Does the Potty Patch Really Work?

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Does the Potty Patch really work?Taking the dog outside every time they have to go can be a real hassle, and the promise of Potty Patch is to end all of that. If you live in the city and have an indoor dog, it can be quite hard to get them trained to only go outside. The theory here is to bring a bit of the outside in so that they can go naturally and you can clean it up when you can.

It can be hard having a dog. They are not low maintenance like a cat. They require a lot of attention and need to be walked and played with and taken out when nature calls. But they are such good companions that many people try to make a dog fit into their busy lifestyle. Only too late do they realize that things aren’t quite working, and by that time they’ve already formed a bond. The Potty Patch has good intentions, but unfortunately this isn’t enough for a successful product.

The Claim
The makers of Potty Patch claim that your dog will be able to use it as if they were actually outside, since it resembles the look and feel of real grass.

They give an example of an owner that has to have their carpets regularly cleaned by a professional as a way to justify buying a Potty Patch.

They claim that it due to their three tier system the mess drips down to the lower bin and you can just empty it at your convenience without worrying about the smell.

They also bring up the example of someone who leaves their dog home all day while they are at work, only to come home to find an accident every day. By using the patch it is said that this worry will be a thing of the past. In the same vein they mention people that live in apartments and offer Potty Patch as the solution to having your dog go outside.

The Hype
When they show a dog “relieving itself” on the Potty Patch, it is actually just sitting on it. This should be the first clue that this product is entirely over-hyped, as they couldn’t even get a documented use of a dog peeing on it.

The Cost
You can order Potty Patch from Petco through Amazon for $40 delivered to your door and this will let you bypass the scam they have going at the official ordering channels. Apparently when consumers would try to order by phone they were automatically enrolled for special offers and programs that would be billed to their credit card unknowingly. Avoid the whole hassle and order from a valid website.

The Commitment
Once you receive your Potty Patch it’s your responsibility to get your dog to actually use it. Real owners have shown footage of their dogs barking at the patch, chewing on it, and sitting on it, but rarely are they able to get them to use it the way it is intended. You have to be patient and have an obedient dog if you plan on getting any use out of this product.

Footage of an Actual Dog Reacting to the Potty Patch

Dogs aren’t cats. They like to roam around outside and do their business where it seems most natural for them. They don’t like having accidents around the house, and even though it seems like they are doing it to upset you, no one is more upset than your dog at having to go inside.

Final Potty Patch Review

The Potty Patch has several inherent flaws. The size is too small, even for smaller breeds of dogs. Many people who purchased the unit complained that their small dog had trouble just getting onto it, let alone using it to go to the bathroom on. Larger breed dogs would simply laugh at it if they could.

The other flaw is that if they do end up using it, the clean up process is not as simple as the infomercial would have you believe. You’ll want to spray out the entire unit, and not just empty the bottom tier, as is advised on the ad spot. If you don’t you’ll have residual odors left from the top tier and it will be worse-smelling than if they would pee on the carpet.

Our Recommendation
Based on user feedback and the fact that your dog deserves to relieve themselves outside, regardless of how inconvenient it may be for you as the owner, you should not buy the Potty Patch. It is too small, dogs don’t like using it and can’t figure out what it’s for, it doesn’t mask smells the way it says it does, and if they poop on it the mess is much harder to clean than if they simply did it on the floor.

What do you think? Does Potty Patch work or not?

17 Customer Reviews on “Does the Potty Patch Really Work?

  1. This product killed my dog. Please be very careful and supervise if you use it. My 13 year old dog that has not been destructive wasn’t feeling well so picked at this like it was really grass it bulked up in her stomach and long loose threads came off as well. Which one got caught in her intestines making it impossible for her to vomit or pass the ball of plastic grass. This product is suppose to be safe for puppy and adult dogs. Most puppy’s chew things. Some young adults also chew things. I was shocked that this product that is suppose to be safe to leave with your pet ended up killing mine. I tried to operate cost $2800 in vet bills but the operation was too much for her she died that night.

  2. I had my dog for three years, she has used the potty patch since I got her. She was trained (by her mother) with three other pups to pee and poop on it since she was born, so it was super easy for her to adjust when we took her home.

  3. I know a lady who has a large fake grass potty for a small dog. Her dog only has access to it at night.she has a doggy door during day. It works for them. She likes it. If dog poops she picks up with toilet paper and flushes it. I ordered one but then decided against it as I then bought a large breed male pup and can’t imagine it working for it. So I cancelled it.

  4. I’ve wondered if dogs use dog potty mats and how effective they would be. It seems that they would have a lot of convenience if they were used by my pets. I see that in your review that the patch you reviewed is too small but for the convenience I think I’ll give a larger potty mat a try. Thanks for the informative dog mat review.

  5. Okay, so firstly its too small. Dogs are not cats. They don’t like to curl themselves up into neat little balls and they don’t like to perch regally at anytime. So there’s that. And then, Couldn’t you knock something together yourself for a lot cheaper than $40? Surely. But that being said, the idea is sound, I guess. Train your dog to behave like a cat. Oh wait, that’s impossible. Cats naturally want to cover their waste. Dogs are happy to leave it out. Hell, dogs will eat it for god’s sake. The inherent problem with dogs is also their biggest asset. You have to look after them because they are closer to giving you the love and attention of a child in a way a cat never can.

  6. Like the review says: Dogs aren’t cats. They don’t like being forced to go in one particular spot. My dog likes to wander around for a bit outside before finding the ideal spot to do their business in. The rain and snow do make it more difficult for them to do them to do their business anyway that I don’t think they’d use the pad anyway. Or at least without training but this could lead to bad habits. Such as the dog thinking that they can go anywhere inside the house. When the weather is too extreme for the dog, I would recommend going outside with them and making it more convenient for them to do their business. Even if it causes you a great inconvenience.

  7. Ok smart people, what do I do with small dogs, whom I love, who hate snow and rain but live with me in Minnesota? I rescued them here in MN and have never been happier but tell me how to get them to go potty outside when it is below zero or the winds are blowing hard and cold? I like the idea of a potty pad in the garage, not the house, but can’t get them to go. Since everyone is an expert and makes fun of small dogs wearing sweaters or coats when they have no hair but have to go out and really can’t hold it for very long, please tell me how to HELP my dogs go in the garage, not the house, rain or snow.

  8. Please provide me with a phone number or an email address of the manufacturer. I need more help in getting my dog to want to use the Potty Patch.
    Thank you
    Anna Cosmides


  9. I made the mistake of buying one of these.
    It seems a good idea at first, and i have previously house trained a rabbit with a similar system, but a dog is a completely different task.
    This is too small for a dog.
    Most of the time my dog missed the mat as he was just too big.

  10. This has to be the craziest thing i’ve ever seen for a dog!
    This goes way past the pink collars and doggy jackets.

    Firstly, why would you have a dog if you can’t commit to taking it out regularly for toilet breaks and walks etc?

    Anyway, you only have to look at the feedback videos to see how right this article is!? Complete waste of cash and time.
    How do these products even get to market!?

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