Does the PetSafe SmartDoor Really Work?

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Does the PetSafe SmartDoor Work?Having to leave our pets during the day isn’t something we enjoy but is often a necessity. It is hard to think of them being stuck indoors all day but there may be a way to give them some freedom in a safe manner, and that is with the PetSafe SmartDoor.

The PetSafe SmartDoor is another great example of how technological advancements have made owning and managing your pets and their behaviors that much easier and less complicated. This door and the electronic “key” allow your dog to enter and leave the house whenever they want.

The Claim
The claim by PetSafe is that by having a PetSafe SmartDoor  that only opens to the matching electronic key will ensure that you never have to worry about other animals inadvertently straying into your home by accident.

The Hype
Most of the associated hype is again realized by the technology that makes it possible for the PetSafe SmartDoor to even be possible.

The Cost
The cost of the PetSafe SmartDoor is a very reasonable $139.95 .The price is really pretty good when you consider that similar doggy doors that do not have the electronic key component are priced in the same ball park.

The Commitment
There is a little more commitment required for an item like the PetSafe SmartDoor simply because of the installation that will need to be done to get the door configured for your door. There will need to be a hole cut out of the door to allow the PetSafe SmartDoor to be inserted. If you do not feel comfortable doing this yourself have a contractor come and perform the chore for you. Cutting the door to the proper dimensions is no easy feat and should probably not be tried by someone who is less than qualified. If you make an error t could potentially mean that you will have to replace the door and you would not want that to happen so contact a professional if you have any concerns whatsoever.

The PetSafe SmartDoor is just like any other doggy door in that it lets the animal whether a cat or a dog come in and out of the house whenever they choose negating the need for someone to always be at the beck and call of their pets. The difference between the PetSafe SmartDoor and the traditional doggy door is that the pet in question wears a tag on their collar that acts as an electronic “key” to open the door. If and animal without the proper key tries to come in the door it simply will not open. You can also program the PetSafe SmartDoor to accept up to 5 different keys so if you have more than one pet you can get a key for all of them. The door is designed to fit all standard doors that are 1.5 to 2 inches thick but there are extension tunnels that can be purchased if for some reason your door is thicker than that.

Final PetSafe SmartDoor Review

The PetSafe SmartDoor is great for those who maybe are away for extended periods of time during the day and want their pets to be able to enter and exit at their leisure when no one is home or even for those who just want their pet to have the freedom of heading outside whenever they desire. The door is pretty cool with some LED lights built in so that the doggy or cat can find the door when it is dark out!

Our Recommendation
The PetSafe SmartDoor is another great and innovative product from the people at PetSmart. We would heartily recommend this to anyone with a pet and a door! You may also be interested in this pet food dispenser which is pretty neat.

What do you think? Does the PetSafe SmartDoor work or not?

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