Does SEO Link Monster Really Work?

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Does SEO Link Monster work?SEO Link Monster is a link building service designed to create one way links to your website, and in theory build your rank in Google. Most webmasters know the importance of links in the Google algorithm, and sooner or later you find out that it’s not just any old links they like, but natural links from authority sites that really do the trick. So can something that builds so many links so quickly really be worth the risk?

Link building is quickly becoming an outdated SEO task, as Google seems to be reducing the importance of backlinks with each new update of their algorithm. In the past, it was basically the site with the most backlinks that got the top spot, but more and more determining factors are being used in order to decide who makes it on page one, and who rises to the coveted number one position. You can bet that even if your site has a million backlinks coming to it for a certain keyword, if your content is horrible, and people are quickly hitting the back button, you won’t stay at the top for long.

The Claim
SEO Link Monster says that you can increase your Google ranking just by increasing your number of backlinks. While this is true – all else being equal – it accounts to nothing more than a parlor trick. As a website owner you always have to think about the long term, and a few temporary and volatile first page rankings on Google should not be your overall strategy or goal. You want your site to become an authority in your niche, and so you don’t want to put it at risk in order for some short term gains, if any.

The Hype
The hype is that this is trying to help you build your site’s rank by focusing entirely on backlinking. You should take a more holistic approach to your website and realize that ranking for one search term is not the best use of your time or money. You should be trying to get your site to show up for lots of different keywords, and creating the best content possible through your entire site.

The Cost
SEO Link Monster is $147 and is sold through ClickBank so you’ll get 60 days to try it out and see if you like it before you have to make up your mind to keep it.

The Commitment
Since this builds the links for you, your commitment level is pretty low. In theory this should free up your time to allow you to create more and better content for your website, and would allow you to stop using outsourcers to linkbuild for you.

SEO Link Monster has got to be feeling the heat from all of these Google updates. Perhaps as early as a year ago or more they would have had their moment in the sun as backlinks were the way to go. But these days there’s too much at stake and your site could get slapped back in the SERPs, or get de-indexed altogether if Google sees that you’re trying to manipulate your PageRank.

Linkbuilding is specifically against Google’s terms of service, and so you’re taking a risk by having a system make you tens, hundreds, or even thousands of links as is suggested in their pitch. It wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out you’re using some sort of software to build your links, and rocket scientists are the kinds of people Google has working for it.

Final SEO Link Monster Review

SEO Link Monster is not recommended by us. Sure, it works to build links, but the way it builds links will only get you a temporary ranking, and you’ll always be at risk of a backlash in the future. Many website owners who aren’t on page one of Google think that if they just had that top spot the traffic would flood in, their life will change, and they’ll finally be an Internet success. But none of this is guaranteed to happen just because you make it to that spot. You need to follow up with quality content that answers the question and satisfies the searcher, or you won’t keep that spot, and the traffic you get will not convert. Even then there’s no guarantee, which is why you shouldn’t focus so heavily on ranking for just one, or a few specific keywords.

Our Recommendation
Links will come naturally if you build the sort of content that people want to share. Social linking is becoming more and more the way to go, so focus on building articles that people will share with their friends, or that they will hit the Like or Plus One button on. By creating a few pieces of viral content for your site, you’re overall ranking will improve. Plus, if people like one piece of content on your site, they will probably stick around for more, which increases your overall page views, makes your site sticky and improves your status in the eyes of Google as being a more relevant search result.

If you do decide to buy it and try it, we suggest using it on a site you don’t really care about first, to see if there’s a way you can use it that doesn’t put your site at risk by building too many links too fast, or by building links on sites that are obviously spam.

What do you think? Does SEO Link Monster work or not?

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