Does the NuWave Oven Really Work?

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Does the NuWave Oven really work?There’s no way you can’t wonder about the NuWave Oven after seeing its rather convincing infomercial. The food that is shown looks absolutely amazing, and watching the hosts gush over it only adds to the fever to purchase one. But it seems your rational mind has managed to stay grounded and wants to know if this thing can actually pull off the amazing feats it claims to be able to.

Countertop cookers have a long history of making it on to televised commercials and in to consumer homes. There’s something that hits the soul about being able to cook yummy food in a nice little self-contained unit. Maybe it’s how no matter if you’re a boy or girl deep down you wanted an Easy Bake Oven and this is the way to have one without looking strange as an adult.

Whatever the draw, this is big business and many companies throw their name in the hat of contenders and try to draw their own fan base. But let’s see how the NuWave oven stacks up against others like the Ronco Rotisserie Oven.

The Claim
There are some pretty big claims made by the makers of the NuWave Oven. For one they say that their oven uses all sorts of different cooking methods in one unit. These include conduction, which is similar to the standard oven you probably have in your home, covection, which is usually found in fancy restaurants to infuse foods with flavor, as well as infrared, which seems a little science fiction for a countertop device.

They also claim that the plastic dome on top is made with no ordinary plastic. It’s a polycarbonate that will last and stand up to repeated use.

Becuase of its different cooking techniques you can get a lot of different uses from your NuWave Oven. You can make things like barbecue or roast chicken, depending on what mood you and your family is in. You can also grill it or bake it, broil it or even fry it by using air and not a drop of oil. You can even use it to steam vegetables, which everyone knows is healthy but is so hard to do with conventional pots and pans found in kitchens across the country.

The Hype
The infomercial that goes along with the NuWave Oven will make most anyone want to try it. The hosts make the food look so delicious, as they rave about it and react to its amazing taste. The longer you watch this 30-minute wonder, the more likely you are to buy, or at least seek out the truth to whether or not it works.

The Cost
The NuWave Oven doesn’t try to compete on price. Even if you go with the cheapest model you can expect to pay over $100. If you go with one of their deluxe models you are looking at paying about $140-$150. All of these prices include the free shipping when you order from Amazon.

The Commitment
If you’re not used to cooking at home it can take a little adjusting. If fast food and eating out at restaurants has become the norm, you might find it a little difficult going to the grocery store and having to buy all of the ingredients to make your own food.

It can also come as a shock as you order a week’s worth of food all at one time, instead of paying for it day by day the way you do when you eat out. When you do the math though you’ll see that it’s far more economical to make your own food, especially when you can make various foods and aren’t just having to eat the same thing day in and day out.

The thing to remember here is that the NuWave Oven comes in many different varieties, and depending on how serious you are about owning one, you might want to kick in a little extra to get the suped up model. That being said, even the lower end models should provide you with the results you’re after.

There is a bit of a learning curve, as you familiarize yourself with how it works, and figure out how to cook the foods you like the way you like them. Because it can cook your food so many different ways, it does create some room for trial and error, and you probably will have a few misses along with some hits.

You can’t expect to be a pro when using your NuWave right out of the box, but knowing that in just a few weeks you’ll know how to cook some amazing recipes quickly and easily is reassuring.

Final the NuWave Oven Review

If you’re concerned about your family’s health and have been wanting to get out of the vicious cycle of eating your meals outside of the home, you should take the plunge and get yourself a NuWave Oven. With a little bit of practice you’ll be making some of your family’s favorite dishes from the comfort of home, and with ingredients that you can choose to use.

This is another great feature of the product, you get to do quality control on the foods you eat. Using organic products is great, but even the regular fruits and vegetables as well as most other fresh ingredients you find at the store are worlds better than the low-grade heavily processed foods found at the leading fast food joints all over America.

A Note on Negative Reviews: With any product that is mass produced there will be negative reviews. You can’t use these as a basis for judging it negatively. There could be a faulty unit. There is always user error to consider. There are also people that go into the situation believing that the product won’t work for them, so they don’t use it right, or they don’t read the instructions, or they just say the food is so-so because deep down they didn’t want it to work.

A Video Showing How to Cook Low-Carb Meals with the NuWave Oven

Our Recommendation
If you don’t already have a unit like this in your home, you should make the investment in one. First you have to resolve yourself to cooking at home, so before making the purchase, try cooking at home using the utensils you currently have, and see if it suits you. This will also establish or re-establish the habit of making your own food.

The biggest problem people experience is getting excited about getting their NuWave Oven, but they fail to make a habit of it, and then have buyer’s remorse because it collects dust in their cupboard, making getting used once or twice when it first arrived. At this price point you want to use it quite regularly to get your money’s worth.

Save over 30% when you buy a NuWave Oven from Amazon.

What do you think? Does the NuWave Oven work or not?

92 Customer Reviews on “Does the NuWave Oven Really Work?

  1. can anyone say rude? mean? She has a right to her opinion and you have no right to belittle her.

  2. I was given one (the large size) by a dear friend who absolutely loved his. I absolutely hated the thing.
    It was cumbersome to get out and put together, got really hot so you have to be careful handling it, nothing cooked like they said it should, and didn’t clean itself like it was supposed to.
    Took forever to cook chicken wings, and then the food dried out.
    It is possible that mine was defective since it seemed to cook one-sided sort of. Very labor intensive as I had to keep turning food over to cook to get it browned.
    And, for those of you thinking I just didn’t know how to use it, I read and followed the instructions.
    I guess I am in the minority, but I wouldn’t recommend a NuWave. The only positive was that I was able to re-purpose the cooking top into a coffee roaster so all was not lost!

  3. I’d hate to see Peggy try and cook for real when she can’t even figure out how to cook a simple easy to use product like this… lol

  4. I am in love with the Nuwave Oven
    I was sceptical at first but it really is an amazing contraption and a must-have for anyone who enjoys cooking. And yes, It really does cook frozen meat thoroughly without over cooking it. You can do so much with it! You can cook pretty much anything in it. It even reheats leftover fries and instead of the expectation of a soggy mess, they’re nice and crispy. I’ve honestly never been this excited about a kitchen appliance before.

  5. We bought one for the camper, but started using it every day so had to buy one for the house. As a family of 4, we never use the conventional oven now, and rarely fry. Greatest product ever. I could do the infomercial for them. It is fantastic!

  6. We use our NuWave Oven, at the least, three times a day unless we are out of town. My family joked and laughed after I purchased the first one many years ago

  7. A NuWave is a must have for any kitchen. It’s portable enough to travel with and compact enough to not be a ‘counter hog’

    As someone who has zero culinary skills besides a grilled cheese sandwich, the recipes and directions are easy to follow and are pretty straight forward and have cranked out everything from sirloin steak to baby back ribs, and each meal was restaurant quality

    My only negative feedback is the dome is prone to cracking, and have had to replace it

  8. It works great. It cooks food pretty evenly. I’ve cooked frozen pizzas, hot wings, fish, etc. so it replaces the oven for a lot of daily dishes. It’s better than conventional countertop ovens because of how well it heats and has a nice size (I can’t do frozen pizza in my other countertop oven).

    With that said, the unit will break after 1-3 years. I’ve replaced mine yearly since the dome cracks, but I’ve seen reviews saying theirs lasted 3 years. That’s not too bad but it can get expensive to own for some people (>$100/yr)

  9. I love mine , my dome cracked about three years in , darn $50.00 for another one ! Darn ! I bought one refurbished at Big Lots , cool ! $70.00 , I’m cooking great again and I have spare parts ! Lol. Happy camper !

  10. I have purchased 3 NuWave ovens. I think they do a great job cooking frozen meat – it ends up juicy but not burnt. The one big problem is that the plastic dome breaks after about a year or so. I usually use it several times a week. One way to go is buy it with extended warranty (Sears offers one for $10 I think), so you can get a refund when it breaks. I don’t know if the new domes are any better – one is advertised as stronger. It is too bad that this one part of the NuWave is made of such bad materials. Also the finish on the racks tends to come off too. I don’t know what is the underlying metal and if it is dangerous to cook off or not.

  11. Chances are if it came out cold and raw, you forgot to turn the oven on. As the article said, most problems with the oven are operator error. No shame in admitting your mistake, we all make them.

  12. biggest waste of $100.00 I have ever experienced. This oven ,if that’s what you want to call it, I think the best description would be a piece of junk,IT DID NOT DO ANYTHING they said it would do,the chicken they show comes out all nice and juicy and golden brown BIG LIE, it comes out snow white,,cold, and raw. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY.You would come out better putting your money in a jar and burring it in the back yard, at least you can dig IT up and spend it on something that works. RUN THE OTHER WAY AND RUN FAST.

  13. It sounds like an amazing kitchen appliance to have especially if you love to cook. An added benefit that Rikki mentioned was that it won’t heat up your house during a heat wave in summer. I think it’s definitely worth waiting a little longer for foods to cook because of the added convenience it can provide you in the end. What also make me inching to try it is that the quality of food will not be affected by this product either. I’ve tried too many products that ended up altering the taste of food I cooked. So it’s nice to know that this doesn’t.

  14. I have the big NuWave and I have to say, yes, it cooks food and the food doesn’t taste any different than food from my oven. It isn’t dried out or tough, but here is the catch. I have compared cooking times on various foods. I have found that even preheated, the NuWave takes quite a bit longer to cook foods than my oven, set at the same temperature.
    I live in Texas, so it gets hot and humid during the summer. This is where the NuWave paid off. It didn’t heat up my house the way the oven would have.
    If you live in a small space, like a dorm, this is a great product, since it takes up very little space. If you don’t want to heat up the house with the oven, again it’s great. I love mine and I use it a lot, but for the sake of honesty, it is not a miracle product. It cooks food which is what it is supposed to do. It’s a nice little addition to my kitchen products and it would be a lifesaver if my oven broke. I like it and would recommend it to a friend. Just don’t be expecting the food to cook in half the time of the conventional oven. At least, that’s my experience with it.

  15. I have the NuWave Mini and love it. I have cooked roast pork tenderloin (from frozen), burger patties (from frozen), Italian sausages (fresh and frozen), bacon, Tater-Tots, roasted vegetables and much more. I haven’t used a stove top burner in well over a year. Between my Mini and the microwave, the majority of my home cooking needs are met.

    The NuWave Mini is a bit small, even for a single person. If I was going to do it again (and I might!), I’d get the full sized one. Still, it’s been an excellent product.

  16. Highly recommend one of these to anyone!
    Our normal oven broke a few months back and so i borrowed a nuwave off my wifes parents.
    This kept us going everyday for a few weeks until we were able to get a replacement oven.
    I was expecting the food to be dry and tasteless but it was just like normal.

  17. I’d say this nuwave oven is a must have appliance for all home chefs. Great review! It also makes a great holiday present.

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