Does Hot Booties Really Work?

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Do Hot Booties really work?Hot Booties are slippers that you put into your microwave to nuke them to warm your feet. They are not only supposed to get warm in the microwave, but are designed to stay warm for up to an hour. This would be great so you don’t have to make repeated trips to the kitchen just to keep your feet warm. But can something like this really work as advertised, or will these fall short of providing comfort?

Winter months can be rough on your tootsies, and there’s only so much you can do to keep them warm. Sure, slippers will help to keep them warm, and that’s really all you can do unless you’ve got a fireplace and can stick your feet next to the fire. Most of us have developed survival methods that work to some degree, but don’t provide that all around good feeling we really want. The thought of having heated slippers definitely speaks to the soul, and the ability to do it quickly with a microwave sounds feasible enough to work.

The Claim
The folks at Hot Booties claim that you can toss these slippers into the microwave, and in just one minute you can heat them up enough to enjoy warm feet for an hour. They say the secret lies in the soles of the slippers being filled with linseed kernels that absorb the heat and hold it in there so that the warmth doesn’t just dissipate minutes after taking it out of the microwave.

The Hype
The hype comes from the fact that this is really a luxury item, and no one really needs a pair of them. However, tell that to your toes in the middle of winter. Really though, the overall buzz about this product is because it’s a smart idea, and people will definitely be curious as to whether microwaving your footwear actually works.

The Cost
This is sold on a buy one get another just by paying shipping. So you get one for $15 but pay shipping on both which comes to $16 so your total price is $31 for two pairs shipped to your door. What is a little misleading is that they show a pink and a blue pair at the top of their website, leading one to believe that you can mix and match your free pair, but you can’t. You have to order the identical size and color for your second free one.

It would be better if they let you mix and match, since you probably don’t need a backup pair of Hot Booties. They’d probably make a lot more sales that way because couples could get a pair of His and Hers slippers. Something they might want to think about in the future.

The Commitment
This will be adding a new activity to your lifestyle. Zapping shoes in the microwave is not something most of us do on a regular basis. Once you get used to it though, it’s probably not a big deal. They do include a special bag that you put your slippers in so you don’t end up contaminating the food you eat with whatever ends up on the bottom of your slippers.

This is a pretty cute idea, and no doubt many people have been happily microwaving their way through the cold winter months. User feedback has been generally positive, with most people saying that it really does provide steady warmth for a long period of time. These aren’t the only heated slippers you can buy, so be sure you don’t end up buying a similar product thinking that it is Hot Booties. There are others sold that don’t have the same good reviews, but look similar and promise the same results.

So with the scale tipping towards user satisfaction, and the overall concept and execution being solid, we’re giving the Hot Booties product our Thumbs Up rating.

Final Hot Booties Review

Hot Booties seem to pass the test, and it’s really no surprise why. It’s the simple concepts that usually do well in the real world, and this is one idea where many people are probably kicking themselves for not inventing it first. The use of linseed to capture and hold the warmth is a smart idea, and it allows them to produce and manufacture these at a price that is comparable to ordinary slippers. Why buy an ordinary pair of slippers when you can get these for about the same cost?

Our Recommendation
It’s probably best to find a friend with the same shoe size to go in on these with you, since you get two of them and can’t opt out of the additional “free” one. Having a backup pair of slippers doesn’t really make sense, so go in on them with a girlfriend or a buddy and that way you don’t have to pay double for something you won’t use.

Official Website: Hot Booties

What do you think? Does Hot Booties work or not?

19 Customer Reviews on “Does Hot Booties Really Work?

  1. I have M/S and these booties are a life saver for me. My feet get numb and cold, when I put these slippers on they help with pain and cold. I’m trying to buy another pair but can’t find a store to purchase them. If anyone knows where to find them let’s us all know.

  2. THESE BOOTIES ARE WONDERFUL.I have RHYNARDS which is a connective tissue disease
    that makes my feet and hands cold to were they feel so cold they hurt.I wear 2-3 pairs of socks all the time,and still they hurt from being so cold.all the time.Even when its 90 outside.I heat these up and can get to sleep and not to worry about the heating pad shuting off.Love them,also have arthritis and they help that.There is a big market for people like me,might nee to sell to those people.They are great. You might want to make gloves also for medical uses.

  3. I don’t work for the company and I tell ya these are really great ! I have Multiple Sclerosis and had Transverse Myelitis and let me tell you that when the pain in your feet is so bad that you want to cut your own feet off these really are like a soothing miracle and give your mind a break from all the pain. the only thing i don’t like is how the micro-fleece fabric is like a magnet for all the cat/dog hair. I use a pair of kitchen rubber Playtex gloves to vigorously brush the pet off the booties. And even though it has a bag to put booties in when you microwave them when you have animals the pet hair gets all over that bag too. what I do is to take a cotton towell and wrap the whole thing up in the towel to avoid dirty cross-contamination… but also I don’t walk in these I just mainly use them when I’m lying on the couch or in bed. These really have been a lifesaver to me. Also don’t forget to check out walgreens drug store and many others that sell As-Seen-On-TV products that way you don’t have to buy two pair if you don’t want or you don’t have to pay shipping.

  4. I received a pair for Christmas from my husband. I had never heard of them or seen any ads on TV for them. To be honest, I thought it was a dumb idea…………………………….but now that I have gotten into the routine of using them every night, they are a great comfort. The only drawback is that the seeds make it hard to walk in them, but they do heat my feet & then I am able to kick them off & get into bed with toasty tootsies & fall asleep. Love them, If they quit working, I’m going back to get more!

  5. I bought a pair of these and it was definitely the smartest thing I’ve ever done. You can get them at Bed, Bath, and Beyond now. Sorry, I didn’t check the price. THEY DO ACTUALLY WORK! If my feet are cold when I go to bed in the winter, I can’t fall asleep. I tried microwaving regular socks, but they just didn’t stay warm long enough. Then I found the smart booties and I thought it was genius. I wear them to bed and after my feet are significantly warmer, I drop right off to sleep. More often than not however, I do have to kick them off in the middle of the night because I get too warm. Only on rare ocassion, have I slept through the night with them on. I cannot recommend hot booties enough!

  6. I think these seem like a good idea! People always complain of cold feet, especially when it’s winter and you have tile or wood flooring. It’s a little silly to microwave them, but it’s easy and fast, and supposedly they stay warm for a long time. I like this idea. The only thing I don’t like is that they sort of force you to spend more money by paying the shipping for the second pair of slippers, even though you probably don’t need another identical pair of slippers, unless you have four feet, or you know someone who has the same size feet and also want microwavable shoes. It seems sort of like a cheap trick to make people spend more money. Otherwise, I think these are actually a really cute idea. But not slippers you would really want anyone to catch you wearing.

  7. First of all, every review on the internet of these slippers is clearly written by the company, meaning either they don’t work or they’re so stupid you WOULD NEVER NEED THEM!

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