Does Grease Genie Really Work?

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Does the Grease Genie Work?The Grease Genie is a handy kitchen gadget that allows you to drain the grease off your food safely and conveniently. Is it any better than other products that let you do the same thing?

This is a two piece product that consists of a small heat resistant bowl, and a second piece which acts as a strainer that clamps on the top of the bowl. It is designed to allow the grease to flow through the strainer easily so it doesn’t become clogged. Once the grease has been drained it can then be allowed to cool and discarded with.

The Claim
The claim being made for this Grease Genie is that there is no mess. The product is heat resistant according to the Company and can be used for both hot and cold foods. They claim that the two pieces of the product fit securely together and it makes draining the grease off foods an easy task.

The Hype
They hype focuses on its large capacity of being able to drain larger quantities of food. The Company is capitalizing on the fact that everyone loves a product that makes food preparation healthier, faster and safer. While there are other similar products such as the Clip On Strainer Spout on the market that do the same thing, many of them are not as convenient and can be difficult to use, or are simply a knock off of a similar product.

The Cost
For $26. you are going to get one Grease Genie plus an extra as the bonus, which includes the shipping price. Some extra charges may apply depending on your location. There is a 30 day money back guarantee minus the shipping and handling.

The Commitment
You have to be conscientious enough to want to go the extra step in your food preparation to take the time to drain off the excess fat. Then there is the disposal of the grease and the cleaning of the Grease Genie afterwards to attend to.

Many people are really becoming health conscious about the amount of fat they are eating. This makes the Grease Genie an appealing product. There is always a safety factor that has to be considered when dealing with grease such as the risk of getting burned, or grease splashing onto the stove burner and igniting. This product appears to reduce both of those concerns. Products such as this as well as those like Mr. Lid for example are designed to make like a little easier, and when they perform as well as what they claim then they are worth the investment.

Final Grease Genie Review

This product has basically addressed all of the needs and wants when it comes to handling the fat that is produced with some foods. We have decided to give it a solid Try/Buy rating because of the benefits that it is offering. It allows for easy drainage which is convenient, and addresses some safety factors.

Our Recommendation
It is a small investment to make in a product that can make life easier in the kitchen and enhance those foods that have a high fat content. It appears to be durable, convenient to store when not in use and easy to clean.

What do you think? Does Grease Genie work or not?

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