Does ShedMonster Really Work?

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Does ShedMonster really work?Are you tired of finding pet hair all over your house and wardrobe, and hoping ShedMonster is the answer? With the copious amount of dog and cat hair they show being removed from the animals in their promotional video, it’s enough to make you wonder if it could possibly work the way it looks like it does.

Dog Owners are always waging war against dog and cat fur found around the house. It seems that no matter how much you sweep or vacuum, or how many times you brush your dog’s coat or cat’s fur you can’t keep up with it. Pet hairs gets onto the furniture, onto clothes, and even gets ingested by the pet, causing them to hack up furballs.

Since most conventional brushes designed for pets only work on the top coat, it as been necessary in the past to bring them to a professional groomer to have them come out looking all nice and fur free. But the results only last a short while, as their bodies continue to produce more and more hair, especially during warm weather, so regular trips to the groomer can get expensive.

The Claim
That’s where ShedMonster comes in. They promise that you won’t have to bring your dog to a groomer, because their tool works just like the ones a groomer uses to get through to the undercoat. The big and bold claim by the team behind ShedMonster is that you can reduce shedding hair by 90%. They also claim that pets love to be groomed by it, and that it won’t hurt their skin or cut them like other grooming tools do.

One claim that the company makes that they also debunk is that the ShedMonster works for both long and short hair breeds. This is only partially true, because they actually sell two different varieties, one for long hair and one for short hair. There is not one brush that works for both, as the advertisement suggests. This means that if you have more than one type of cat or dog, you’ll need to get two separate units to get the job done.

The Hype
The hype from ShedMonster comes from the piles and piles of hair that is shown to be removed in their infomercial. It’s literally all over the place and it seems like there couldn’t possibly be that much hair on the entire animal, or that there shouldn’t be any hair left on them after the grooming is finished. Nothing could possibly work that well, right? But if it does work as depicted it would certainly make for a happier and healthier pet, and cleaner home and clothes.

The Cost
You can avoid the additional cost of the 5-piece grooming set that they make you order at the official site and pick it up at Amazon for less than $20. If you add to your order you can get the free shipping for this product.

The Commitment
You’ll have to be diligent if you plan on keeping up with your pets hair output. In summer months it might take a daily brushing with ShedMonster to see the best results. If you wait until your cat or dog is mangy or matted, it might be harder to have your pet sit still long enough for you to do a proper job.

Keeping up with the task on a regular basis is best because each individual treatment will require less time, and it will also get them used to the routine so that they are ready for it, and even anticipating it.

ShedMonster removes bundles of hair from lots of different pets, and they really do seem to enjoy it. Even pets that don’t typically like being brushed will sit and let you use it on them. Many times cats don’t like being groomed, they are more of the do-it-yourself type, but they have been known to sit still for the ShedMonster as it seems to give them a massage at the same time, and since none of the blades actually scrape up against their skin.

Final ShedMonster Review

If shedding is a problem in your home and with your pet, definitely pick up a ShedMonster. You’ll see a drastic improvement in how much fur you find everywhere. It’s important to realize that you won’t be able to get rid of all the hair around your home, but you can get it down to an acceptable level.

Our Recommendation
You can’t go wrong with a ShedMonster. The price is right and the results speak for themselves. Once you get it and give it a try you’ll wonder how you went so long without it. This is especially true if you have a breed of cat or dog that has long hair, or that is prone to matting and tangles.

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What do you think? Does ShedMonster work or not?

7 Customer Reviews on “Does ShedMonster Really Work?

  1. I LOVE it! It works great on my cats and dog! Best thing ever to keep fur under control! My cats and dog love it! They come running when they see me get it out!

  2. I have 2 labs and ShedMonster is the best I have ever used. They love it too. Great price and easy to use.

  3. I got the long haired cat version of the ShedMonster brush at Walmart for under $10. It really does remove excess undercoat; however it makes my cat very uncomfortable using it and he will fight to get away. I say it works but only if your cat will let you use it. Mine just seems to prefer a different style brush-more of a pin brush. The ShedMonster brush makes me think of a dematting brush.

  4. This tool is amazing! My Zeus is a short haired dog, a Dogo Argentino – quite a big boy at 100 lbs. He would bite and fight and do anything and everything to not get brushed with a typical dog brush. The shedding is, or was, totally out of control – something I found out is typical for his breed. The hair was literally EVERYWHERE! This shedmonster is WONDERFUL! Though he is still getting used to it, he hardly fights anymore and getting to the point he enjoys it because it massages his back, something he absolutely loves! Not only has it cut down on the shedding dramatically, it makes his short fur so incredibly soft and it looks 1000 times better. I LOVE this tool and suggest anyone with a pet get one!

  5. I was looking to buy a Furminator for my cat, since I had had good experience with one and my daughter’s cat, as well as my folks yellow lab. But I happened to be in a local Walmart in my town today, and while they didn’t have the Furminator they did have the Shedmonster in the cat section of the store. Well the Shedmonster was $8.49 +tax, and I knew I’d probably have to pay $25 or more for the Furminator so I thought I’d give it a try. My cat is a big tom, about 14 lbs, with medium length fur. I’ve only had him a couple of months, but he doesn’t seem to shed much so I was unsure if I’d see much fur coming out. I had used a slicker on him prior, removing hardly any fur. But WOW, when I started using the Shedmonster all kinds of fur came out. And my Archie really loved the way it felt, he almost brushed himself! I am astonished that something so gentle could remove such large amounts of dead fur, and while the Furminator does well, this one appears to be as effective, is much gentler on the cat, and lastly is less than half the price. I am going to see if my folks dog likes it as well, she REALLY sheds. I am sold!

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