Does Putty Secret Really Work?

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Does Putty Secret Work?The Putty Secret is a removable soft adhesive that can be used to hold many different items in place. It can be used on several different types of surfaces. Is there something special about this soft removable adhesive?

The product is a soft pliable adhesive that you can put on the bottom of items such as vases and collectibles or even for holding pictures in place. It can be used on a variety of different surfaces like glass, metal, ceramic, porcelain and even wood. It is easy to use just by rolling a small amount into a ball and placing it on the item you want to secure. Then it is easily removed from both the object and surface and will not damage either, plus it is non toxic.

The Claim
The Company claims this product is great for keeping items in place without anyone detecting that it is there. They state that it is both easy to use and remove and is non toxic. They claim in will work in RVs and boats for keeping items in place. They indicate that it is a great product to use around items that are exposed to children and pets that could otherwise be easily knocked over.

The Hype
There is nothing unique about the hype that comes with this product as there are many similar types on the market that all claim most of the same benefits and features. Without having something unique to a product that has a lot of competition it is difficult to even center out any appeal.

The Cost
The cost of this product is $18. which includes the shipping and handling cost, plus allows you to get an extra one free. The offer doesn’t indicate that there is extra S&H charges but there is some indication that an extra $10.surcharge may apply. There are many similar products both online and on land similar to this that vary in price. However, the majority of them are less expensive. Perhaps the closest to this particular product would be Loctite 2-Ounce Pack Fun-Tak Mounting Putty that is available on Amazon for $6.99 plus shipping. Keep in mind that with the cost of the Putty Secret you are getting a second one free, and there is a 30 day money back guarantee.

The Commitment
You are going to have to take the time to make sure you prepare the product by rolling it into small round balls. Then set the object firmly into place where you want it to be.

There is just nothing unique that can be sourced out about this product that would entice a buyer to purchase it over and above the similar products on the market. For a similar type product that has somewhat more uniqueness and value to it would be the Rivit Strips which we previously reviewed and gave a Try rating.


Final Putty Secret Review

With the lack of creativity and nothing special about this product it leaves us no choice but to give it thumbs down rating. The promotional material affiliated with this product does give some good ideas of where to use this type of removable adhesive which is good. Aside from that there is just nothing about the product that says “buy me I’m different”

Our Recommendation
If you are looking for this type of adhesive then you would probably be better to go with one that has a good track record and some positive reviews in place like the Loctite or even the Rivit Strips. Two negative aspects about the Putty Secret is the possible $10. surcharge, and they indicate it could take 24 to 48 hours before customer service even receives your information then another 4 to 6 weeks for you to receive the product.

What do you think? Does Putty Secret work or not?

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