Does Jewelry Magic Really Work?

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Does Jewelry Magic Work?This is jewelry cleaning product that is meant to restore your jewelry back to its new look by simply rubbing it on a unique polished infused renewing pad. The product also includes a Jewelry Magic Cleaning Solution to remove fine debris stuck in the hard to get at places. So what makes this jewelry cleaning combo unique enough to buy?


This is a two part jewelery cleaning product that consists of a specially formulated cleaning cloth, and a cleaning solution to removed finely trapped debris from the intricate part of the jewelry. It works for any type of gem stone. The products do not have to be used together,as the cloth itself removes the surface grime and scratches, and surface imperfections. The solution is only needed for the removal of the trapped in debris. It is meant to be used on gemstones such as platinum,silver,stainless and gold.

The Claim

The promoters of Jewelry Magic claim that this jewelry cleaning system will restore your old jewelry back to it’s new looking state again.It supposedly only takes a few seconds to accomplish this by simply rubbing it over the special infused renewing pad. It is said to work on all gem stones as well as for platinum, silver,gold and stainless.

The Hype

The hype is focusing on this product being a real money saver when you compare it to the cost of having to take these items to a jewelry store for cleaning. There are plenty of similar type products on the market each with their own unique hype, and the makers of this product can glean off of that. To add to the hype and make it unique to this particular produce is the idea of being able to just use the cloth for general jewelry cleaning, which only takes a few seconds. Then for backup for trapped debris removal is the cleaning solution.

The Cost

The cost for this jewelry cleaning combo is $25. this includes the handling and shipping for both the original combo and the combo that you get free, and also an extra $1. charge for a web service fee for ordering from their site. There is a 30 day money back guarantee minus the shipping and handling fee.

The Commitment

You are going to have to put a few minutes of time aside to clean your jewelry. So you may want to gather all of it up that needs to be cleaned so you can do it all at once.


The first consideration is that there are so many of these types of products already on the market, and they are often found in many of the on land shops. A good example is the Blitz Gem & Jewelry Cleaner available on Amazon that has some decent reviews. It is a concentrate sold for $4.95 and can be used in many different types of jewelry cleaning machines. Then when you consider the extra time it takes with this particular product compared to the Jewelry Magic renewing pad, it certainly seems to be a much quicker and less messy way of cleaning your jewelry. What would really need to be compared would be the end results. With Jewelry Magic being a new product there are no real reviews to compare it to other than what is on their site and their in house video of the product being demonstrated.

Final Jewelry Magic Review

There are a lot of proposed great features about this product, however, we are going to give it a Risky/Try Buy Rating. The reason is first because although the base price of $10. is really good when you consider you are getting both the special renewing cloth and the cleaning solution, but when you add up the total cost together its fairly pricey. Then you have to consider the size of the cloth and just how many times can it be used and retain its effectiveness? It doesn’t seem like you can wash the cloth as it would probably lose its cleaning infusion. You do get a double order, but when you consider cleaning larger pieces of jewelry like bracelets and pendants it wouldn’t take long before the renewing cloth became quite soiled.

Our Recommendation

Overall we are boarder line on our thinking of whether this product is a good deal or not. While most of the focus is spent on the renewing cloth there is also the Miracle Cloth that we have reviewed that is also touted as being good for cleaning jewelry. It too would have a difficult time removing trapped in debris, so the fact that Jewelry Magic comes with a solution as well gives credibility to them.

What do you think? Does Jewelry Magic work or not?

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