Does The Belly Burner Really Work?

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Does the Belly Burner work?The Belly Burner is a suite of different pills, gels, and a belt that are all designed with one singular purpose: to help you lose your gut. The belly has to be the most popular area for both men and women to want to reduce, sculpt, and basically just make smaller. There are so many sit-up machines and workout programs that are geared towards the abs and the core that it makes all other muscle groups pale in comparison. But can you really get a leaner midsection by popping some pills and strapping on a belt?

The general consensus of health and fitness experts is that you can’t spot-treat problem areas, that your only recourse is overall fitness and a healthy lifestyle. But people still want the easy way out. Taking a pill and wearing a belt sound much more appealing then doing sit ups in the gym, so it is always tempting to take the easy route and get some undeserved results. These sort of products can be helpful, but only as an assistant and not as a savior.

The Claim
The Belly Burner site says that you can jump start your weight loss, and that one of the people using their system lost 17 pounds in 3 and a half months. They say that their ab belt will help at turning your body into a machine that burns fat. It supposedly does this by increasing the temperature of your body’s core, so that you naturally burn more calories when walking, jogging, or doing other activities. Their Max pills have tons of different claims, but nothing substantial to back these claims up, and no real reason given as to why you should buy them at this price point.

The Hype
The hype is that they are promoting everything under the sun that is trying to find a workaround to sensible eating, and regular exercise and activity. Pills, gels, and belts all have one thing in common: they don’t require much from the user, and basically allow you to continue with your current lifestyle and expect to see results. This only perpetuates the belief that eating healthy and doing exercise is hard and unwanted, and an unnatural state for humans.

The Cost
The cost of The Belly Burner product line varies by product, but you can get a bottle of their Max pills for $78, and their belt retails for $35. It’s strange that the pills, a consumable item, are more expensive than their belt, something you’d wear again and again.

The Commitment
This is where the Belly Burner tries to make its sale. By saying you can simply wear a belt and pop a pill to have the fat melt away from your gut, they are going to attract those that are desperate to try anything, and that have given up on trying to watch what they eat, and get exercise.

The biggest problem with going to a system like this is that there’s no good exit strategy. Once you start taking pills to lose weight, and wearing ab belts like the one they sell, do you think you’ll just be popping pills and wearing belts for the rest of your life? The answer is that no, it’s unsustainable, so even if this did work you’d only get temporary results for as long as you could keep it up, and would eventually regress to your old weight and shape when you stop taking the pills and stop using the belt.

They even sell their own version of raspberry ketones, which were on the Dr. Oz show and he was praising their effectiveness in losing weight and fat. He didn’t specifically endorse this brand, but he said that raspberry ketones in general make your body start behaving like a thin person’s body at a hormonal level. The FDA even approved raspberry ketones a long time ago and said that they are safe. This is a natural extract from raspberries, and is basically the equivalent of eating pounds and pounds of raspberries, without all the calories and expense.

Final Belly Burner Review

We can’t throw our support behind Belly Burner, because it just seems like a site designed for the desperate and downtrodden. There’s never a good reason to give up your quest at a lean, healthy body. If you’ve tried losing weight before, and were either unsuccessful, or were successful for a time and then lost your results when your diet crashed, it’s OK. It’s not a reason to give up and turn to methods that are preying on your vulnerability. Diet pills in general should be avoided, unless they are all natural, and only if they are combined with an overall healthy lifestyle.

Their raspberry ketone gelcaps are not something we recommend, as the bottle looks like it was Photoshopped, and the price is rather excessive. We recommend Raspberry Ketones Max for value and effectiveness.

Our Recommendation
We advocate a healthy diet and regular exercise, and then using product to assist you in your pre-established efforts. Only then will you have established enough positive habits so that when you stop taking the pills and wearing the belt, you’ll be able to maintain the results that you get. Once you show yourself that you can make positive changes in your life without the need for weight loss pills and ab belts, you can introduce these items as needed to accelerate your results without the fear of becoming dependent on them.

What do you think? Does The Belly Burner work or not?

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