Does Pure Barre Really Work?

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Does Pure Barre work?Pure Barre is an exercise method that uses a ballet bar as the main apparatus for the workout. It also stresses doing smaller, more isometric movements rather than the kind that you see most often in exercise programs. Of course there are many testimonials, but what most want to know is does it actually work?

Ballet dancers are known for their petite size and fitness levels. This might have been what prompted the founder of Pure Barre to turn it into an fitness program. But they’ve also modified it, adding weight bands, weighted balls, and more in addition to the ballet barre. Some have said that this extra equipment makes it too confusing, and makes the learning curve rather steep, but others have said that it adds to the experience and makes it more effective.

The Claim
The claim is that you can use the same techniques that ballet dancers use to change the structure of your body and lose weight. Although you’ve probably heard this sort of claim made by several other fitness programs over the years, you have to stop and think that there is some proof to it by all of the fit ballet dancers that exist. But then you also have to consider that they take it rather seriously and put at least a part-time effort into it, and they’re passionate about doing it. See more below on the level of commitment needed.

The Hype
The business has grown quite quickly since it became a franchise, and has expanded to being nationwide. They also have a set of DVDs that you can order so you can perform the moves at home. This fast expansion and increase in popularity is leading to some positive hype.

The Cost
The cost of performing Pure Barre varies depending on whether you visit one of the studios, or if you buy a DVD and do it at home. If you buy the at-home programs it’s a one-time cost and you can use them again and again from the comfort of home. It will take more self-discipline, and there’s a chance that you won’t be performing the exercises the right way, and could get individual attention if you went in person.

You might be able to find a deal on Pure Barre classes, as they run promotions on deal sites in order to attract new members. But be careful, the word is if you try it you stand the chance of getting hooked.

The Commitment
No matter which option you choose, either deciding to go in person or stay at home, you’ll still have to make sure that you show up and take action. The moves are not complicated, but they still must be mastered, and you should expect to put your time in to learn how to do them right, and expect it to be a bit challenging at first. Dancers get their bodies because that’s their craft, and being fit is almost a side benefit, as well as a prerequisite.

The feedback on Pure Barre has been mostly positive, with users saying that it’s a bit like a cross between yoga and pilates, and a bit of an aerobic workout at times. It depends a lot on your fitness and flexibility level starting out, because some of the moves can be challenging, and if you go to an intermediate class you might feel like a fish out of water.

The one thing to consider is that ballet dancers also dance to keep the calories expenditure up, and to put all of those muscles to use. If you’re just doing the training, but not getting the cardio in, your results may come more slowly. Also, professional ballet dancers, the ones that are often emulated for their physique, are sticking to a strict diet and working on their craft 24/7 so it’s not really fair to use them as a comparison. Simply try to be the best you can be, and strive for your own personal accomplishments.

Final Pure Barre Review

Pure Barre is earning our Thumbs Up rating for having a strong base of actual users that say it does in fact work. It’s not surprising that these exercises can help to change the way your body is structured, and if you stick with it and do them regularly you’ll end up building strength without killing yourself in the gym, and you’ll have that “dancer’s body” that gets talked about often.

Our Recommendation
We recommend trying it out in person first to see if you like it, or at least checking out a sample of what it’s like on YouTube. That way you can decide whether you want to commit to getting a package deal at a studio, or investing in the home DVD so you can have the freedom to do it whenever you want, and the privacy of doing it in your own home.

What do you think? Does Pure Barre work or not?

2 Customer Reviews on “Does Pure Barre Really Work?

  1. So, do you need a car to work against? This isn’t very clear. I can imagine a lot of women are attracted to the idea though. Ballerinas represent one of the highest examples of the human body at its peak, and I can see how this would be a good angle to approach the market with, but reading into it a little, it seems more like just another kettle bell routine, what with the application of weighted belts and the like. But I can see how applying some of the training methods of the ballerina could definitely benefit anyone wanting to get into shape, I just would like a lot more information before I would consider buying.

  2. Okay, so I’ve heard great reviews about pure barre and all, but why are the two people giving the presentation for it so unfit? The woman needs to shape up that lower belly and the guy.. where to begin? He’s got a double chin and the way he’s dressed, only fat guys wear their clothes like that. If they’re average people then I’m totally cool with it, but they’re supposed to be presenting a workout program. I’ll tell you right now, they’re not the best people for the job. I’m still down with the program, but they should really consider replacing their spokesperson.

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