Does Plaque Blast Really Work?

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Does Plaque Blast really work?If your pet’s breath is a problem you may have been enticed by the commercials for Plaque Blast (now known as Plaque Attack). In them they show owners easily spraying a mist of solution into their willful pet’s mouth. It looks easy enough, and if you believe everything that’s stated then you’re just a phone call away from being Owner of the Year.

Taking your dog or cat to the dental vet for a cleaning can get pricey. This is the premise of Plaque Blast and other products boasting the same benefits. While it may be true that veterinarians charge an arm and a leg to clean your pet’s teeth, this doesn’t mean the answer lies in a $20 bottle of alcohol-free spray.

The Claim
By spraying Plaque Blast into your pet’s mouth you’ll avoid the need to go to the vet dentist as much for plaque cleanings. They do not come right out and say this, but in their video they compare and contrast the use of their product to taking your pet in for a scaling.

They use scare tactics in the form of dramatizing the pain that your pet will have to endure while they are having a tooth cleaning. You shouldn’t let it get to you, or let it prevent you from taking them in for scrapings. The long-term effects of not taking them in will be far worse than the short-term pain they’ll feel getting a cleaning.

More fear tactics come later, as they demonize the bacteria that live in your animal’s mouth and state that if left unchecked it could lead to further complications in their intestines and organs. They cleverly avoid stating that their product helps reduce the likelihood of this threat.

The Hype
The hype comes in the form of the Utopian world presented in the television commercials. In these ads pets site comfortably while their owners spritz the spray into their mouths. There’s also plenty of computer animation showing how tartar and plaque buildup vanishes with a few sprays from the bottle.

There’s only one accurate depiction of how the product would be used in real life, and that’s when their paid vet tries to spray the spray into a dog’s mouth. The dog is fidgeting and having no part of it and a big cloud of errant spray goes wafting all over the dog’s body.

The Cost
Plaque Blast is advertised at $10 for two bottles plus shipping and handling of $6.99. You can also get a “free” Crazy Critter for an extra $6.99. From what we can deduce they do not autoship and autobill you every 30 days like many of the as seen on TV products that are moderately priced.

The Commitment
From the videos it appears that you’ll just have to spray a few quick blasts into your pet’s mouth and let them go on their way. You only have to do this several times per day to get started and then once per day as you go along to maintain the desired results.

The best way to find out what’s best for your pet is to ask the vet the next time you go in for a check up. Let them know that your pet has bad breath and you are concerned about their oral health. Your vet will be able to make an assessment and let you know what you can do between cleanings.

Does Plaque Blast Really Work?

Plaque Blast may help to reduce the smell of your dog or cat’s breath, but it should not be used as an alternative to dental cleanings. If used as a breath freshener it may or may not be worth the price tag.

Our Recommendation
It’s best to take your pet to the vet on a regular basis to get excess plaque removed professionally. In between visits you can use what your vet recommends, whether it be special treats for them that breaks up the plaque, or a different form of Plaque Blast that you know you can trust.

Do not use Plaque Blast as an alternative to proper dental cleanings for your pet. They may experience a little discomfort, and may need some anesthesia to calm them down and make it easier for the veterinarian to work on them, but that’s just part of being a dog or a cat. They’ll get over it.

An easy alternative to Plaque Blast are the C.E.T. Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews. They’re cheaper, and are clinically proven to reduce plaque and bacteria, making your dogs breath smell fresher.

What do you think? Does Plaque Blast really work?

10 Customer Reviews on “Does Plaque Blast Really Work?

  1. I have been involved in dog rescue for over 20 years and worked with many vets on hundreds of bad mouths, we have been recommended and tried just about everything! Plaque Blast is definitely at the top of the list for both older dogs, dogs with heart conditions, fearful dogs, and just good maintenance. It can help a horrendous mouth SAFELY when often a vet cannot. I have a $3200 dental bill as proof for one pomeranian who ended up with a wired jaw at her “professional vet cleaning”. I wish i had used Plaque Blast instead! Vet cleanings are good and sometimes thorough (but sometimes not too!), but we have also had many people come to us looking to adopt a pet after theirs has sadly passed away DURING A “ROUTINE” DENTAL CLEANING! And many others who’s pets have trachea damage and neurological issues AFTER anesthesia. Particularly with small and toy breeds. Its not always just about the money and any vet that tries to make you feel you are giving substandard care because you are not paying their high fees is not one that is well versed in nutrition and natural alternatives! Anesthesia always poses risks and i would not trust my pet with anyone who claims otherwise. Please look at ALL options and what’s best for YOUR pet. Its all about the DOG or CAT!!

  2. I also have a chihuahua who getting quite old as well. It would be need to give her something make her teeth healthier than they are. So I would like to see how well this works with her as well. Two weeks sounds like a good investment to make for my dog. But like you said, it might not work for everyone either.

  3. My educational background is in veterinary science with specialties in dentistry for many years. I brush my dogs teeth every other day and I have tried EVERYTHING to postpone the dreadful vet visit for a dental, plus it is costly especially when you have more than one dog. Along with brushing, and a water additive, Plaque Blast DOES REALLY WORK!!!!! I wouldn’t lie about something like this on a review. But let me make this perfectly clear…you have to start out with a great dental hygiene program at home first. This stuff is highly recommended!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I love this stuff! I bought it at pet smart for my aging shepherd. Her teeth looked awful, brown and black with tarter. Her gums were inflamed and red. At her advance age – dental cleaning by the vet was also out of the question. So, for $10.00 I took a shot and it works amazingly well. After a couple of weeks her teeth are white the gum inflammation has dramatically reduced ( mostly pink again). She can now chew hard food, bones whatever she wants. I take exception to vets that poo poo a product that has helped my old dog so much. Not every one is made of money. My dogs have all lived long, healthy, happy lives. I take them to the vet when I need to – shots and medical situations where it is obvious I need help. Thank goodness my vet understands this and supports me.

  5. I bought this at the local pet store. I was super skeptical and figured I was about to get infomercialed but for ten bucks worth a try. I am in LOVE with this product. My chihuahua’s teeth her awful, black and stinky. This product cleared his breath instantly and almost all of his teeth are white again. He has not once had a problem sitting and letting me spray it in his mouth. I would say its def worth a try!

  6. My chihuahua is very old and, sadly, as she was growing up, my family and I didn’t have the funds to get her much medical care, so now, just arriving at a vet clinic gets her really stressed out. She has a weak heart, so I don’t want to stress her out. With a heart like hers, it is too risky to use anesthesia on her, so dental cleanups are out of the question. Though I’ve been told by pet health books that I should expect to see her lose teeth as she reared her late teens, it still worried me when she lost three of her four canine teeth. However, in a desperate attempt to save her rotting teeth, I bought the plaque blast. Two weeks later, her remaining teeth are almost completely white. She can now chew dental sticks comfortably to help promote dental health and she is no longer constantly sniffling and sneezing. I was skeptical at first, but now I feel her quality of life is increasing. This product may not work for everyone, but it worked for my chihuahua.

  7. I’m a vet…. and this product works about as well as spraying yourself in the mouth would work in reducing your brushing and dental visits. Sorry people, there’s no way around it, you pet needs daily brushing and yearly dental prophylaxis scaling and polishing done properly under anesthesia. Anything less is substandard care, and allows the tartar to build up. Pathophysiologically, there’s no difference in how dental disease develops in animals and humans, except that animals may have more of the bacteria associated with plaque and tartar in their mouths than we do. So if anything they need more intervention. Dry kibble doesn’t work either. Dry kibble does as much in reducing plaque and tartar as eating almonds everyday would do for you. You are just going to have to brush and visit the vet if you want good oral health on your pet.

  8. I saw this advertised on TV whilst in America visiting my daughter. Ordered 4 bottles to try, have just finished the first bottle and very happy with results so far. It hasnt got rid of all the tartar but most of it.Teeth look clean and healthy now.Shame its not sold in the UK, will get daughter to bring some more over when she visits later in the year.

  9. I’ve read loads of reviews of this on Amazon and other sites and they’ve been either really bad or really good… so thought i’d give it a try myself.
    It took a bit of getting used to for the dog (it seems he doesn’t like the taste) but after 4 days (twice a day) his breath is definitely better!
    Would recommend

  10. This product was recommended to me by a friend over in the US (i’m in UK) after me mentioning my dogs breath. Unfortunately, so far i’ve been unable to find a UK distributor so my friend is going to be sending some over for me to try 🙂

    In UK we have plenty of dog treats and sticks/bones that are supposed to help with your dogs teeth, gums and breath but i’m yet to find one that works.
    I often take my Boxer dog to the vet for dental work but i could really do with something for in between visits and this sounds ideal.
    Hopefully i’ll be able to get some soon!

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