts this pet bed on par with other competing options.

The Commitment
All that you should have to do is get your pet to start using this. If they don’t take to it immediately there are some tips and tricks you can do to get them to start using it. If they already have their preferred location, you can place the bed in that spot and they should get the idea. If they just don’t seem to like it, you can try to entice them but the best way is to just stick to your guns and use repetition until they understand. Putting their favorite toy in the bed can help them learn to spend time in it.

They’ve done their homework when making the Pet Cave, making it durable on the outside, but still making it soft enough for your pet on the inside, all while making it machine washable. It would be nice if they offered multiple sizes, but they say that with zipper you can adjust it to the size of your pet. This works, but only to a point, as a larger dog just isn’t going to be able to get themselves into it, or get comfy once inside.

It’s natural for a dog to choose spot to sleep that makes them feel secure, and many times they like to sleep against a wall so that nothing can sneak up behind them. By providing that feeling of being safe and cradled, this bed makes a good choice for a small to medium sized dog. You can also consider the Bunga Bed, which has the same dome to it, but has the design of a shoe and is a bit bigger as well.

Final Pet Cave Review

The Pet Cave is a reasonable buy, as long as your dog is a good match for it. If you have a cat and you know that they’re willing to sleep in a bed, this is a good one for them because it’s very soft on the inside, and they’ll like relaxing in it. The one drawback about it is the price. At $40 there are plenty of other beds to consider, and there’s not anything really unique that sets this apart from other models you’ll find in your local pet store.

Our Recommendation
Go with your gut on this one, if you thought your furry friend would like this when you first saw it, chances are it will be the right size for them and they’ll enjoy it. But if you’re still on the fence there’s probably a reason for it. Either it will be too small, or you’ll have too much trouble getting them to use it. The price is at a point that puts it on par with pet beds you’ll find at the pet store, so you might want to buy a bed in person so you can feel it and make a better determination of what to get.

What do you think? Does the Pet Cave work or not?

13 Customer Reviews on “Does the Pet Cave Really Work?

  1. My pet bed will not keep the dome lid standing up/erect. Is there supposed to be something in the edge of the dome to keep it up? My cats sleep on top of the pet bed because they can’t get in it unless I hold up the dome lid. Does anyone else of this problem?

  2. Pet beds are a great idea, because then the wear and tear that comes with pets rolling around and scratching doesn’t happen to your furniture. Plus, the fur, and possibly slobber doesn’t get on your furniture, either. But like people above me have already said, it’s hard to predict which pet bed your pet is going to love. This one seems really comfy because it has the dome, but it is really small, so it would only work for some pets. Other than that, I think it’s a nicer looking bed than the Bunga Bed because it looks simple and comfy. It is kind of pricey, so it’s a gamble to know if your pet will like it, but it seems as good as any other bed, or maybe better, depending on what your pet likes.

  3. Each pet is so difference so some will love the Pet Cave while others won’t use it. It will be a waste if your pet doesn’t even want to use it. On the other hand if you pet actually enjoys using it then it will be money well spent on them. It does cater to smaller pets but I’m sure if you look around you can find on big enough for larger pets. I guess you just have to make an observation on whether or not your pet likes something like this.

  4. My cat loves the Pet Cave. I purchased new living room furniture and I didn’t want my cat laying on the back of the new couch. I got the Pet Cave and my cat loves the protection covering. She has her own space and she isn’t on my couch. It isn’t too big or bulky, but adds enough space that two cats could sleep inside it with no problem. I paid the forty dollars as it was well worth it to me if she would lay in it. I haven’t had any problems and my cat loves the softness that comes with it.

  5. That’s a really tough situation to deal with, and I’m sorry you have to go through all of these changes in order to compromise and make everyone happy. I would recommend keeping it in your bedroom so that your pup has a place of his or her own to sleep in while still being in the room with you so he or she doesn’t feel isolated and left out. Hope this works to bring a bit of balance back to your relationships with your woman and your best furry friend.

  6. The key step to take before investing in the Pet Cave is to assess whether or not your pet is going to use it. I bought a cat bed two year’s ago and my cat barely ever even sits in it, and has never slept there in my observation. Animals are hard to predict. Still, this seems like a solid product and I am considering investing in it. Actually, I kind of want to use it myself. Is there a human-sized Pet Cave? Like for an Irish Wolfhound or something? Anyway, try to make an educated guess about your pet and decide if they’ll use it. Otherwise you might be out $40.

  7. Unfortunately I fell in love with a woman who isn’t a dog lover and moving in together meant that my dog no longer gets to sleep on the bed. I guess it’s something that I eventually had to correct regardless, but my dog has a very difficult time sleeping through the night because of uneasiness. I’m not a dog of course but I think if I were, I think a bed like this would make me feel more secure. For less than a hundred bucks it’s worth a try.

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