Do Phiten Bracelets and Necklaces Work?

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Do Phiten Bracelets work?Phiten makes a wide assortment of bracelets and necklaces, many of which contain titanium and are said to have certain health benefits to wearing them.

Many products like these have hit the market lately claiming that they can give you everything from improved balance, to more energy, to less positive ions, to effecting your chi. Some of them go to great lengths to try to convince you that by wearing a bracelet things are entering your body and your bloodstream. A lot of it is pretty silly really, and that’s why it’s nice to see Phiten not do that.

The Claim
Phiten doesn’t make a lot of claims about what their products can do, and that’s actually a good thing. What’s generally understood though is that your athletic efforts will get a boost by wearing their titanium-based products.

The Hype
They’ve got a long list of celebrity endorsers, which either means that they’ve been given free bracelets or necklaces, or that they’ve been paid to wear them. This creates a bit of hype for the average consumer, because if we see a pro sports player wearing it, we automatically assume that it’s doing something.

There’s also a bit of hype with these containing titanium, because some people might associate it with something like platinum. It is most often used in medical applications because it is so well-received by the body, unlike things like gold or silver, which many people can have allergic reactions to. They use titanium for things like hip replacements because it does so well inside the body.

The Cost
Phiten Bracelets range in price by the design, and the ones that contain more titanium usually cost more. Just to give you an idea of the price range: their S-Pro model is $19 and their Pure Titanium bracelet is $230.

The Commitment
All that’s required on your part is wearing the bracelet or necklace. The positive benefits should be felt without you really needing to do much after that. Of course you’ll want to take part in your normal activities such as sports or exercise to get the full effect.

Phiten Bracelets are one of the few health bracelet companies that aren’t making claims of negative ions and detoxing your body. The use of titanium has long been established in the medical community, and as far as increasing your ability in sports, it may or may not work.

Most likely this is just the placebo effect at work, and you might feel better wearing it, or feel like you can do more on the court, or on the field than you can without it. Just like many sports stars have their pre-game ritual, superstitions, and other beliefs about why they’re good at what they do, if it makes sense in your own mind that’s really all that matters. If you feel that you perform better while wearing it, then by all means wear it.

However, if you try it out and don’t feel any different with it on, that’s OK too, it just means it didn’t work for you. That’s why we would go with one of the cheaper models for around $20, that way you won’t get ultra upset if it doesn’t do anything, and if you really like it you can consider upgrading from there.

Final Phiten Bracelets Review

Phiten bracelets and necklaces make the strongest case yet because they don’t resort to outlandish claims about effecting the neurons in your body. We”re giving it a Try rating, but be sure to just be playful with it, and don’t think that you’re instantly going to change into a sports phenomenon.

Our Recommendation
If your favorite pitcher is Justin Verlander, you might think that you can pitch like him if you put on a Phiten necklace as well. But really you should not be trying to match the performance of your favorite sports star, but instead use these as a way to increase your own performance. It’s all about being our own personal best, and if these accessories can give us a slight edge, then go for it. Even if it’s just a placebo effect, it still provides measurable results.

What do you think? Do Phiten Bracelets work or not?

174 Customer Reviews on “Do Phiten Bracelets and Necklaces Work?

  1. I have used phi-ten products for over a decade and they work for me. I was introduced to the products in Hawaii where I lived for 6 years. Phi-ten relieves the arthritis pain in my knees, back, and feet. It may be placebo effect, but it really works for me. I have necklaces, bracelets, dots, patches, back brace, socks and a golf shirt.

  2. I’m a badminton player who injured my right arm more than 10 years ago in a road accident. Since then, i unable smash hard because it will hurts my right shoulder. 2 years back i started play again. With wearing Phiten Rakuwa X50, i can play again as normal. Without pain when smashing hard. I won’t say it improves my game whatsoever. My muscles sore lessen after game. I believe it helps for pain relieving. Thanks

  3. I skeptically used it for my backache, and it really works! Previously my backache was so severe that i had difficulty getting up from bed. Now my backache is generally gone, only getting it occasionally.

  4. My colleagues and I examined the claims made by Phiten Corporation. There is no reason to believe these type of claims. First, Phiten claims do not make sense scientifically. Second, humans are already surrounded by titanium. Titanium is abundant in the natural environment and it is used in a lot of products (e.g., it might be in your shampoo). Third, we compared Phiten necklaces to clothesline segments and we found no evidence to support the Phiten claims. This is all featured in an article we published in Skeptical Inquirer.

  5. Phiten does have an outside research studies done on them from one that’s not involved with the company. Also, they do put more neg. ions into the body and take out the positive ones to help balance the body. they work like the old copper rope bracelet from the 60’s & 70’s that had 2 balls at the bottom of it containing magnets in them. They help out to take away pain by pulling the positive energies away from the joints and in turn, people feel better.

  6. Some things you keep close to your body and they can harm you, I think it’s safe to say that some things will do the opposite. I know in the olden days some Asian cultures would wear necklace or bracelet made of certain materials not for spiritual reasons, but for health reasons. I live a busy and active life and I can use any type of energy boost this can provide me by wearing it.

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