Does Mr Lid Really Work?

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Does Mr Lid work?At first glance Mr Lid looks just like the disposable kind of Tupperware containers you buy at the local supermarket. But a closer look reveals that they’ve got their lids attached right to them, so you don’t have to go fishing for it in a sea of different plastic tops. So if this has ever happened to you, and you’re always searching for a top to your container, you probably wondered what it’s like to actually own a set of these. Does it really make everything as easy as it looks?

There are several different ways to store your food these days. You can go with plastic wrap or aluminum foil over an ordinary bowl, or you can use disposable containers like Gladware, or you may even have a set or Tupperware. But all of these have their various drawbacks, and what you really need is a way to keep your food airtight, but also easy to get to, and have everything stack nicely in your refrigerator. There will ultimately be one container system to rule them all, and when you find the one that works for you, you’ll be able to simplify your life by getting rid of everything else.

The Claim
Mr Lid says that you’ll never lose a lid, because it’s attached right to the container itself. They also say that it is BPA free, that it is microwavable and dishwasher safe, and that it is made out of top quality plastic. They also say that it creates a 100% airtight seal so that your food stays free of bacteria and stays fresher longer. We don’t recommend eating food that is more than two days old, but if this can keep your food fresher for those two days, that would be great, and would make for a lot of savings over having to prepare and buy a new meal the next day.

The Hype
The hype is that this is just food storage, so it’s perhaps not the biggest problem in the world, but if you don’t have a good way of storing your leftovers, or packing lunches, then you could be wasting money in the form of spoiled food, or by buying your lunch at work or sending your kids to school with lunch money instead of packing their lunch. Saving money is big on everyone’s list these days, and it’s no surprise that this is becoming a hit.

The Cost
Mr Lid is $36 for a 20 piece set, which puts it at a little bit more than the disposable kinds you find in the store next to the sandwich bags, either by Rubbermaid or Glad. This is pushing $2 a piece, but since you are meant to use them again and again you shouldn’t have to buy them until you lose them.

The Commitment
This should represent a reduction in the time spent looking for a container lid. This will vary from person to person, and the frustration level will also vary, but overall this should give you a slight upgrade in your quality of life, and make the entire process of storing and reheating your food a little easier. If it causes you to not have to make as many meals because you’re able to salvage more perfectly good leftovers, it really could be a reduction in your commitment level in the kitchen.

There’s not much to dislike about the Mr Lid system. It’s got everything you’d want in a set of containers, and the lids work great and are always ready for use. It helps with keeping your cabinets organized too, since you don’t have to worry about all of the lids going everywhere and falling behind dishes so you can’t get to them. It’s pretty effective at keeping out the air and moisture from the container, and the way it stacks onto itself makes it really easy to store and keep everything tidy.

One Word: Plastics
The guy from The Graduate had it right. There was a big future in plastics, and they seem to be just getting started with the things they can do with them. As technology improves overall, plastic will keep getting better and better. They’ll be able to make it stronger, make it safer, and make it so you can do just about anything with it. Making something that is microwavable and dishwasher safe, but is still safe enough to store food is pretty impressive. Cheaper plastic will melt and change its shape when exposed to high heat levels like those.

Final Mr Lid Review

Mr Lid is a good buy if you are fed up with all of the different containers and their corresponding lids. This system insures that you’ll always have a container in the size that you need it, and you won’t have any wasted time or effort trying to find the lid that goes with it. It’s made of a higher quality material than the disposable ones you find in the store, and it’s got a better price than the higher end manufacturers like Tupperware.

Our Recommendation
If you don’t already have a good system in place for storing your leftovers, or bringing your lunch to work or packing it for your kids, this is a great one to go with. It will insure that your child always brings back the full set home from school, and will be one less hassle you have in your life.

Official Website: Mr. Lid

What do you think? Does Mr Lid work or not?

8 Customer Reviews on “Does Mr Lid Really Work?

  1. I love my set of Mr. Lid. I finally have a lid without having to search and search. I always lose lids to bowls, but now I don’t have that worry. I purchased my set at Walmart for $19.99 without any shipping and handling fees and the great thing about buying from Walmart is if it breaks, then you can get a full refund without losing a dime. I try to always wait for products at Walmart for this reason only. If I don’t like it after I try it or it breaks, then I take my receipt with the product and I get a full refund.

  2. I just saw your ad for “Mr LId.” It was such a tacky, hard sell ad that I will never buy it. I know that none of the people I know will buy it either.

  3. I hadn’t read any of these types of bad reviews (or any reviews) when I bought Mr. Lid at the other day, but I only paid $19.95 (home free shipping) and got 11 containers in my set. No shipping fees, and I trust WALMART to back up the product and refund my money if there are any issues. I put the set through the dishwasher as soon as I got it, and it came out fine. I haven’t microwaved them yet, but they are much thicker than the supermarket containers, so they should hold up fine. I carried yogurt in one for lunch today, and no leaks even though it was stored upside down. Watery grapes in the other one, and again, no leaks. I’m glad I didn’t order them over the TV or on the Mr. Lid website. If you want to try these, I suggest you go to WALMART or order from Save the shipping fees, and deal with a reputable company that you can get a response from or your money back.

  4. Mr Lid is a con. Mr Lid TV ad and website states buy one set for $19.95 and get second set FREE. I just ordered one set for supposedly 19.95 plus 7.95 s&h from Mr Lid official website. I followed order instructions exactly, in fact there are no options available.
    As per the TV ad etc I expected to be billed $19.95 for first set plus $7.95 s&h plus $7.95 for second FREE set.
    There was no page to review my order before it was placed so I could not see what I was going to be charged, the payment portal goes straight from the details page to the bill, nowhere to review order. That is outrageous and a con.
    When I saw bill they charged me $39.95 for the set, they charged a further $39.95 for the set that was supposed to be FREE plus $31.80 for shipping, a total of $111.70. The total bill should have been $19.95 + $7.95 + $7.95 total $35.95 There was no link on the order confirmation email to review order or change it, just a phone number. I have tried 12 times to call, but phone is not answered, I tried to call the order line but that is automated so they get you there as well, so I have written a letter.
    I had no reply from letter and depite their claim that they do not bill card until order is dispatched, I was billed immediately.
    They state delivery is 6 weeks, they dispated in 3 days, I guess to avoid complying to my letter.
    These people are con merchants, do a web search and you will see many complaints.

  5. I ordered the product and was ‘shocked’ to not be able to confirm my order until they had put an extra $50 shipping charge on top of the regular shipping. Read the extra fine print. If from Canada, you will be charged an EXTRA $50 on top of the $7.95 per order for shipping. The product may be alright, haven’t received it yet, but it surely isn’t worth what they are charging. And you cannot cancel order even before it ships to you. Looked like a good idea, but learned my lesson about READING FINE PRINT.

  6. I just received my set of Mr. Lid, and of course I did an add on of some other containers…it’s the shipping fee of over $20 that hurts. I haven’t used any yet, as I just unpacked them. They came in plastic bags, loose in a large box. Only the order invoice was in the box. I think there should be some kind of instructions for care of them. They have a strange smell, I assume is ‘new plastic’ smell. and when you get all the containered stacked into each other, the lids are so heavy they dump over in your cabinet. I liked the idea of no loose lids and they stack inside of each other so they are not all jumbled in the cabinet. I will adjust!! Getting rid of all the loose containers and lids as we speak!!

  7. I think this is a fantastic deal for how much I cook (and how many leftovers I have). I can totally relate to having to dig for the right lid…I have a drawer full! To me, this would be a worthwhile investment, and it’s really not that much money for the convenience it provides. I’ve got no complaints on this. It would be incredibly useful to me. ha ha!

  8. Losing the lid on containers is not so much my problem but the male members of my family. I pack lunch for my kids and my husband and it drives me insane when they come back home having lost the lid somewhere. I wasted so much money because I had to throw out perfectly good containers that had missing lids, so at $2 a pop I’d be saving a lot more money than using the conventional containers.

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