Does Touch of Youth Really Work?

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Does Touch of Youth Work?Touch of youth is a skin care product that is claiming to reduce wrinkles and fine lines and you can expect a dramatic improvement in your appearance within two weeks. So, is there something unique about this product that is better than all the others?


This product is a new facial cream to hit the market touting its remarkable ability to dramatically reduce fine lines and deep wrinkles.At the same time it is supposed to brighten your complexion. Apparently it can increase the moisture of your skin up to 300% within just 15 minutes.

The Claim

There are both weak and strong claims that are being made by the promoter of Touch of Youth. The average claim that comes with most face creams of this type is being made which is the reduction of lines and wrinkles. Perhaps the strongest claim being made is it is supposed to increase skin moisture by 300% within 15 minutes as well as being touted as the first wrinkle cream for 24 hour wrinkle relief.

The Hype

There really is no unique hype for this particular product and it seems to be riding on the skirt tails of the tons of products out there all claiming to be the best there is for wrinkle reduction. The marketing material is showing before and after pictures like most marketing material does and based on the pictures this would create the most dramatic hype for this product, going on the premise that would be users will base their purchase on the seeing is believing type of attitude.

The Cost

In comparision to the vast range of costs for skin care products Touch of Youth could be classed as reasonable. You have the option of purchasing just one bottle of the product for a total cost of $27. or opting in for the bonus offer of getting a second bottle for free and just paying the $7. shipping cost for this.There is no indication of any type of money back guarantee.

The Commitment

As with any type of beauty care product you are going to have to make a time commitment and a desire to stick with using it daily. This is probably not a big responsibility or anything out of the usual as most people do have some type of skin care regime.


With so many products on the market to choose from it means that a new product really has to have something dynamic to offer. The competition is fierce especially when the product has to compete against top brand names like L’Oreal Paris RevitaLift Anti-Wrinkle that is being offer at a lower price and has some pretty strong claims backing up why it works.

Final Touch of Youth Review

There is just not enough factual information being offered about this product to indicate that it is unique or better than any of the others on the market. It has not indicated any testing or studies to substantiate the proof of its claim of adding up to 300% moisture. There is no discussion about its active ingredients except one that there doesn’t seem to be a lot of additional information on.

Our Recommendation

Based on a good look at what this product is promoting and the details that have been provided in their marketing materials, it leads us to give it a Risky/Try Buy rating. There is some skepticism in the time line of results. If the product is able to produce a 300% increase in moisture in 15 minutes why is it taking up to 2 weeks to see dramatic results? Often the cause of wrinkles is lack of moisture and tauntness in the elasticity of the skin. If it is being treated with this dramatic increase in moisture each time it is applied then one would think that the dramatic results would arrive much sooner. A better deal would probably be to invest in a product like Derm Exclusive which has a lot more credibility behind it.

What do you think? Does Touch of Youth work or not?

Customer Review on “Does Touch of Youth Really Work?

  1. I have used a touch of you the for many years and it does work.I started to use this
    Product when I was a young woman and many people think I am a young woman,but I
    Am 75 look fifty (50) that I’d how well the product work,

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