Do Raspberry Ketones Really Work?

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Does Raspberry Ketones really work?The latest weight loss craze buzzing about is over Raspberry Ketones, an all-natural weight loss supplement that is designed to help your body burn fat with no adverse reactions. It seems like every 2 or 3 years something new comes about like this that promises to change the face of weight loss forever, and everyone gets swept up in it. Should you take the plunge with this latest fat loss trend, or step back and observe as the masses get led over the cliff?

Most products out there that work this fast to help you lose weight come with their fair share of dangers. Take for example things like Hoodia or Phenphedra. These sort of products get pulled from the shelves after too many people suffer heart attacks and strokes from them. Other products like acai berry are all natural, but have pretty much been debunked as a sham by some of the top fitness and weight loss experts, as well as scientific studies. So when raspberry ketones came to light, many people couldn’t believe that it could provide a weight loss solution, without being a scam and without putting your health at risk.

The Claim
There’s no one company behind raspberry ketones to give it a voice, but Dr. Oz served that role when he showcased it on his program and said that it uses a hormone called Adiponectin that basically tricks your body into behaving like it’s thin. After fact-checking this it turns out he’s right, there is plenty of documentation that this hormone plays a big part in your metabolism and how the body responds to the foods you eat.

Some companies back this up and also go on to state that raspberry ketones can rev up your fat burning ability, increase your energy levels and your overall mood, give your body the support it needs to maintain a healthy life, that the effects of raspberry ketones is clinically verified, and that it is a plant-derived product. Almost all of these claims check out, and they’re really not all that outlandish when you think about it.

The Hype
Talk about hype, people are basically in a frenzy when it comes to raspberry ketones. This is because it hits on so many important factors that people look for when losing weight. It reportedly doesn’t have any side effects since it’s basically concentrated raspberry extract, and it’s in pill form so there’s not a lot of hassle to try it. Also, the effects are supposed to be dramatic, which leads people to tell their friends about it, and the buzz gets louder and louder.

The Cost
The cost of Raspberry Ketones varies depending on which brand you go with, and how concentrated it is. They said on Dr. Oz that it’s $12 a bottle, but there are all sorts of companies producing this so it’s hard to figure out which one he was referencing. The basic info to take away from this review is that you won’t break the bank by adding raspberry ketones to your diet plan.

The Commitment
Since raspberry ketones come in pill form, you don’t have to worry too much about staying committed to using them. Unlike methods like the HCG Diet where you have to get injections, this is relatively easy to keep up with. Users are reporting that they didn’t do anything to change their normal lifestyle, but still lost weight when the only change was starting to take the ketones.

Raspberry Ketones FAQ
Since this is a relatively new discovery for most people, there have been a considerable amount of questions that have come up. We’ve covered the top ten most frequently asked questions here. If you have any further questions, please ask them in the comments at the bottom of the page.

Where Can I Buy Raspberry Ketones?
There are several ways for you to get raspberry ketones, because plenty of companies have sprouted up to take advantage of this weight loss trend. The important part is to buy the right kind of ketones, as they’re not all created equally. When you’re talking about a concentrated product like this, it’s important to read reviews and see what the verdict is before jumping into it.

How Do You Take Raspberry Ketones?
Raspberry ketones typically come in pill form, so all you have to do is swallow the recommended dosage and that’s it. Some companies try to market it as an infused beverage, but the best way to administer it is by ingesting pills. This puts the ketones into your bloodstream just as fast as possible, and makes sure that they go where they need to in order to get to work.

How Long Do Raspberry Ketones Take to Work?
This can vary from person to person and has a lot of do with the overall lifestyle that a person lives in addition to taking it. If you are generally healthy, the effects will come sooner than if you have an overall unhealthy lifestyle and are using the ketones as a workaround. Also, the longer you stay on, the better the effect as it has cumulative results.

Are Raspberry Ketones FDA Approved?
A lot of sites bring up the fact that the Food and Drug Administration put raspberry ketones on their Generally Agreed As Safe list. They overlook the fact that this was over 40 years ago, and was referring to the purest form. The products you see being sold on the market are not this pure of a grade, and therefore it is not an apples to apples comparison.

Are Raspberry Ketones on Doctor Oz?
Raspberry ketones were featured on the Dr. Oz show which launched it into the spotlight and put it on the radar of a lot of people looking for an answer to weight loss without side effects and that’s relatively unexpected. It’s unclear why he would do this, because he didn’t recommend a specific brand, so it’s hard to determine what his motive was. He was very excited about it though, and even went as far as to say that he’s a big fan of it. He generally lives in an excited state, but this was even more excited than usual.

Are Raspberry Ketones Safe to Take While Pregnant or Breastfeeding?
Even though raspberry ketones has been found to be safe for non-pregnant women, you shouldn’t be trying to lose weight or speed up your metabolism and fat burning while you’re pregnant. This is a time to treat your body well, eat wholesome foods for your baby and be as healthy as you can. You really don’t need to add these ketones to the mix. When you’re breastfeeding, you don’t want to pass these along to your child via the breast milk, so it is not recommended. Hold off until you’re done breastfeeding and then you can use raspberry ketones to get rid of the excess weight you put on during pregnancy.

Are Raspberry Ketones a Stimulant?
No. Raspberry ketones do not work as a stimulant the body by increasing your heart rate or causing you shortness of breath or feelings of anxiety or uncontrollable fidgeting. Since it’s the equivalent of eating 90 pounds of raspberries, you might think that the body couldn’t handle it, but it’s not the literal equivalent, so you don’t have to worry about feeling like you’re on a sugar rush, or that you just drank an energy drink.

Are Raspberry Ketones and Raspberry Leaves the Same?
No. Raspberry ketones are extracted from inside the raspberry itself, and raspberry leaves are outside of the berry. Raspberry leaves are reported to have their own unique abilities, but are in no way related to the ketones, and are meant to treat a host of other ailments like menstrual flow, diarrhea, urinary flow, and others, but not as a weight loss aid.

Are Raspberry Ketones for Men?
Raspberry ketones are for humans, so yes, men can benefit from the results just as easily as women can. This is an all-natural product and it doesn’t discriminate by gender.

Are Raspberry Ketones Juice?
Some manufacturers try to market RK as a juice, but this is not the best way to have it get absorbed by your system. In many instances this is a more diluted form and you won’t get the benefits that were recommended unless you consume the right dosage.

What to Watch Out For
What you want to be careful with is getting a raspberry ketone supplement from an unreliable source. There’s no regulation when it comes to what goes in these products, as the FDA is not going to individually inspect or approve all of the different brands. A company could easily get started selling these pills with very low overhead. All you’d have to do is get a pill that has a red hue to it and smells like raspberries. Be sure to verify how long the company has been in business and what sort of quality standards they put themselves through to control the end product.

Final Raspberry Ketones Review

All signs point to this being a fad you can actually get on board with. People get so desperate to lose weight they’ll try just about anything, which can be a scary thought, especially with some of the products out there that overstimulate the heart, and disrupt the proper functions of organs like the liver and kidneys.

Our Recommendation
After comparing the different Raspberry Ketones products that are currently available, we’re recommending going with Raspberry Ketones Max. It’s got everything Dr. Oz was talking about and it is cheap to get started. If you like it, it’s not expensive to stay on, and that way you don’t have to worry about running out. If we find a better product in our research, we’ll definitely let you know, but for right now we’ve checked out what’s being sold and this is a winner.

Read our full review on Raspberry Ketones Max

What do you think? Does Raspberry Ketones work or not?

15 Customer Reviews on “Do Raspberry Ketones Really Work?

  1. Hi to everyone, I have been taking raspberry ketones plus for about a month now and haven’t lost any weight at all….. I am gutted. .. I am a very active person who is on my feet all day and I make exercise and go jogging every evening. I also eat less calories…. why I can’t lose weight…. Is it just me or has anybody else found they don’t work! I am also takeing the double recommended dosage…. help 🙁

  2. I currently take Raspberry Ketone in pill form. I found that it took a few months before I started to feel a difference in my energy levels and noticed weight loss. There was no side effect from using it. I actually feel better when I take it, then when I do not. From what I have seen, it is a good supplement to take, but you also need to workout to see solid benefits.

  3. Yeah, Dr. Oz seems to have a lot of undeserved credibility with people. He’s a cardiologist, right? But, now he’s acting like he’s an expert in every field of medicine, especially alternative-type treatments and supplements. If any of these worked, would people still be overweight? If they do work, is it really without negative long term consequences? In my opinion, the only way to lose weight is to eat less calories. Exercise also helps, but it takes like 30 minutes of a moderate-level workout to burn like one cookie, so I think your diet has to be the number one change.

  4. the drops do not work i tried those first because of the price and the alcohol they have to put in it to liquify it deactivates it. the pills work alot better

  5. what about the newer liquid raspberry ketones? you use an included dropper and pour 15-20 drops under your tongue. it supposedly works much better than pills because your body absorbs it faster. are they good?

  6. Hi there,

    I really would love to take the raspberry ketones but am a bit scared. I am on Flecanide for irregular heartbeat but desperate to loose weight which I gained recently as I am not able to do a lot of sport anymore. I used to work out 5x per week! But now I am just too tired 24/7 from my meds. So it is very tricky to get back in shape. I will ask my doctor obviously if I could try them or should leave it. But anyone has experience taking them and also has palpitations/irregular heartbeat and is on some sort of meds for this???

    Thanks a lot guys!!! 🙂

  7. What happened to the African Mango? I have a strong suspicion that most of these weight loss supplements are like asteroids. They have their moment, die out & another one lights up the night sky (in this case, Dr. Oz’s fleeting advice). What’s next? Ostrich eggs made into capsules? Eye of newt & liver of Amazon iguana? Tell us, Dr. Oz. We’re all listening & anxiously waiting for the next miracle skinny capsule.

  8. my husbands doctor did not want him taking HCG because it “can acctivate dorment cancers in men by increasing hormones” how does raspberry ketones affect estrogen and testostorone,also my husband is on testosterone shots how will this affect that/\?

  9. Raspberry Ketones do work!!! I repeat they DO work!!! I’ve been taking them for about a week now and have already dropped 3lbs. I do exersice and try to watch what I eat but I had hit a plateau and once I started taking the raspberry ketones I saw an immediate difference.

    If your looking for an immediate fix, to where your gonna lose 15lbs in 10 days then raspberry ketones are not for you. But if you are looking for a healthy suppliment to take that will help boost your metabolism then raspberry ketones will be your new best friend.

  10. First of all this can work. Don’t just depend on Rasberry Ketones. Use them as a balancer and enabler to help you reduce face and lose weight. It’s an aid worth experimenting with but you have to balance it out good exercise.

    Remember there are no magic formulas to weight loss. You have to put in work and that means making lifestyle changes to support any effect you might get from these Rasberry Ketones.

  11. I’m definitely goin’ to look into this… very interesting. I adhere to the notion that you can get everything you need just by eating well and taking care of your body/mind. I’m not too big on health products or supplements and stuff like that.

    Is it completely safe? When is it too much or can it ever be too much? I wish someone could chime in here… definitely interested in this. Anyone here try it already or have any stories to share?

  12. Before I say anything gotta say I’m friggin lovin this site. So many awesome products and reviews I don’t know where to click next. Great information and community you’ve got goin don’t stop. Also love all the video which help visualize the products compared to sites with pointless text and nothing else.

    More more more… need more info on this. The idea of any Rasberry sounds good to me. It’s also a great antioxidant. This whole ketones thing… ahhh I don’t know but worth a shot.

  13. how much Raspberry Ketones is too much for your body to use correctly? Is there a point to where your body cannot absorb what your taking in?

  14. I think if you’re looking for some fresh natural solutions to help you lose weight, these Rasberry Ketones are worth giving a try. The video presentation by Dr. OZ is very interesting. I think it all comes down to quality. Organic maybe? I was thinking fresh raspberries might be better until she said 90lbs… I think the supplements might be better.

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