Does Quicklawn Really Work?

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Does Quicklawn really work?Quicklawn promises a lush, green lawn in short order, and without a lot of hassle on your part. This would be something many gardeners and wannabe lawn enthusiasts would love: a way to make your lawn look great without spending hours on it. But can the answer to all of your lawn care prayers really be contained in a bag of ordinary looking seed?

Some people take impeccable care of their lawns, and it’s a source of pride to have the best looking grass on the block. It can take a lot of time and attention to keep things looking so green and fresh, and you might need to use multiple products on your lawn, and make several applications in order for your grass to look its best. The folks at Quicklawn want to change all of that by

The Claim
They say that you can start seeing growth in just 7 days, and that this lasts all 4 seasons so you don’t have to worry about all of your efforts going to waste once winter hits. They say that it was developed by scientists, and you won’t have to worry about people walking on your lawn and damaging your grass.

They also claim that their grass multiplies rapidly, so it overtakes the weeds and robs them of nutrients so you have a green lawn all the time. They also say that it works on parts of your lawn that don’t get a lot of sun, and that it can work on all types of soil, so it should work for you no matter what situation you have.

Perhaps the biggest claim is that you just need to apply this once, and it will keep growing and growing for you without having to keep reapplying it. It’s not a fertilizer, but grass seed, allowing you to have the kind of lawn you’ve always wanted, without the weeds.

The Hype
The hype comes from the before and after picture, showing a yard that has grass that is basically the color of hay as the before picture, and then a perfectly manicured yard that looks more like a professional golf course as the after picture. There is a slim chance that you’ll be able to see that much of a drastic change.

The Cost
For $20 plus shipping and handling you get two bags of Quicklawn, enough to do most average-sized lawns. Since this is a one-time use product, you don’t have to worry about getting signed up for auto-shipments or about having to buy it again and again. So the total comes to $34 for two bags shipped to your door.

The Commitment
There isn’t too much commitment involved, according to them. You just have to spread the seeds around your yard and water them. After that they should take root, and start sprouting within 7 days. You then just need to worry about caring for your lawn, the usual mowing, trimming, and edging.

There are many bold claims that Quicklawn makes about how well their product works, and the type of conditions it can grow in. The United States is a pretty diverse place as far as geography goes, and some people live in harsh climates like the heat and sun of places like Florida and Arizona. Others live in places that get harsh winters like Michigan and Wisconsin. Trying to make a lawn seed that can work for everyone is a big task.

Seems that it does matter where you live and what kind of conditions you have. Quicklawn gets mixed reviews from nearly everyone that’s tried it, so it’s basically a coin flip as to whether or not it will work for you. If you have the right climate, and the right soil, it seems to work like a charm. Others report that they followed the directions to the letter, and after waiting for weeks they didn’t see any signs of sprouting.

Final Quicklawn Review

For us to say that something works, it has to work a majority of the time. In this regard, Quicklawn has yet to be proven that it works, and it doesn’t live up to its claim of working under all conditions and soil types. That being said, it has been shown to produce results for many users that have tried it, enough for it to be statistically significant, and to prove that it’s not a completely useless product.

Our Recommendation
While we can’t give it our Thumbs Up rating, you can still try it out for your own yard. It could be the case that your conditions are right for Quicklawn to work on your specific yard. At $34 to try it out, and with a money back guarantee in place, you don’t have much to lose, and potentially could gain a nice green lawn with little effort.

Official Website: Quick Lawn

What do you think? Does Quicklawn work or not?

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