Can Something Like Rhythm Rocker Really Work the Abs?

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Does the Rhythm Rocker work?The Rhythm Rocker looks like it would be a good way to work the abs, without having to get on the ground to do crunches, or get on a Swiss ball to do sit ups. However, it still has the same sort of benefit, in that you have to stabilize yourself on the unit and this activates your core muscles. But does a system like this really work, or is it destined to find a home collecting dust next to your other at-home fitness equipment?

There will always be new ab machines coming out, and people will always be skeptical at first. This means that even if something did work perfectly, people would still look at it with a raised eyebrow wondering if they really will get results if they take the time to use it. Anything that has you in the seated position, or that looks too fun or too easy will be greeted with an extra dose of skepticism, but lets look at how the Rhythm Rocker is designed to work before we dismiss it entirely.

The Claim
They say that you can lose 7lbs in 7 days with the Rhythm Rocker. The problem with this statement is that it’s easier to lose weight by watching what you eat than it is by burning it off with exercise. The fine print to this is that it’s challenge and it requires you to follow their eating guide to the letter while using the machine the recommended amount of times. They say that they guarantee you’ll lose that much weight in that timeframe, or you can return it for a refund.

The Hype
The hype is that this is an ab machine, and therefore it carries with it a bit of hype. The abs are one of the toughest parts to workout for both men and women, because it’s one of the hardest areas of the body to lose enough fat so that your abs show. Also, people hate doing situps and crunches so much that anything that promises a better midsection without having to do traditional exercises is playing with some strong emotions.

The Cost
It’s $100 for the Rhythm Rocker, but you can pay it in $33 installments, with your first payment including the shipping charge. You can opt to pay it all at once, which will get it to you faster, but most people elect to take the payment plan, since it’s not any more expensive to do it that way.

The Commitment
We know it sounds trite but you have to get on the Rhythm Rocker and do the exercises if it’s going to have any chance at giving you results. It’s looks like it’s fun to use, and the “idea” of using it might be appealing, but actually getting onto it and rocking out to it will require your commitment. You should also resolve to eating healthier foods, and getting additional exercise like taking a daily walk if you really want to compound the benefits of this.

Working out the abs is never fun, but they sure make it seem that way with this machine. By giving you a free range of motion, while at the same time forcing you to contract your ab muscles, as well as your obliques, they’re providing you with what seems like a very effective workout, and one that could even get your heart rate going if you get into a good pace.

The reason so many people have trouble with their abs and core is not because the muscles are undefined, but rather because they are hard to see under all of that fat. This is why it’s important to follow a healthy diet, and get other exercise in if you want to see visible abs or get a six pack. You most likely have a well-developed abdominal wall under there, which can always be fine-tuned but your greatest results will be seen when you get control of your eating, which accounts for about 80% of the problem. Exercising just adds the icing on the cake, and when you find something like the Rhythm Rocker, you might have something to keep you motivated day by day.

Final Rhythm Rocker Review

The Rhythm Rocker looks to be well-built and we typically review other Kymaro products highly, as they are known for high rates of user satisfaction. We’re giving this the tentative green light, and we welcome anyone with a first hand experience to add their review to the comments below. Reasons we like Kymaro are that they make the ordering process very easy, without using a lot of gimmicks, and their customer service is rated highly. They seem to be wanting to stick it out for the long term, rather than being a company just in it for a quick buck with a flash in the pan product.

What do you think? Does Rhythm Rocker work or not?

75 Customer Reviews on “Can Something Like Rhythm Rocker Really Work the Abs?

  1. Yeah, sure this will technically work the abs, and do it in a way that is non impactful on your lower back, which can be a major problem for people when they start to try to work on their abs. So in that respect I can see how this is a good system for someone with some restricted mobility and who is just getting into fitness training. However, this is $100 you will spend and ultimately waste, because if you are looking for definition in your abs, then the only way to find it is through diet. I know I bang on about this a lot on this site, but its the hard truth about abs. They do not show through, no matter how strong they are, unless you have very low body fat. End of story.

  2. I don’t know why but the body rocka keeps coming to mind reading this post. It’s not the same thing by a long shot but the name keeps ringing in my head. Haha

    I’m not big on using these kinds of tools and stuff for weight loss but I really don’t like working my abs so no matter how gimmicky sometimes these kinds of tools gets me in the mood to work ‘em. haha

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